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Despite the fact it was made for the device

The NES Advantage was easily one of the most memorable peripherals for the NES, bringing arcade like controls and some convenient features, like turbo buttons.

Nothing worse, then buying an accessory for new console, only to find out it does not work, even tho it was designed to do so, and that has what has occurred here with the new 'EMiO The Edge Joystick' it was to designed to hook-up to the newly launched and very popular NES Mini console, except the only problem it does not work, and no one knows why, so the company is pulling the product!

Nintendo Partners with Escape Room Creator SCRAP for a Legendary Puzzle Experience

Nintendo is partnering with SCRAP, the renowned designers of many popular escape room experiences and 2016 winner of USA Today’s “Best Escape Room” in the U.S., to create a unique multi-city Puzzle Tour inspired by The Legend of Zelda series.

With the horrible news yesterday of Zelda being delayed for a few months next year, alot of fans were upset and crying, but now Nintendo is trying to cheer them up by announcing that coming to city near you, soon will be a true real-life Zelda Adventure, where you will be able to try one of those 'escape room' thingies which is all the rage now for playing, and have a ton of fun doing it! :)

Says It's Bringing a "Big" Game to the Console - "You should assume that it's one of our bigger games."

Speaking today during the UBS Global Technology Conference in San Francisco, Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen teased the publisher's plans for Nintendo's newly announced Switch console.

We heard early on from Ubisoft that they were 'excited' over the Switch design and doing a few games for it, then we heard from CapCom that they still researching their Switch plans and wondering what or how to 'port' over a game and if its worth it, now we are hearing from EA, which have stated recently they are planning on launching 'a game or two' for the Switch, the only catch, they will be 'ports' of existing games, but not to worry they saying they are picking them from their 'bigger' games lineup, whatever that means. :)

Select Game Content Available for Free; One-Time $9.99 Purchase Opens Full Game

The first-ever mobile game featuring the most iconic video game hero of all time goes on sale for iPhone and iPad on Dec. 15 in United States time zones.

We sadly, might not have any Zelda to enjoy on your Switch, but maybe we will be so happy still playing Mario on our iOS devices, that we will not notice the delay next year, because lucky for us Super Mario Run is launching just before Xmas on December 15th.

Also analysts are claiming that it will reach 1.5 Billion Downloads soon after release, it might even cause a increase in iPhone's sold, not to mention Mario will crush the Xbox and PlayStation consoles during the hot Holiday Season this year.

That's a blow. - 'New' Mario to replace Zelda for the Launch Title!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo's biggest Switch game, will not be available when the console launches in March.

Here we go again, yet another Zelda delay, it has been confirmed by different insider sources, one of which Emily is normally always right about the Switch and Nintendo business, and this one really sucks it seems Zelda will NOT be ready for the big March 2017 release, instead a Mario game will be main title at launch, with Zelda following up close behind in the Summer time now.

Reasons for the delay is due to 'localization schedule' its taking long to do then it should have, one of reasons rumored is because its such a huge 'open world', but personally I think this has alot to do with the local America 'voice actor strike', this Zelda is one of first with speaking roles, and with them on...
@Etika Tweets Nintendo Switch Photo and Short Teaser Video!

The impossible seems to have occurred, someone named Etika has gotten an Nintendo Switch Console Early, months before its scheduled released on March 17th, 2017.

Earlier this evening, the Internet went into overdrive mode, because a boxed Nintendo Switch appeared, and then a teaser video was released!

Is it a very clever fake, or did Etika really get an unit early from Nintendo somehow!

To prove his point even more after the photo appeared, he shared via @AlexanderPale Twitter, a short teaser video!

What do you think?

NEWS SOURCE: @AlexanderPale (via) Twitter
Mario Party Star Rush for Nintendo 3DS Can Help, With Instant, Fast-Paced Multiplayer Fun for Everyone

Trying to balance work and home life can be difficult, and many parents say they don’t have enough time to spend with their kids.

Families are falling apart, alot of parents end up using their Xbox or PlayStation as a way to entertain their kids, a virtual babysitter, but Nintendo has a better idea, having video games with instaant fast-paced multiplayer fun, where you can join in and be part of your kids entertain, play together, bring the family back together, and all have fun together without worrying about not having the time to do so, as recent survey shows.

Toys 'R Us has become the first bigbox retailer to place up a webpage for the upcoming Nintendo Switch!

Toysrus.ca has a placeholder listing up for Nintendo Switch for $329.99 CAD. That's roughly $245 USD, so that would suggest a $249.99 price point. Obviously take it with a grain of salt, but still an oddly specific number to list it at if it is just a temporary price.

Everyone is thinking that Nintendo will open up pre-orders near Black Friday for Nintendo Switch, even tho they are not revealing more before Jan. 12th, 2017, they officially claim, it does not stop big name-brand retailers like GameStop and Toys 'R Us to do their own pre-order/more-info webpage, but this is the first one that lists an 'price' which if real price means it might be only $249 USD.

