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Master Race Returns

Key Features, Story Premise, Screenshots Detailed

Well, here's some awesome info on New World's next big project. Published by Focus Home Interactive, Insurgency: Sandstorm is going to look real nice on Unreal Engine 4 and it's coming to consoles as well as PC.
New to the series is a story mode where you play as a female protagonist who is a Yazidi Kurd. I'm super interested in seeing more about this.
"Never Say Never," Xbox boss Phil Spencer says it's unlikely, but not ruled out!

The Xbox One added backwards compatibility support in November 2015, allowing users to play some Xbox 360 games. Backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games will be available with Project Scorpio, which launches this holiday.
The Xbox One console has proven its able to play most Xbox 360 games with not much problems, just a bit of updating, and now that the Xbox One is basically a mini-PC based on x86 cores, instead of power-pc, users are wondering if the next step will be 360 on PC by Microsoft.
Recent changes includes support for PS4 v4.50 BETA Firmware!

Remote Play PC is a Windows application currently in Alpha stage that allows you to stream and control PS4 games on your PC.
If you been using and following the development of the Remote Play PC, you will be glad to know it now supports the latest v4.50 firmware which is currently being beta-tested by Sony with their various PS4 insiders, plus alot more features have been added. :)
In hindsight, eSports should be a far older industry than it actually is.

Gamers have been around since the 1970s, competitive gaming since the late 1990s, yet eSports tournaments didn’t really enter the public consciousness in the West until the mid-2010s. Somehow, it took decades for a natural extension of video gaming to gain a foothold in the community.
Why? The answer is a simple one – internet speeds. Even in South Korea, where eSports got its first outing as a national activity, sophisticated broadband networks didn’t begin to appear until the early 2000s. The rest is history; with all its digital ducks in a row, eSports’ subsequent growth has been explosive.

Now, everybody wants to get involved in eSports, whether that’s watching (16bn minutes of gaming footage were viewed by Twitch...
And now over 3.9 million weekly players

Bertrand Chaverot, director of Latin America at Ubisoft, revealed that Rainbow Six: Siege has more than 13 million registered players.
The first year was rough road for the new Rainbow Six game, but Ubisoft keep pushing it along, and now a year later, it has good amount of players online enjoying the game, making it worthwhile now to jump into the online action, if you have not done so recently or at all.
The gaming community has been buzzing this afternoon due to the recent update to Steam’s beta client.

Not because of any new cool features, though. Instead, because reputable Steam community site SteamDB tweeted this image that they extracted from the beta client’s files.
There is a few Xbox One games that have been released as cross-platform titles, but currently you have to purchase them thru the Microsoft Windows 10 Store to grab them as digital downloads, but looks like that might be changing soon with them on Steam also! :)
Starting Today for PlayStation 4 Consoles and also PC Master Gaming Rigs!

If you know anyone on the fence about pre-ordering Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, perhaps a free season pass will be a deciding factor in it. Read on for the details.
CI Games has announced a super special incentive for people who pre-order Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, containing a load of extras at no additional cost. Players can take advantage of this valuable season pass offering beginning today on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and PC.
Jump into John Wick Chronicles

John Wick Chronicles, the virtual reality game that ties into the John Wick film franchise, will be released Feb. 9 exclusively on Steam for the HTC Vive, Lionsgate and Starbreeze Studios announced today.
Hollywood is getting into the Virtual Reality gaming era, by making VR games to go along side their new film releases, and one such tie-in will be tried out next week for the John Wick sequel launch.
Last Chance to Transfer Your Character & More

Today, Rockstar Games took a look back at 2016 with their ever popular GTA Online game and are very happy to report that December saw a record number of players online and engagement in their GTA Online game was higher than any month before.
For players on PS4, Xbox One and PC that translated to 11 million new CEO Organizations established, 13 million Stunt Races played, 15 million matches of Juggernaut, 24 million new Motorcycle Clubs founded and 10 billion vehicle modifications applied just in December alone.
Gets Launch Trailer!

Arc System Works announced the release of Double Dragon IV on PC via Steam.
In order to celebrate this announcement, Arc System Works released a new trailer for Double Dragon 4 that can be viewed below.
After just five days on the market, the Denuvo-protected PC version of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has already appeared on pirate sites!

Pirates say they’ve already cracked Resident Evil 7's PC version and have found a way to disable the game’s anti-piracy measures less than a week after release.
Denuvo usually offers months of protection, so this is not only a record defeat but a landmark moment for the world's most famous anti-piracy technology.
February 6 is the day to get your hands on the new Nilfgaard faction added to GWENT.

Details about how the faction works are below as well as some new artwork for the faction and a gameplay video.
Not too shabby of a way to start off the week, eh?

Have a nice week, folks!
The launch of Social Cross-play means you'll be able to stick the boots into the console crowd in perpetuity.

Last December, Microsoft ran a weekend-long "competitive crossplay" test in Gears of War 4, to see what would happen when Xbox One and PC gamers were allowed to mingle and trade gunfire.
Well, Well, what do you know it seems the world of 'consoles' and 'pc gamers' can get along as long as they killing each other madly!
Previously the game had been set for PS4 only.

