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Plus at E3 '16 - Also Marks the First Live Gameplay of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild represents the next great boundary-breaking adventure from Nintendo, and Nintendo's booth at E3 2016 will fully immerse attendees in the world of the new Zelda.

Finally at E3 '16, we got from big 'N' some more details on how the new upcoming Zelda game will play out and its full official title.

Nintendo to be Guest on E3 Youtube Show on Monday ---- New Announcement Incoming?

Geoff Keighley has announced the schedule and lineup for Youtube’s Live at E3. Interestingly enough it seems like Nintendo will be making an appearance on Monday, a day before its scheduled Treehouse!

We have a double-bill of Nintendo NX news today, it seems that big 'N' is secretly planning to be a guest on Geoff's E3 Show before the big conference starts and their already announced TreeHouse E3 shows roll out, and they are planning to announce something there!

Enjoy this super-slow way of dumping your old GBA games through a Gamecube or Wii

FIX94 has released a Game Boy Advance ROM dumper tool for GameCube over at gc-forever.com which requires the official GC to GBA link cable (DOL-011).

Never say Never to a real Nintendo hacker, because it might just happen, that is yet again in amazing new feat from FIX94, he has been able to manage to find a brand-new way in dumping your GameBoy Advance cartridges, by using an old-school GBA Link Cable designed for the Nintendo Gamecube, and his code works on both the original and older Nintendo Wii's that are still 'GameCube' backwards compatible.

Which is perfect timing as now you can fully enjoy dumping your GBA carts using nothing more then pure Nintendo hardware, as you wait for the recently announced...
To Make A New Updated Super Mario Movie

It may be a cult classic but the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie was a critical and commercial bomb. Despite the fairly obvious lesson that the Mushroom Kingdom and Hollywood don't mix. So try it again!!

A bunched of leaked emails from the large Sony Pictures hack last week, has appeared online, and it shows that Sony is chatting with Nintendo in working out details for a new Super Mario movie, even tho the last one in '93 bomb'ed at the box office, I guess they figure with today's generation and new advanced moving making, and maybe in 3D filming, that an updated Mario movie will be an success.