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Launching December 4th on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden promises a new take on the XCOM tactical, turn-based combat formula

Check out the new gameplay footage and behind the scenes video from the developers, explaining tactical, turn-based combat with a twist.
Tate Multimedia launches charity auction for one-of-a-kind Steel Rats: Super Turbo Ultimate Wreck & Ride Collectors Edition, bidding begins at $5,700/€5,000
9-Foot-Tall, 1,700-Pound, Metal Junk Robot (and copy of game) being sold off to raise money for multiple charities across the globe

There have been big collectors editions before, but never one as giant and heavy metal as this. Steel Rats, the action arcade-inspired motorbike combat game, releases next week, Nov. 7, on PlayStation®4 and Steam with an Xbox One release following soon after. However, before you gear up to save the fictional world of Coastal City, it’s time to do some good in the real world.
Embark on Nine Magical KINGDOM HEARTS Adventures on PlayStation®4 System Today

Today, SQUARE ENIX® and Disney launch KINGDOM HEARTS –The Story So Far–, a definitive collection that takes players through nine chapters of the beloved KINGDOM HEARTS series. Now available on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the complete compilation will provide fans with an encompassing experience through the world of KINGDOM HEARTS.
Fully supports up to 6.02 Firmware as well for PlayStation 4. #rdr2

The PS4 Save Wizard's are at it again, faster then you can crack your whip on your horse, they have released the first set of modded 'game saves' with some gun-slinging cheats to use on the latest hottest PS4 game released recently: Red Dead Redemption 2 :D

Just like before the 'Save Wizards' were the fastest gun in web-slinging market also, reeling in Spidey like you never seen Peter before, and best of all they are always on top of the ever-changing PS4 firmwares, with their product still working perfectly on latest v6.02 firmware.

So if you not already one of their thousands & thousands of customers enjoying over 72,000 cheats on over 1,100 games, then its time to re-visit them at the official website before, and grab your copy today, and remember its one-time purchase (lifetime) and it works on 3 PSN accounts, you your...
Metal Gear Solid, Cool Boarders 2, Twisted Metal, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil Director’s Cut, Rayman and more legendary games will come pre-loaded on PS Classic.

Just last month, Sony shocked the retro world, by announcing their entry into the new era of 'Classic Mini's consoles' that Nintendo started with their hugely popular NES and then even more popular follow-up SNES Classic Mini, but with the PlayStation Classic which is launching in the North American markets on December 3rd, we didn't know until today the full classic lineup of the 20 games pre-loaded on it.
Another set of new PS4 themes for your HEN enabled PS4 consoles are available!

Here is another bunch of PS4 themes for you hacked PS4 console. This time you can ad the Joker and Harley Quinn as an custom theme/ fanart to your HEN´d PS4.
Why so serious?

MD5: 926AF8140311A4C8793353136C6A8C5C
JUST CAUSE 4 Launches December 4

Tailored to a giant, ultra-widescreen display on the Square Enix booth at Paris Games Week, this incredible 4K panoramic trailer gives players a glimpse of the beautiful South American inspired Island of Solís and a taste of what they can expect from JUST CAUSE 4 this December 4.
Video Introduces Creators from SQUARE ENIX, Human Head Studios, Man of Action Entertainment, the Yakuza series, and Grammy Award Winning Artist Imogen Heap

In a new video released today, SQUARE ENIX® shed more light on the upcoming cinematic action experience, THE QUIET MAN™, introducing the all-star cast of developers and advisors involved in the game.
Some new PS4 themes for are downloadable for your HEN enabled PS4 consoles!

Their are 3 Sin City themes/fanarts for your homebrew enabled PS4 inside this package,
i made a standalone Miho theme due to the fact that I really like this girl (Devon Aoki) in the 1st movie.
Hope you like Sin City and enjoy our themes.

The Open World RPG Releases Early 2019

Deep Silver and Nine Dots Studio, along with Maximum Games, are excited to announce an upcoming Stream for OUTWARD, the open world RPG set to release on PlayStation®4, Xbox One X, and PC in 2019.
Combining the power of 'Kinect' 3D-mapping cameras with the gamer wearing 'Smart Bracelets' on both hands!

VR has come along way since the big failure of the Nintendo Virtual Boy, so much so that only gaming company from the big 3 investing still in making Virtual Reality the next best thing in 'video gaming' and Sony is trying just that, even tho their PlayStation VR is not run-away success when it comes to sales, it still has some of best support behind it for developers with new games, and Sony is busy working on what could become the 'next level' in VR-Gaming as pictured above and outlined below in this recent patent:
The Adventure Begins on 13th November 2018!

Spyro's back and he's all scaled up! Same sick burns, same smoldering attitude, now all scaled up in stunning HD.
The Adventure Begins November 13, 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One!
Two new 300 (300 the movie) themes are downloadable for your HEN enabled PS4 consoles!

Some new PS4 themes for your homebrew enabled (HEN) PS4 console are released here for you to play with. Hope you enjoy the two different 300 themes wich i dedicated to a real spartan.
Recent rumors suggest that the PlayStation 5 may be arriving sooner than expected.