Normally, the Ace Combat series has been an exclusive item on the PlayStation brand, and when AC7 was first announced that was the whole idea again, it was to be exclusive to the Sony Flying Ponies
But that is no longer as now the PC Rigs and Xbots can join them in the Big Blue Wonder and show off their Top Gun Ace flying skills, now if only there was cross-play platform this could be perfect we could have dog fights between the Flying Ponies and the Xbots Air Force and see whom was the better ace console in the skies!
Loyal Overwatch Mei Fans are greatly upset their 'Healthy Thicker Woman' is now a 'Stereotypical THIN Character'!

Overwatch is very popular these days, and one of the reasons the characters are very diverse, so when Blizzard messed with Mei via new skins released for Lunar New Year which suddenly made her look much thinner, her loyal fans got of course upset right away that she was no longer a 'healthy girl'.
Blizzard since the outcry stormed across the 'net like raging wildfire, has since issued a statement saying it was by 'accident' and they fix up Mei to be 'thicker' again an upcoming patch, so if you going to enjoy a 'thin Mei' do it while you can, or just wait for that nice healthy ass with some nice curves to come back for your video gaming enjoyment.
So you played all the PSVR games on your PS4 console and are now bored with VR, but guess what you can do now?

Yeah, that is right its now possible to make usage of your costly PSVR as an nice StreamVR device on your PC Gaming Rig!
Recently, a PSVRHACK subreddit was setup, and soon afterwards a nice step-by-step guide on how to get PSVR working on your PC using the current PSVR Frameworks that are still in development, but its now at a point that some major features of the PSVR work well enough to use on your PC Gaming Rig to get some nice StreamVR gaming/video action going for you enjoy while you wait for more PSVR games to get release besides of course the recent very scary RE7 game that been making people throw-up playing it! :)
[Trailer and Release Window]

Ever wonder exactly how terrifying it would be for human augmentations and implants to go horribly wrong?
Then just watch the new trailer attached below which was released today for The Surge, which is coming out in May 2017 for PC and both consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for you to enjoy playing on, and if you have no idea what The Surge is about keep on reading below!
Become One With the Rifle Using These Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Tactics
New Gameplay Video Shows Hot Tips in Action

This video does a nice job of explaining how to be an effective sniper in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.
If this game is on your radar, these tips are a nice thing to brush up on before entering the open-world setting of SGW3.
Watch the smoking hot Official Cinematic Trailer and prepare your inner barbarian to drink, slay, and be content on January 31st

There's just a little under a week until Conan Exiles launches into Early Access for PC players, and Funcom has brought us a plethora of goodies to get us good and ready.
Less than one week to go! Funcom’s epic open-world survival sandbox launches into Early Access on PC next week on January 31st.

Microsoft plans to take integration between Windows 10 and its consoles (Xbox One and Xbox 360) to a new level in the coming major updates. As the Creators Update is the next major release on the schedule, we should see some improved cross-platform features when it’s released this April.
When you living on the leading edge of technology (or updates in this case), it can be dangerous problem as sometimes Microsoft fucks up, and in this case they have decided for some weird reason to put a major bug into the latest Windows 10 build that makes your PC cough up a nice GSOD once you connect your Xbox 360 or One controller to it, which used to work just great before in the previous build.
New Video: Watch Players Become Gods in Conan Exiles
Take control of towering gods and watch entire cities crumble as you dominate the open-world survival sandbox on January 31st
TODAY: New developer stream on Twitch.tv/Funcom, see avatar gameplay in action

Friday, Friday, Friday!
That means some new Conan Exiles awesomeness, as well as a new stream from the team, which will take place at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 19:00 Central European Time at http://twitch.tv/funcom.
Watch it! There'll be some news!

Today's video highlights Domination in the World of Conan (conveniently also the title of the video). Check it out below!
Focus Home Interactive Partners with White Wolf Publishing to get this New RPG Game out for both PC and Consoles!

Exciting news for World of Darkness fans! White Wolf, Focus, and Cyanide (Blood Bowl, Call of Cthulhu) are teaming up to adapt Werewolf into a video game for consoles and PC.
Paris-based video game publisher Focus Home Interactive is pleased to announce its partnership with White Wolf Publishing, license owner of the famous World of Darkness universe (Vampire The Masquerade, Werewolf, Mage Ascension).

Read on for full details about the brutal RPG:
Hello Hello! - This one is long, but it's not a bad read.

Today we've got a fun little informational release coming to you that covers the story and the characters of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.
Most of this is informational for those really interested in learning more about this upcoming AAA shooter hitting PC, PS4 and Xbox One on April 4th.
In Call of Cthulhu's Depths of Madness Trailer

This game just keeps getting creepier and creepier. Watch as Pierce begins to doubt his own mind and slowly descend into madness in the new trailer.
Developed by seasoned studio Cyanide, Call of Cthulhu for consoles and PC is an RPG Investigation game blending psychological horror and stealth mechanics in a deeply immersive world with an oppressive atmosphere.
From the Creator of Alone in the Dark

The creator of Alone in the Dark is back with an unforgiving stealth-horror game in which even the save mechanic can kill you.
No procedural generation. No hand-holding. Infiltrate each level, find the kids, and get out alive. Easy, right?