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A Bloodstained Crossover Event on PC, Consoles (Switch, X1, PS4) and Mobile (iOS, Android)
Free update featuring characters from 505 Games & Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Coming with Kingdom Two Crowns’ debut on iOS, Android

Raw Fury has revealed Kingdom Two Crowns: Dead Lands, a free new update for the hit micro-strategy game featuring content inspired by and in collaboration with the gothic horror action-RPG Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. A dark and completely new setting that will change how you rule your Kingdom, Dead Lands will be available on April 28 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and PC via Steam, as well as with the long-awaited launch of Kingdom Two Crowns on iOS and Android that same day.
Nintendo Switch release date revealed in the brand-new Accolade Trailer below!

Since its release on March 19, 2020 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC, TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2 has received very positive reviews from critics, rewarding the efforts of the developers, Kylotonn, and cementing the game as the new benchmark for motorcycling games.
Season 3 in Vigor introduces a limited game mode called Sawmill Shootout, new silenced weapons, and more.

We just hit you with the wonderful news that Vigor is expanding to the Nintendo Switch and now we've got Season 3 ready to rock and roll. The new game mode available as of today introduces a whole new way to play Vigor, giving the game's community a chance to sharpen their skills with respawns and no precious loot to lose!
A poignant story about a long-distance relationship, love, and the technology that connects us all.

Lightning Rod Games announced today that their paper-folding puzzle game A Fold Apart will release next week, April 17, 2020 on Apple Arcade for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and Mac alongside Nintendo Switch and Windows via Steam.
Breaker, breaker, good buddies!

Grab your CB radios and get ready to hit the road as Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike is console bound (and down) today for all platforms. My exceedingly boomer references to 70's trucker-mania aside, check out the game below, and enjoy your first run! :)
Farm, marry and kill in this action roguelike farming simulator, coming out of early access on PC and landing on consoles for the first time with all-new content

Raw Fury and indie developer Bird Bath Games have revealed that on May 28, Atomicrops will come to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation®4 for the very first time, as well as officially launch out of early access on PC via the Epic Games Store.
Finally, Team-Xecuter has announced that pre-orders are starting TODAY for their new Switch mod-chips!

We even get a extra treat, finally a clear picture of their SX LITE installed in a Switch Lite motherboard, as you can see in the photo above, and also the pricing is only $45.95 and includes their SX OS license, but you can use other CFW as well, and looks like the selected testers will finally be getting their units by end of next week, so lots of good news all around! :)
For all the best support, latest downloads and daily gossip, check out their official TX Chat Server at: https://xecuter.rocks

Join here to know the other region resellers: https://bit.ly/2AEIyNp
It's time to explore the tranquil ocean of an alien world as In Other Waters launches today

Fellow Traveller and Jump Over the Age are delighted to announce that In Other Waters, the game of discovering new life in an alien ocean, is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch.
Prepare to feel old. This year, 'Super Mario Bros' - one of the very first truly classic video games - turns 35. it wasn't the first of the Mario games, but it was the first to gain a universal audience and become so popular that its success was used to sell consoles as well as units of the game itself. It's now so old that it could have gone to school, gone to university, found a career, got married, had children, and perhaps even gone through a divorce as well. 'Super Mario Bros' is currently settling into middle age - but even in middle age, it still deserves a party. This year, it looks like Nintendo is going to give it one.

2020 was always scheduled to be a big year for the Nintendo Switch, and nothing is going to stop that from occurring. The company has just announced its schedule of big-name games...
SOGETSU KAZAMA Available Today

SNK CORPORATION is pleased to announce that SAMURAI SHODOWN’s newest character, SOGETSU KAZAMA, is available today for download in North America and on April 2nd in Europe for the PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™ consoles.
Official Site: --> https://www.snk-corp.co.jp/us/games/samuraishodown/
For those folks waiting for their preferred platform release, wait no longer — Operencia: The Stolen Sun is now available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and GOG.com

Hungarian mythology comes to life in an epic tale steeped in rich lore from the developer's homeland. Strategy, Puzzles, and Story combine into a perfect RPG experience across multiple gaming platforms!
HandyGames welcomes Octato to the family with their Metroidvania-style platformer, Airhead.

As I kid, I lost things. Mittens, books, keys, lots of things. My mother used to say "You'd lose your head if it wasn't attached". Soon, you'll need to be sure to take your head with you when Airhead arrives in 2021.
Unveiled during today’s Nintendo Direct, Capcom’s action-based deep-sea exploration game Shinsekai: Into the Depths is available now for digital download on the Nintendo Switch™ system for MSRP $19.99.

Shinsekai: Into the Depths submerges players into the solitary struggle of the last-surviving human as they sink ever deeper into an unexplored, aquatic world.
Play on Xbox One! Try on Nintendo Switch™

Surprise! Bohemia Interactive's hit shoot-and-loot survival title in now coming to Nintendo Switch!
Revealed During the Nintendo Direct Livestream, Players Can Experience the Ultimate Driving Playground Online or On-The-Go for the First Time on a Nintendo Platform

Today, on the Nintendo Direct livestream, Electronic Arts Inc. and Nintendo announced that Burnout™ Paradise Remastered will be available on Nintendo Switch consoles this year, inviting players to wreak havoc and unleash automotive anarchy anywhere, anytime.
Time to don your football pads, break out your caches of Dinki-Di, and just walk away...

to your living rooms so you can play the post-apocalyptic roguelike Convoy, which is coming to consoles in just a couple of weeks.