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With Microphone Noise Cancellation Music Headphones Black-green

SADES, with over 20 years of professional production experience and strong technical force, it is outstanding in the circle of gaming peripherals, devoting whole life to provide highest standard and professional gaming accessories. This SADES SA-930 is specially designed for Game Enthusiastic Fan & Music Lovers. Its high precision 40mm diameter driver brings you vivid sound field, sound clarity, sound shock feeling, capable of various games. The super soft over-ear pads is very comfortable for long time wearing. And best of all right now, using the Coupon Code of: OCV2806 you can purchase this amazing 'Gaming Headset' for only $16.48, but the time to check this item out is now, as this limited offer Expires on 31th Oct..
Plus Leaked Video By @Flat_Z Showing Homebrew Working On PS4 Firmware v4.55

Recently, the PlayStation scene exploded with full open homebrew and piracy on v1.76 firmwares, but now @Flat_Z has demoed that is possible to port these released exploits over to firmware v4.55, and even more recently @qwertyoruiopz demoed that he is working on v5.00 webkit exploit, its only in its early stages, no code executing yet or kernel access, but it shows Sony still has some FW bugs!
Enter the official stadiums to race with your favorite riders and bikes from the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Championship

Milestone, one of the leading racing game developers in the world, and Feld Entertainment, Inc., the worldwide leader in producing and presenting live touring family entertainment and motorsport events, are proud to announce their partnership for the release of Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame. The game will be available on February 13, 2018 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC and will launch shortly after on Nintendo Switch™.
Take a step back in time to the 1980's....1987 to be exact and revisit 3 of the classic horror/adventure thriller games of the neon age!

Discover our new FIFA 18 trailer, showcasing everything that’s new in The Journey!

When you start watching the amazing new trailer released by EA Sports below, you most likely will have the same OMG! reaction like this young gamer and FIFA fan did earlier when he was watching it. :D
(PLEASE NOTE: The Journey Mode that is showcased in the above trailer is NOT available on...
Starting today, get in the Halloween spirit with a limited-time community event featuring free giveaways, double XP, a new zombies mode, Carnage map available for everyone and more

Players of Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare will experience a community celebration called “Willard Wyler’s Halloween Scream,” which allows players to acquire all-new Halloween-themed loot, participate in XP-boosting events, play through a new zombies mode and receive exclusive free items only available during the event.
Latest Game in Critically Acclaimed Fighting Series Continues to Evolve with New Retail Version and Addition of Arcade Mode and Other Free Content for Current Players

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced Street Fighter® V: Arcade Edition, an updated version of the latest game in the hit fighting series that will release exclusively for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC on January 16, 2018.
Piranha Bytes and THQ Nordic present a new in-game trailer for ELEX, showing the dark menace shadowing the world of Magalan: The Albs.

ELEX is set to release on October 17th 2017 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation®4.
Look for it on PC, PS4, PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift soon, or play it at IndieCade this week

Even if you're not dealing with mental illness, you'll want to see how Anamorphine projects its main character's inner demons onto the world around him, making for an almost hallucinogenic journey through a troubled mind. Read this PlayStation Blog post for more insight about Anamorphine's design.
Cut Down Giants Equipped with Armor Made of Bone, Thorn, Spikes and More

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We've got a new gameplay trailer for Extinction and it sure does look like it's come a long way in development since what was shown at E3. Watch the trailer and read on for some more details to the game.
Its best to stay away from PS4 FW update v5.00 until Sony fixes this error issue or you will stuck on this screen!

Sony earlier today, rolled out the big v5.00 firmware for their PlayStation 4 console, after over a month of beta testing, but it seems they didn't smash all the bugs in it, as there is many reports of PS4's bricking during the big update with a frozen error code screen.
So there you go, you have been warned, it is best to wait a few days until its reported that Sony has fixed this bug in their latest firmware!

Ahhhh, the day has finally come! Battle Chasers: Nightwar launches today on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

From the get-go, this gem has been a pleasure to get to play early and I'm so happy that everyone else will now get the opportunity to play this finally this week. $29.99 for a deep dungeon-filled JRPG that's teeming with amazing art and personality. Alright, I'll stop gushing haha.
No more just Linux running on v1.76 PS4's, it is now possible to play decrypted pirated game dumps, and homebrew!

It has taken a long time to occur, since the original exploits showing Linux running on the v1.76 PlayStation 4 consoles, but over the last week the scene has been on fire, after a series of rapid-fire tweets, updates, and teaser videos, it is now openly possible to play 'backups' on your v1.76 PS4 and also to play 'homebrew', and there is now homebrew SDK library in works, and soon alot more will occur on v1.76, so stay tuned to MaxConsole as the PS4 scene is finally on 'fire' and there is ton of updates coming out soon, so for now here is quick run-down on the recent big updates for v1.76 over the last week:

Quoted News Source #1:...
FIFA 18 Delivers Gameplay Innovation to Player Control, Team Styles, and Immersive Atmospheres.
The Journey: Hunter Returns Takes Players on a Football World Tour.
FIFA 18 is Feature-Packed on Nintendo Switch Marking the First EA Title on the Platform

Today, Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) launched EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®3, and Xbox 360 systems*.
Atlus: "it isn’t the emulator itself we object to, it is the use of Persona 5... that we took issue with".

We have reported on the amazing progress of the RPCS3 Emulator before on MaxConsole, but sadly the development team posting videos of their PS3 Emulator playing 'Persona 5' has opened up a can of worms, with Altus USA taking the DMCA Takedown legal route to stop them promoting the fact their emulator can play their game, because one reason it is not perfect and still has 'framedrops' and other issues, making the experience worse than on actual PlayStation 3 hardware, but this is not the first time an emulator has come under fire, the most famous case was Sony vs. Bleem, when they developed an emulator to play PS1 games perfectly on the Dreamcast.
Howdy, partners!

SteamWorld Dig 2 is out now on Nintendo Switch, Steam and PS4/Vita. Now that it's available on all planned platforms we thought we'd recap how the launch is going for us.