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New releases Top the Charts!

All console sales have dropped a significant amount from last week overseas in the Japanese homeland of Nintendo, many having dropped to less than half what they sold last week.
The likely cause?

Nintendo Switch pre-orders go live on January 21st in Japan. Not just consoles, but games have also had a significant drop this week.
Also, hey, looks like Cave Story is coming to the Switch!

The Binding of Isaac developer Nicalis posted a picture to social media that may have shown just a bit too much of the Nintendo Switch’s user interface.
So there you have it the first two looks at what going to be the Nintendo Switch User Interface, looks very basic and simple, and looks like you can pick a dark or light theme depending on your wants and needs, but sadly its so simple that it reported that stuff like 'matchmaking' and 'voice chat' even fact is handled thru an app on your mobile phone, not part of the UI, and previous things like StreetPass on 3DS and MiiVerse on the Wii U is NOT going to be bought over to the Nintendo Switch at least not for the big launch!
Multiple Games in the Series Are in Development – the First Launches Feb. 2

Nintendo launches its next adventure when Fire Emblem Heroes arrives soon on mobile.
For detailed information about release timings by platform, please check https://fire-emblem-heroes.com/.

Nintendo surprised Fire Emblem fans today via a Nintendo Direct announcement with the news that multiple games from the hit strategy-RPG franchise are in development. These include a new game for smart devices, two games for Nintendo Switch and multiple games for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. There’s no question that this is by far the most fiery, most emblematic Nintendo Direct ever.
Everyone is all on-board the Switch Hype Train as its already Unavailable Online at all Major Retailers in the U.S.

If you're looking to pre-order a Nintendo Switch, you should look somewhere other than GameStop. The retailer sent word on Sunday that it has blown through its allotment of the new console.
If you didn't already pre-order a Nintendo Switch for its March 3rd launch, then tough luck getting one unless you willing to bid with others on hot eBay listings, which are already at twice the normal retail price and going up by hour as news spreads that its sold-out.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will not include any additional race tracks when it releases on the Switch, Nintendo has today confirmed.

Despite previously announcing a rehaul of the title’s battle mode (which includes four new arenas), along with the addition of a few new characters, it had remained tight-lipped over whether or not new racing circuits would be included in the enhanced port.
It seems the Switch version of Mario Kart 8, will just be the Wii U one with all the released DLC included, nothing major added to it! :)
“Nintendo Switch is compatible with the SDXC standard, which supports up to 2TB.”

Fantastic news for anyone who’s embraced an all digital future yet was concerned with the Switch’s measly 32GB of internal storage. While we already knew the system would support Micro SDXC cards up to 256GB, a Nintendo representative clarified over the weekend that the Switch can be further expanded up to a whopping 2TB of memory.
When the Switch got announced a couple of days ago, right away people were worried about the small 32gigs of storage, and the fact buying a game like Zelda digitally would eat up 13.6gigs of that space right away, but not to worry Switch is an rich man's console, so you should have no problems forking over a couple of grand of memory cards, if not on bunch on 256gb ones, maybe for whopping 2tb one!
'King of Fighters '98,' 'Waku Waku 7' and other classic titles are heading to Nintendo's new console.

The Nintendo Switch will support a handful of new games, of course, but it's also going to feature some fan-favorite classics from the Neo Geo era, Famitsu says.
Hamster Corp. has now officially announced in a PR, and on its Twitter account, that it will indeed release the five rumored Classic Neo Geo video games for Nintendo's new console/mobile hybrid that was finally fully officially revealed only a couple of days ago, and already the list of third-party developers that are willing to back it right away during its launch on March 3rd, 2017 is going rapidly!
Hello from Frozenbyte!

