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Master Race Returns

The Nurgle servants come to stink out the pitch

Can I just state that Blood Bowl 2's DLC might be some of the most metal DLCs of 2016? I'm pretty sure the Nurgle have tipped it over the edge. Just the name alone sounds like the name of a member in a black metal band.

Anyway, read on for the news and have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you're in the States!
Youga Classic + Special Thanksgiving Bonuses

Today’s GTA Online update introduces new Adversary Mode Kill Quota, the Bravado Youga Classic, and a generous serving of Thanksgiving bonuses including double RP and GTA$ plus discounts on vehicles, weapons, and clothing.

Here is all the wonderful details of the latest GTA Online update, direct from RockStar themselves! :)

Announces Xbox One version, PC release date

Ooooookay. It's been almost six months since Funcom released any new gameplay videos from Conan Exiles, their open-world survival game set in the universe of Conan the Barbarian.

Today is the day that changes, alongside the exciting announcement that the game will also be coming to Xbox One, and news of the release date!

How will Putin react to a Russian video character coming out as LGBTI?

Gaming company Blizzard Entertainment revealed it will feature progressive LGBTI storylines in an update of its game, Overwatch.

Blizzard has let the cat out of the closet, their next big update to Overwatch is going to add tons of LGBT characters and storylines to their expanding online world, to give all their players the chance to play as they really are in person, instead of being limited to normal gaming stereotypes of heroes and villains.

People are still trying to put PC gaming in a handheld

For ages, humankind has wondered what would happen if you tried to combine a PS Vita together with Valve’s Steam controller. Okay, not really. But wouldn’t a portable Steam PC be kind of neat?

Less than an hour to go, and SMACH Z will have closed off on Kickstarter, after raising at the time of this posting €471,377 to get their idea of Steam/Gaming/PC in an handheld for all to enjoy playing games on device about the size of Vita but with the power of a PC.

Infinity Ward studio livestream

From 6pm GMT this evening and running throughout the weekend, you will be able to achieve Double XP and Double Weapon XP in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer. Simply start playing from 6pm onwards to rank up with Double XP, or any point from then until 6pm GMT Monday November 21st.

Additionally, Infinity Ward will be hosting a studio live-stream at 7pm GMT, so make sure you tune in for the latest details and information on Infinite Warfare via: www.twitch.tv/infinityward

17 minutes of uncut Space Hulk: Deathwing awaits below! Yay, Fridays!

Pre-order now the game on Steam and get access to the pre-order Beta, 15% off and one in-game weapon - the Lost Mace of Corswain.

Check out 17 uncut minutes of Space Hulk: Deathwing's solo campaign, which is attached below after all the PR info regarding it:

Standing in Today's Spotlight: Rodarion - The Dwarves is exactly 2 weeks away from laucnhing on PC, Xbox One, and PS4!

Get acquainted with another one of the fifteen playable heroes this week with the new 'Meet The Dwarves' Rodario video.

The Dwarves will be available for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on December 1, 2016 at a retailer near you or for digital download.

Puzzle platformer slated for spring 2017

NIS America announced on Wednesday that it will release Nippon Ichi Software's A Rose in the Twilight (Rose to Tasogare no Kojō) puzzle platformer game in North America and Europe in spring 2017 for PlayStation Vita and PC via Steam.

The game originally shipped in Japan for PS Vita last April, but now is heading across the pond over to the Western world to enjoy in Spring 2017.

We Become What We Behold

The creator of :the game: series is BACK with one HELL of a game!

#Be Scared, #Be Angry

This game brings back the memories of flashbooks with stick figures, but this one turns the table a bit, and makes it horribly bad, over the top violent, showing how squares and circles can never really get along together, sort of reminds us of Trump vs. Hillary right now in America, anyhow words can do it just, the only way to understand this game itself, or watch the Let's Play video by @Markiplier which is currently #7 in the Trending Viral Videos on Youtube! :)

Try it out yourself! :)

OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/683106
If you thought killing 'hookers' in GTA was bad, just wait until you do one in Watch_Dogs 2!

@Swizzasaur on Twitter has shared a screenshot of what occurred after he killed a prostitute while trying to enjoy playing the game!

Watch_Dogs 2 got leaked early by alot of bigbox retailers, it officially comes out Tomorrow, but already people have found some 'horrible' side effects in playing the game early, and this one seems has missed the 'censor' filter unlike the dead whores in GTA.