Sony Interactive Entertainment boss John Kodera previously stated that gamers could expect to see the next generation of the company’s famous console in 2021. But according to T3, the PS5 could drop in 2019. For the new platform to be an improvement on the last Sony will have to make a major change. Could adding gambling options be a wise move?

The online casino industry is growing at a much faster rate than console gaming, and it is surprising that console developers haven’t looked at ways to incorporate gambling games in the past. The online gambling market was worth $47.11 billion in 2017, and is projected to rise to an...
No need to use USB or External HDD anymore!

Earlier this afternoon, the world famous Sony Scene Developer @flat_z send out this tweet, with news regarding his latest release for the PlayStation 4 consoles with exploitable firmwares!
Smug Nia :3 (aka) @notzecoxao is back with another great scene release on his GITHub Repo!

@zecoxao has released siscon which is a Syscon firmware decrypter for PS4. I've checked the source code and it requires three key related files; sys-key, sys-iv and sys-cmac which are not included. However, some keys (mirror) where leaked in previous story about the PS4 Syscon.
Thanks goes to @GaryOPA for the...
Only $22.97 with Shipping / Gearvita Coupon Code: R5Headset / First 50 Customers Only!

SADES R5 Gaming Headset is compatible with PlayStation 4 / new Xbox One / PC / Laptop / Tablet Computer / Mobile Phone.
Big blue. ONIKUMA!
Onikuma Gaming Headset K6 / Wired Blue LED light Headphone Headset

While I am not an audiophile by any means, I can notice good bass when it is pronounced from a good set of speakers. The Onikuma Gaming Headset K6 is no exception and delivers excellent sound for a low price.

The Onikuma K6 has over the ear speakers which fit nicely and comfortably (using soft memory cotton) over the ears while almost unexpectedly keeping them warm at the same time. The top is padded and it has a stylish 360 degree noise reduction microphone on the side that hinges to about 70 degrees down and 90 degrees up for a total of 160 degree hinge angle.

Here are the listed specifications of...
An Athena X V for Vendetta PS4 HEN theme!

Yet another theme for your hacked PlayStation 4 console with HEN (Mira or Vortex) installed.
MD5: 1F346C222104DCA0B9D0C39B5742A80C

Exclusive Source: --> MaxConsole.com <-- (Posted Only Here, so other news sites, give credit for our PS4 stuff!)
Updates on four anticipated upcoming WWS titles, including Days Gone, Concrete Genie, and more.

2018 has been a banner year for Worldwide Studios, with great games like God of War, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, and MLB: The Show, as well as other PS4-exclusive games — each of which demonstrate what makes PlayStation the best place to play. But when ever an official PlayStation Blog post starts with '2018 being a banner year', it means they have some sad news to share, and @Chary from GBATemp sums up Sony's latest blog post nicely below:
Welcome to the new '90s!
"If you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost." -Neil Gaiman

It seems the 'western world' is still not ready for some classic 'Japanese' anime foreplay, as such 'intimacy mode' will be removed!
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch consoles (or) for PC and Laptop Gaming!
Noise Cancelling Microphone Over Ear Headphones / 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo / Soft Memory Earmuffs / LED Light

Accurate Positioning & Effective Communication - ONIKUMA gaming headset gives you a competitive advantage by allowing you to hear everything from nearby enemy footsteps to distant reloads. Improve your ability to track the sounds from different direction, from left to right.
Festival of the Lost begins on Tuesday October 16th at 6pm BST, and concludes on Tuesday November 6th at 6pm BST.

Morale in the Tower is low after the fall of a legend: Cayde-6.
Every Guardian is invited to experience the masquerade.
WARNING: Right Away PLEASE change your 'messaging' from 'everyone' to 'PRIVATE' to prevent this BRICK'ing Glitch!

It seem some clever bad 'hackers' have found that you can 'brick' a PS4 running the latest firmware by sending in-game chat 'messages' to your PlayStation 4 console with certain 'characters' which will cause your PS4 to brick itself, forcing you to 'factory reset' it to un-brick, which means you end up losing all your PSN Games/DLC/Game Updates/Game Saves, forcing you to spend hours restoring it all.
First Call of Duty PC Title Launched in Partnership with Blizzard Entertainment on Battle.net
#CODNATION Challenge is Live; Brings together an Array of Video Game Personalities in Gaming Marathon Fundraiser Livestream
Call of Duty Esports Season Kicks-Off with CWL Las Vegas, Dec. 7 – 9, Largest Season Overall Prize Purse in CWL History

Best-Selling Series in Call of Duty Returns with Deepest, Most Engaging Title From Award-Winning Developer Treyarch. Blockbuster Features New Level of Tactical Multiplayer; Biggest Zombies Co-op Experience Ever; and Blackout, Call of Duty’s All-New Battle Royale Mode. Day One is the Beginning, with Massive Support Plans Delivering Steady Stream of Post-Launch Content with Robust Calendar of Events and Variety of Free Content Across all Modes Coming to Community