We will work with Nintendo for the at least the next Twenty Years!

During a recent financial call, Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang made it very clear that the computing giant believes very strongly in the Nintendo Switch, so strong that they figure they will be working with big 'N' for the next two decades with newer consoles.

NVIDIA has make alot of 'bold claims' about the Nintendo Switch, they are one of only companies 'happy about it', besides 'Ubisoft', but this latest statement is real big one, they claim Nintendo will be using NVIDIA technology for the next 2 decades, so we will see many models of 'Switch' over the next twenty years, with hopefully more and more power each time, but how often will big 'N' be upgrading their Switch to the next level, as fast as Sony and Microsoft is doing with their Xbox One and PlayStation 4, or even quicker like 'smartphones' are changing every year...
Charles Martinet, the original voice actor for both Mario and Luigi for the west version, has a personal IMDb page that was recently updated with some very interesting information.

If his page is any indication, two legendary Mario Games are coming to Nintendo Switch: Super Sunshine HD and Super Mario Galaxy 3 are going to be among the numerous titles that are going to hit along with the official release of the gaming console next year.

Opps... An 'voice actor' hired by NoA, has let it slipped that he been using recently his awesome 'voice skills' to update two famous Super Mario games for the new upcoming Nintendo Switch console, and even another new game for the Wii U, giving us a tiny bit of hope that Wii U system is not totally dead yet, and their might be another game released in 2017 after the big new Zelda is out in the Wild.

DON'T PANIC! - Earth Mostly Harmless! - Except for the crazed Nintendo fans looking now for NES Mini's to BUY!

Nintendo's got a new video game console that costs just $60 and is adorably small, plays 30 retro classic games, and its sadly sold-out everywhere after dozens of loyal NES fans lined up for days outside of stores waiting for the big Mini-NES console launch!

Well, Earth was a safe place to visit, but now its 'Listed as Mostly Harmless', as loyal retro Nintendo fans go nuts over $60 console that is 30 years old, and only plays 30 games, but is brand-new and so tiny with matching short cords you will be playing it on the floor! :)

Photos of the 'launch party' at Nintendo NY Store!

In this photo provided by Nintendo of America, fans line up to be one of the first to purchase the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition system, which comes loaded with 30 retro games, at Nintendo NY on Nov. 10, 2016.

Nintendo of America has finally launched the mini Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition, and to the joy of retro gamers, they as usual threw a fun-filled launch party at their New York store, and this morning after cleaning up all the empty shelves, since its now basically sold-out everyplace, Nintendo has supplied us with a nice set of four photos from party showcasing all the fun retro gamers were having after spending a night lineup outside to get in.

Brings New Features and New Ways to Interact with Friends

Send Private Messages, Customize Rooms and Share in More Ways than Ever Before

Miitomo is now getting a major update starting today, that adds even more ways for players to express themselves and communicate with friends.

When Nintendo’s first smart-device app, Miitomo, launched in March, it heralded a new era for Nintendo, setting the stage for future mobile games like the upcoming Super Mario Run. Miitomo is now getting a major update starting today that adds even more ways for players to express themselves and communicate with friends.

First, it was just an RUMOR -- Then, Nintendo officially DENIED it! -- But, now it really is OFFICIAL, Wii U is R.I.P.

Nintendo Japan has confirmed that Wii U production will soon be halted, its no longer just an RUMOR, or an DENIED rumor, its the TRUTH, the Wii U console will soon be REST IN PEACE, it was FUN while it lasted, but the two-screen gaming era is GAME OVER!

Is The Nintendo Wii U Console Dead Yet? -- Yes, No, Maybe, Nope, that was the game that Nintendo and Insiders and Rumor websites were playing over the last month, but now its no longer an game, the Nintendo Wii U will be officially dead very soon, big 'N' has confirmed it finally that production is ramping down and will end SOON(tm), no official date yet, but its coming, its GAME OVER! :)

NINTENDO Switch is going in a different direction to the PS4 and Xbox One, says Capcom.

Capcom might not make Nintendo Switch versions of its PS4 and Xbox One games. The studio has been doing a little research into Nintendo Switch specs and capabilities, and hasn't determined whether the new handheld/console hybrid is part of its multiplatform plans.

We already had number of leaks from Nintendo Insiders regarding the power under the hood running the new Switch platform, and its basically Nvidia Terga X1 or maybe X2, either way its not as powerful as PS4 and XB1, and we already knew that if the rumors turn out to be true, which Nintendo fully unveils their Switch on Jan. 12th, but now we gotten confirmation from Capcom one of the listed partners in the teaser video released last month, that they are still doing a little more research into the new hybrid before...