No comment from Ubisoft yet, but sadly the original poster has lost access to his PSN for a week...
It’s not just work, deadlines and meetings on American employees’ minds at their workplace. A new study reveals a large number of Americans play games at work.

According to the U.S. Digital Media Consumers study (PDF) by PayPal, U.S. employees play mobile games (30 percent), PC/laptop games (13 percent), and console games (10 percent) at work.

Recently, PayPal did a massive survey and study on what do video gamers play on and where, and the study finds that the new PlayStation 4 console has taken over the choice over gaming with males instead of PC's, but when it comes to gaming overall, smartphones are still the most used, and sadly its doing working hours, many employees when the boss is not watching is busy playing video games on their mobile devices it seems, instead of doing actual 'work' during their day.

Adult Swim Games’ World-Jumping, Data-Twisting Puzzler

Need to escape for a while? Find cassette tapes in Small Radios Big Televisions, out today, and play them to be instantly transported to wholly different worlds.

Available right now for both PlayStation 4 consoles and PC Gaming Rigs, and priced at only $11.99 (before discounts) for all to enjoy, so grab it now!

Plus Special Bonuses

Today’s update to GTA Online introduces the futuristic Nagasaki Shotaro motorcycle and new Adversary Mode, Deadline. Check out both in the new trailer embedded below.

Also check below for more details, including special GTA Online bonuses happening now through Monday, November 21st.

“Caution Wet Floor” sign in Modern Warfare Remastered via DaJeroen.

Despite being the platonic ideal of a big budget, blockbuster video games, the Call of Duty series has had its fair share of glitches, and the first Modern Warfare was no exception. Many of them included ways to escape multiplayer maps entirely, falling out of the levels into strange and bizarre mirror universes bereft of textures and other people.

Some of the old glitches in the original Modern Warfare we very fun, and became 'cult favorites' as they never got patched out, so when news hit that it was being 'remastered' there was fear the 'glitches' in the original would be gone forever, well it almost occurred, except now there is little 'caution' signs where there is 'problem', so those not familiar with the 'holes' in maps will not be caught up in them, and those that make sure of the 'glitches' will still be...
Rock Paper Shotgun’s analysis of the code refuted in detail

Early access game RimWorld’s developer lashed out at gaming site Rock Paper Shotgun after they published an in-depth report on how his game portrayed gender and sexuality. Tynan Sylvester claims the article unpacked the game’s base code in order to embark on a "moralistic… witch hunt" and later went on to refute the article, point by point, on Reddit.

Seems right now, everyone is fighting everyone on the Internet, even developers are attacking gamers and other developers, no one safe right now, and this time the drama is unfolding over how RimWorld designed its characters and their sexuality, and both sides on the debate have been going at it hard-core, with the gamers left wondering if they should be just enjoying the gameplay or not.

YOU MUST PICK A SIDE - Windows 10 or Steam - Game Purchases from OPPOSITE stores CAN'T Play Together!

Following yesterday's global launch, Call of Duty players have already encountered a major problem. Windows Store version of ‘Call of Duty’ can’t connect with Steam players, and there is no plans to fix this, its part of the new push by Microsoft for W10 support.

So if you planning on buying Cal of Duty: Infinite Warfare on your PC Gaming Rig, you better check with all your team-mates and buddies what STORE they are using, or you just might have to BUY THE GAME TWICE if you want to play with everyone, as multi-player from Windows 10 Store Versions, is NOT the same as multi-player from Valve's Steam Store Versions, living the community divided.

A new anniversary update brings the graphics, gameplay, and style of the first game to ‘Diablo 3’

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Blizzard’s dungeon crawler Diablo, and to celebrate, Blizzard is remaking the classic game — inside of Diablo 3.

When I read the news earlier this morning from BlizzCon 2016, I had to pause for a moment, not because of the news, but the fact it was TWENTY years ago, that we first all started to get hooked on Diablo with playing it, I just could not picture it in my mind, it was that LONG ago, but Yes it Was, and here we go in honor of that great event TWO WHOLE DECADES ago, Blizzard is going to bring in back in part, as little mini-game inside their big new Diablo 3 world, so check it out below, all the bloody pixelated 8-bit PR details:

According to SuperData, 214 million people will watch competitive eSports gaming this year, and the industry will grow its revenue 19 percent to $892.8 million.