We have today announced Has-Been Heroes for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC!
Has-Been Heroes is a challenging, roguelike game of strategy and action, featuring a band of heroes on a quest to escort the King's twin princesses to the Princess Academy.
And check...
Skylanders Brings New Characters and Adventure Pack to Excite Players

Fans Playing Skylanders Imaginators Game and Skylanders Creator App Have Created More Than 25 Million Characters
Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc., is delivering the innovation of Skylanders® Imaginators to the next wave of gamers when the highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch™ launches in March 2017.
Nintendo Reveals Upcoming Games, New Hardware Features

Nintendo announced today that the new Nintendo Switch system will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017 at a suggested retail price of $299.99 in the United States.
Nintendo announced today that the new Nintendo Switch system will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017 at a suggested retail price of $299.99 in the United States.
Rumors suggest £180 / $250 USA Price Tag for long-awaited console that is finally officially being unveiled on Friday!

Two different recent sources suggest the Nintendo Switch hybrid might be priced on the lower-end below the previously rumored $299 price, and also pre-order page from UK retailer gives the console an release date of March 17, 2017 and costing only £198.50!
With only a few days before Nintendo has their big live-stream event from Japan on Friday officially announcing all the details on their new Nintendo Switch hybrid, the rumors are coming in fast and crazy, with the latest being about 'release dates' and new low prices! :)
It’s not as simple as drag-and-drop, but no screwdriver or hardware mods needed.

Battletoads on the NES Classic Edition? If you're willing to take a risk via modding, you too could add this and other games to your own little system.
We have already reported on the progress of unlocking the NES Classic in the past here on MaxConsole Underground, but this week things really sped-up thousand times, with two groups one based out of Japan and another from Russia (I guess with the Election 2016 hack behind them, they were bored and now able to better focus on Nintendo hacking), anyone is basically done, by following this simple English tutorial below you will have an unlocked Mini NES Classic Edition with the Game ROM's you want on it, instead of being limited to the 30 that big 'N' picked out for you to play, that is if you can find one to buy, as they are still in hot demand and this just going...
With Some Awesome Upgrades

Though there were several iterations and updates to Nintendo’s insanely popular handheld gaming system, the Game Boy was officially retired just over a decade ago. And while Nintendo has no plans to revive the portable console, a company called Retro-Bit is stepping up to bring the Game Boy back from the dead.
Retro-Bit has already produced a few classic consoles, with their Sega Generations one selling very well, and now they are taking on the retro handheld world, by producing an new GameBoy that can play all your original Nintendo games at nice affordable price! :)
You can’t buy these three licensed Activision games digitally anymore.

The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and TMNT Mutants in Manhattan have vanished from digital storefronts such as Steam as well as the Xbox, Nintendo eShop, and PlayStation stores.
The one problem with 'digital games', is that when 'licensing rights expire', the games disappear, unlike physical ones that still can be found online for sale via eBay or used video gaming stores.
Snakebyte has some Nintendo Switch and NES Classic accessories in the works.

Germany-based manufacturer, Snakebyte group, has announced new accessories for the Nintendo Switch and the hard-to-find NES Classic Edition.
The Nintendo Switch is not even out yet, but various accessory makers have announced they are supporting the new hybrid console/handheld, and one of the best offers so far is by Snakebyte, with their Nintendo Switch Starter Kit.
No Nintendo Wii U Family Fun for This Girl During Christmas!

In what now seems to be a sad holiday tradition, a mother in West Chester, Ohio, tried to buy her seven year-old daughter a video game for Christmas, only for her child to discover a porn DVD when she opened the box.
Well, this little girl will forever be upset over Santa, not sure if she will believe the excuse that her mother told her, but here is hoping!
Don't duck out on this one

Our Exclusive MaxConsole Game Reviewer is back with yet another one of his great reviews, this week he is reviewing the new Super Destronauts 2: Go Duck Yourself for the Nintendo Wii U eShop, read on to see how it is!


It can be argued that once Nintendo opened wide the doors to small time indie developers, the amount of low quality games appearing on the eShop began to increase. While yes, that has happened over the past few years, there have also been some really good entries appearing on the eshop as well. Super Destronauts 2 - Go Duck Yourself or SD2GDY for short, falls in the latter. Developed by Petite Games on the Nintendo Web Framework, SD2GDY offers some fast paced arcade action designed for quick gaming sessions.

SD2GDY is a high score arcade games, similar to Space Invaders, in which you move side to side across the bottom of the screen, avoiding enemy fire and trying to...