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It’s not the best way to scroll through Facebook though

Despite the lack of a browser on the Nintendo Switch, there is a way to access Facebook or Twitter if you’re looking to do some basic social media browsing. But it’s not perfect.
Yesterday, we reported on the fact it was possible to access Twitter page, and now Polygon has decided to look into this matter more, how is it even possible to browse the web on the Switch, when Nintendo did not include any 'web browser' and wants it to be dedicated games machine this time around, without any NetFlix streaming apps or other media players, but if you follow Polygon's tips you will be playing your personal Facebook videos in no time at all, but its not easy to browse around since there is no 'cursor' to point to the right spot!
For Science

What did you do with your brand new Nintendo Switch when it arrived in the mail? Did you rip the box open and pop in Zelda? Did you lick the cartridges? Did you, perhaps, repeatedly drop it on concrete?
Before the Switch launched, there was many videos of people 'licking cartridges' to get a taste of Zelda, since you could buy the game earlier, but the store would not break the console street date, but now that it is out there, the very first you do is WRECK IT TOTALLY!
So there you go,...
And Nintendo Switch Unexpected Places Event in Madison Square Park in New York

In this photo provided by Nintendo of America, Captain Nintendo makes the very first Nintendo NY store in-store purchase of the Nintendo Switch system from Doug Bowser, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, at the Nintendo NY store on March 3.
Nintendo of America launched their new Nintendo Switch Hybrid (console/handheld) to a huge crowd that been waiting out front of their flagship store in New York, some for months, like Captain Nintendo, so that he could be first to own one in North America, and he was greeted of course by Mario and Bowser, and here are the photos from the event supplied to us by Nintendo for your viewing pleasure!
In this photo provided by Nintendo of America, fans line up outside the Nintendo NY store to await the midnight launch of the...
31-year-old Nao Imoto and her husband David Flores, 34, pose with their newly purchased Nintendo Switch game console at a shop in Tokyo on March 3, 2017

The Nintendo Switch finally hit the market today, at least for the lucky gamers that either snagged a preorder months ago or waited in line for a handful of units at select retailers.
As usual for the last few days people have been lined up waiting to get an Nintendo Switch on day 1, and of course thousands also pre-ordered, but alot of those were unhappy, as Amazon has not shipped out many pre-orders, leaving those empty handed, and over in Europe those that didn't pre-order, were left unhappy as the walk-ins at retail shops were turned away telling them to come back on March 9th, for second shipment, nothing is available, but either way it looks like Nintendo has hot-seller on their hands at least for fans.
Switch Has Only Been Out For Few Hours, And Already Neat Pictures Are Being Tweeted Out By Sceners!

Whenever a new video gaming system gets launched, there is always many reasons to be wondering what makes it tick inside!
We have already seen various 'teardowns' and 'pictures' of the inside, and Switch menus, guides and all that stuff, but what about the true underground scene stuff, what is the Operating System powering the new device, and will it be exploitable by modders and hackers and of course when, and do that what with it besides of course the ultimate goal of running homebrew, emulators on it, and of course pirated games, and already within a few hours of launch we have gotten some clues on what the OS might be and what might be attack-able to reach those final end-goals.

#1 - @Marcan42 the world famous member of Team Fail0verflow got his Switch in which he is...

Skylanders fans can unlock their imaginations in new ways with Skylanders™ Imaginators now available on Nintendo Switch™. Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. is bringing the fun-filled innovation of Skylanders Imaginators to the new Nintendo Switch platform for fans to enjoy starting today.
Skylanders Imaginators for the Nintendo Switch introduces a digital library that allows players to easily load and store their 300+ toys from the Skylanders® franchise directly to the new home gaming system. No Portal of Power®? No problem -- the arrival of the digital library empowers players to take their Skylanders Imaginators adventure on-the-go whenever and however they want.
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and 1-2-Switch Start a Steady Drumbeat of Great Games in 2017

Nintendo Switch lets people play their favorite games anytime, anywhere and with anyone.
Today’s launch of the Nintendo Switch video game system means that console-quality gaming is no longer tethered exclusively to the living room TV. Nintendo Switch lets people play their favorite games anytime, anywhere and with anyone.
With Only FIVE Million Sales In The First Year 2017

There’s only one more day until the full, worldwide release of the Nintendo Switch, and analyst firm SuperData has decided on a final prediction for how the console will perform in its first year. And it’s a bit...grim.
Nintendo themselves are only saying they will ship (sell) 2 million units within the first two months, but after the end of April, how will the just launched Nintendo Switch do on the retail shelves around the world, and in this case SuperData is predicting only another 3 million.
The Switch Acts Backwards when it comes to plugging it into your USB-C Laptop, when compared to iPhone or iPad.