Activision Blizzard is hoping to turn eSports into something akin to the NFL, including franchise teams tied to various cities and a “combine” for tryouts.

eSports is becoming a huge thing these days and companies, and Activision has already seen how big their 'Call of Duty' has become with eSports, so now they are hoping to turn Overwatch into the next big thing with viewers, and have hopes to make it as big as NFL, which they claim is nothing as they are already FIVE times bigger than NetFlix, so there not much more to go to reach that target.

Valve is revamping their Steam Store, and you can thank No Man's Sky lawsuits for some of the big upcoming changes!

Back in September Valve notified devs it was expecting to change up how the Steam storefront works; this week it offered up a taste of those changes by posting guidelines on how devs can bring their Steam store pages closer in line with the upcoming update, referred to for now as "Discovery Update 2.0."

Sony is busy working on their revamp, but also Valve is also busy redoing the Steam Store, and one of the big changes will be inregard to 'screenshots', no more fake ones, after all the horror of No Man's Sky and Valve forced to extend the 'refund limit' from 2 hours to almost a whole day, they are going to make sure in the future what you see on the upcoming 'developer' page for game is what you will be getting when you have decided to fork over your hard earned dollars for...
Robots, scientists, and adventurers, lend me your ears!

Meet your new best friend Vladdy in Maize's new release date trailer, coming to a cornfield near you December 1st!

Talking Corn? - Impossible, would never happen, but then is a video game, should not games take us into a different kind of world, is that not the reason why we play games in the first place to escape our reality, and this game does it very well for you, so check it all the details below and show the indie developers your support when the game launches soon for PC's and hopefully we will see an console port soon if there is enough gamers playing it, and I think it will be very popular as its unique, funny and well-written game.

Mobile is taking over the old-style of 'gaming', but the flood of millions of PlayStation 4 gamers is taking over the PC World!

About 78 percent of U.S. gamers play on their smartphones, according to a survey by PayPal and SuperData Research. And about 49 percent of U.S. males play on the PlayStation 4, compared to about 48 percent who play on PC.

Yet another study into the changing landscape of 'gaming', but this one is claiming that 'mobile gaming' is taking over older ways of playing on PC's and Consoles, but on the other hand it seems the surge of millions of gamers buying PS4's is knocking the PC world down in numbers, which is weird seeing how little the PS4 offers in in graphics compared to the PC, but maybe 4K PRO will help. :)

DISCOVER A BETTER PLACE TO PLAY - From Shooters to Strategy, Builders to Bingo! - Designed for PC Gaming.

Facebook has officially launched the open beta of Gameroom, a desktop gaming client that is drawing comparisons to Steam.

Earlier today, Facebook shocked the 'gaming world', when Leo Olebe took to the stage at the most recent Unite in LA and he unwrapped their new gaming platform that was in very private closed beta since August, now its called GameRoom and ready for action with 30 games already to take on Steam and Valve, not to mention that their new platform works still on Windows 7 for those that don't want to switch to the latest from Microsoft.

You are never too old to become a Captain Blackbeard and be arrested for 'piracy' on the high seas of the Internet!

Christine McMillan, an 86 year-old woman from Ontario, was pretty surprised when she received an email claiming she’d pirated post-apocalyptic FPS Metro 2033.

Well, it seems a Grandmother has suddenly become a nasty old pirate and might be forced to pay up her naughty ways of 'gaming'! :)

KI-XXX is an Ultra 64 (Yes, the Arcade one) Emulator for Windows

It currently only emulates KI1 and KI2 (Killer Instinct). It is originally based on U64x from Lantus which was based on U64 PC, but since then its been optimized and designed for KI playing only, please see the full write-up about this latest KI-XXX release below.

After 13 long years of nothing the PC is finally getting what the XBOX has had for the past year, as KI-XXX v1.2 RC2 for Windows has been recently released by SPPV over on the 1Emulation forums, and we are reporting this here for all our loyal Arcade/Retro/Xbox fans that have been enjoying playing Killer Instinct on their new Xbox console, even tho it really sucks compares to the original Arcade version, but now thanks to hard-back-breaking-work by the 1Emulation developers, this release is perfect now for SF joy.