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Back in September, Apple and Niantic announced that the popular game Pokémon Go was coming to the Apple Watch before the end of this year.

Since then, however, no news has come concerning that release and now it appears that the plans have been scrapped altogether…
Bad news, if you are an Pokemon Go fan and are planning on using your Apple Watch soon with it to help you capture more of them.
NES Classic demand exceeded Nintendo’s expectations – that much was fairly clear from the fact that it has thus far been nearly impossible to get a system here in the States.

The gaming company hasn’t released any specifics surrounding just how many units of the all-in-one emulator it managed to move, so we’ll have to rely on some new numbers coming out of NPD.
If you been still shopping around for an Official Retro Mini Console by Nintendo that plays 30 games that are also 30 years ago, well tough luck as the NES Classic Edition is still in short-supply at least on normal retail store shelves but 196,000 have been sold so far.
A recently published Nintendo patent shows how virtual reality could work on the company’s upcoming Switch console, despite Nintendo’s overall ambivalence toward VR.

The patent, spotted by a NeoGAF member, describes a head-mounted display that would hold the Nintendo Switch tablet, reminiscent of Google’s Daydream headset or the Samsung Gear VR.
It looks like Nintendo just might be willing to jump into the VR gaming landscape also by producing a strap-on DOCK for the Switch which you wear around your head for upclose 6.2" bulky and heavy gaming action, Nintendo VR style!
One Southwest Airlines Flight Turns into a Digital Playground Featuring Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS

In this photo provided by Nintendo of America, Nintendo surprises passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas Love Field to Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday, Dec. 14.
In the air, actress and YouTube celebrity iJustine helped passengers play and create Super Mario levels using Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. Passengers received a New Nintendo 3DS XL system and a voucher to download Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS from Nintendo eShop. From Dec. 16, 2016 through Jan. 14, 2017, everyone can get in on the fun and enter the Say Yes to Nintendo 3DS sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to NYC and Nintendo prize packages.
After the Nintendo Switch system is unveiled to the world during the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 in Tokyo on Jan. 12

Nintendo’s next home gaming system is traveling across North America to provide hands-on time for fans, gamers, families and everyone in between. Nintendo Switch will be the star of an interactive multi-city tour that is open to the public on select days.
The currently scheduled cities that are part of the tour include:
  • New York – Jan. 13-15
  • Toronto – Jan. 27-29
  • Washington, D.C. – Feb. 10-12
  • Chicago – Feb. 17-19
  • San Francisco – Feb. 24-26
  • Los Angeles – March 3-5
With TV Personality Katie Linendoll on Apple's iTunes PodCast Network!

Hosted at the Apple Store, SoHo by TV personality Katie Linendoll, listen as Miyamoto shares the importance of fun and the inspiration behind the gameplay in Super Mario Run.

Now available on iTunes, join Shigeru Miyamoto, the video game designer and creator famously known for Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, for an insightful chat on the making of Super Mario Run - the first-ever Super Mario game to arrive on mobile phones.

The podcast is available for download here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id1184967541

Thanks this has been your friendly 'PSA' news item from our friends at Nintendo!
In Time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics - The World’s First Nintendo Themed Area Being Developed with More than 50 Billion Yen

“SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™” is coming to Universal Studios Japan and will be the first such opening in the world, featuring globally renowned characters and game worlds from Nintendo. Super Nintendo World is targeted to open in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

While Universal Studios Japan will be the first location to open, Nintendo themed areas are also coming to Orlando and Hollywood as announced by Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts on November 29, 2016.

Nintendo and independent developers working together? We'll that's something totally new, and nice too!

Nintendo Switch is building up hype especially after the video reveal weeks ago. Just this week, it added more hype as they guested for Jimmy Fallon featuring the Switch's capability to run The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Following the trend, Indies are now starting to come out from hiding and gradually showing of their initial outputs for the Console-Handheld hybrid.