The Nintendo Switch launches worldwide tomorrow, March 3, and as journalists and reviewers have had their hands on the console for the past week, news of its hardware and software features have been shared online.
One of the major problems with the Nintendo Switch being a 'portable handheld device', is the lack of 'battery juice, normally it lasts no more than 3 hours when playing Zelda, and it takes over 3 hours to recharge the unit, and sadly it has been discovered that you can't charge it like alot of people do with their phones, by plugging it into the USB port on their laptop, instead it charges the laptop, draining the Switch tiny battery juice even faster, unless for some reason you turn it off, then it will charge, so if you are on long plane trip and want to use...
When Switch Kiosk's Crash you can clearly see its being powered by Raspberry Pi

All gaming companies love to use Kiosk displays to show off their new gaming machines before they launch, but when it comes to the brand-new Nintendo Switch one, it has been discovered it has an Raspberry Pi device under the hood powering the demo reels & videos.
It has now been confirmed by multiple sources that indeed the little screen in the corner of the Kiosk, that allows you to select various Switch game teaser trailers, plus watch video promotion reels from Nintendo in the hopes you will decide to purchase an Switch console, is indeed powered by the little $25 homebrew popular computing device called the Raspberry Pi.

It seems Nintendo has decided that it was good enough for them to use on their Kiosk units to interact with their customers to give them a Switch feeling, without infact using their own...
This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content!

Step into a world of discovery, exploration and adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a boundary-breaking new game in the acclaimed series.
Each week, the Nintendo eShop gets filled with new content, but this week is very special, as its the week at Nintendo Switch becomes available worldwide for the first time, so here is full listing of all the great content you will be able to access on Day 1, after of course your brand-new Switch finishes updating to add eShop and Online support, but the update is small and downloads in the background for you!
And there wasn't even a Blue Shell involved.

For many of us, playing out some kind of real-life Mario Kart fantasy, zooming through actual streets with actual karts, is a dream we may never realize. But MariCar, a Tokyo-based service, has been providing exactly that. Though that dream too may be dead after a lawsuit from Nintendo.
Whomever has not dream of racing down the streets as if he was Mario in his little Kart, is not a true gamer at heart, and because of that want, one company decided to fill that need and offer people a chance to be real-life 'Mario Kart', but Nintendo's army of Men-In-Black quickly came a calling, and have shutdown the service with a bunch of lawsuits, and damage claims.
More than 60 quality indie games are confirmed for Nintendo Switch this year alone, and many games take advantage of unique Nintendo Switch features.

The Nintendo Switch system launches on March 3, and people can expect an exciting lineup of games on Nintendo eShop for day one and beyond. Nintendo has been working closely with independent publishers and developers to deliver a steady flow of unique and original experiences to Nintendo eShop.
Nintendo had a big 'showcase' event earlier today, and during it they announced over 60 games will be released by indie publishers THIS YEAR, which is ontop of all the other high-quality games being published normally on physical cartridge format by Nintendo and others.
Arriving Later On This Year and Exclusively On The Nintendo Switch!

The BIT.TRIP series is near and dear to my heart so I'm very excited to share that Runner3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch!
Choice Provisions is excited to announce that Runner3—the latest entry in the BIT.TRIP series—will be arriving later this year exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.
Photos From Nintendo's Recent Event From Their Second Pop-Up Store!

In this photo provided by Nintendo of America, the Nintendo Switch in Unexpected Places is set against the backdrop of the Snowmass Ski Resort in Aspen, Colorado, on Feb. 27. The versatility of the Nintendo Switch system allows consumers to play in a variety of settings, from the comfort of their own living room to any location imaginable. The new Nintendo Switch home gaming system launches worldwide on March 3.

Photo 2
In this photo provided by Nintendo of America, the Nintendo Switch in Unexpected Places is set against the backdrop of the Snowmass Ski Resort in Aspen, Colorado, on Feb. 27. The experience provided consumers with the opportunity to sample the new Nintendo Switch home gaming system, launching worldwide on March 3.

Photo 3
In this photo provided by Nintendo...
Stores in Netherlands broken street date. Pirates dump Disc Title Key. Already playing the game early!

It all started out a week ago, with reports of the Zelda for the Wii U in the wild early, but all the early reports were debunked and videos proven fake, but no more with just five more days to go, stores have finally broken the street release date, and sold them.
And it didn't take long after the reports of stores in the Netherlands selling the Wii U version early, before pirates of course dumped the Wii U title key, and find ways to download the 2.2gigs for the day one update early direct from Nintendo's servers before it appears, and now they are sharing and enjoying the game already in the underground of the dark 'net for all those cheap Wii U owners out there!

You can't play it on TV.

Nintendo Switch has its first game you can only play while the console is undocked and held like a portable.
We all have known for a while the Switch has 'touch-screen', but all Nintendo's Video Promotions in form of teaser trailers of games and commercials of people happy playing on their Switch, never 'touch' the screen, but its now been discovered that if a developer decides the game should be 'touch-only', it is allowed, they don't have to include support for the Console TV DOCKING Station Mode, or support for detachable side-mounted Joy-Con split controllers.