For a while Nintendo was missing out on Indie devs. on their platforms, most of the indies were releasing solely on PlayStation or Xbox, but near the end of the Wii U lifecycle, big 'N' started to repair that damage and they got alot of indies onboard with their new programs and offers, and it seems that rebuilding relationship is moving over nicely into the upcoming Nintendo Switch platform. :)

Nothing Better Than Playing 30 Year Old Video Games We Grew Up With On Our 55" LCD TV Screen in 1080p/60fps

Ok, the graphics is not that good, but still amazing, the only problem is we have to be within a foot of the TV because at the short cord length that comes with the wired NES classic controllers supplied with the NES Mini Classic Edition.

But now there is solution to the problem, as third-parties have released wireless NES controllers, and now Daemon Hatfield has figured out how to mod those controllers to make the adapter work with your existing PlayStation 3 and Wii U Pro controllers! :)

Nintendo. No. Stop.

Internet is in Rage mode after finding out that the new Exclusive iOS game from Nintendo called 'Super Mario Run' needs your iPhone or iPad to be always connected the Internet to be able to play, leaving you with Mario-less action in subways or other places.

It turns out big 'N' has decided that their very first Mario game on a mobile device should work only if you have always-on-internet, once you have lost your signal, you have lost your ability to smash mushrooms or collect coins, or get Mario to jump over boxes. :)

Nintendo's next big thing made a surprise appearance Wednesday night

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé swung by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tonight to show off two of the company’s most important products in years — smartphone game Super Mario Run, and the new Switch console.

The original event was to be Jimmy playing Super Mario Run for the Apple iPhone that is coming out next week from Nintendo, but instead Reggie decides to whip out an Nintendo Switch and guess what it had the upcoming Zelda: Breath of The Wild loaded on it, and right away they decided to play it for a few minutes to the shock of everyone watching! :)

"We wanted to show people just how much of an enjoyable difference it will make in their entertainment experiences."

Nintendo doesn't plan to announce any more specific details about the Switch until next month, but the company has now shared some insight into the console's name and its reveal event in October.

After a wave of recent leaks about the Nintendo Switch, we get some actual info from big 'N' themselves, but its not much just answers the Question of Why is it called Switch? and the other Question of Why Just a Short Teaser? that took place in October, leaving us hyped for the rest which we still will not get for another whole month! :)

Reveal Slated for Monday - Tune in on December 12th to learn more!

Following a leak from coffee chain Starbucks, The Pokemon Company today officially confirmed that more creatures are coming to Pokemon Go.

With Pokemon Sun and Moon being the best-selling Pokemon ever in the history of Nintendo, it would make good logic to capture on the new wave of players, so big 'N' and the developer Niantic will reveal all the details about the new additions coming to Pokemon GO after this weekend on the upcoming Monday, December 12th.

Virtual (Console) insanity!

Following years of pining after GameCube games on the Virtual Console, it looks like Nintendo fans will soon be getting their wish.

Here we go ahead with yet another new rumor report regarding the Nintendo Switch, with just over a month to go before the big Press Event and unveiling, the last few days been filled with lots of leaks regarding the plans of big 'N' for their new hybrid device.

From Software Considering Trilogy ReRelease

Many loyal Nintendo fans have been wondering since the reveal of third-party list of upcoming Nintendo Switch development partners what 'From Software' had in the works for the new Nintendo hybrid platform since their logo was included in the teaser.

Well it seems @Laurakbuzz since getting rejected by Nintendo for the upcoming Switch reveal event, has decided to leak out their plans on what 'From Software' is or were up to in regard to porting over their Dark Souls 3 release over to the new Switch console.

@Laurakbuzz continues on her path of Nintendo Insider self-destruction regarding the upcoming Switch platform.

After getting rejected by big 'N' for not being allowed to attend the Switch presentation, she has decide to slowly leak out all the info she has in regarding to Nintendo and their possible upcoming plans for new games to be teased about during the Jan. event!

It seems besides Star Fox Zero, there was another idea for Star Fox's game, but Nintendo turned it down and here is the insider scoop on why from Laura of Lets Play Video Games: