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Xbox games have been in the gaming industry since 2001. And, like how to win big at a casino , we have those classics that we will always remember. So, even though the original Xbox game has been discontinued, these games are being sold for a fortune in the gaming industry.

Although it had its downsides, the original Xbox game made ground breaking history in the gaming console market. But, as time and technology evolved; Microsoft kept making the Xbox better. So, with their demand rising, here are some of the oldest games in Xbox history.

Steel Battalion

This CapCom project was made exclusively for Xbox gaming. And, with a battle themed concept, the game came with its own controller. Also, it had tow joysticks, more than 40 buttons and foot pedals. So, to get all these you will have to part with a little over $700 to own this whole combination.

Outrun 2006:...
We covered the various Retro True Blue sticks before, and now they just released one for the Commodore 64 Mini!

RetroGames recently released the TheC64 and C64Mini consoles, which are fully working versions of the famous '80s Commodore 64 Computers, and now the True Blue developers have released one of their famous Plug&Play USB Sticks to work on these new consoles that gamers around the world are enjoying, just like before on the Sony PS Classic and Sega Mega Mini, and their latest PR below, hints they are doing PC-Engine next!
For More information, Please Visit Their Official Website: --> www.truebluemini.com/c64
The magical worlds of C2M and SX OS have been combined!
Which means you can now directly enjoy original SNES carts on your Nintendo Switch!

Never say the impossible, can not be done, as it seems, you can now play your SNES cartridges on your Switch! :)
Check out their official site: http://classic2magic.com (Near the bottom of the page for their new C2M update for SX OS!) :)
Shipping to retailers started today!

We have recently been informed that the True Blue Mini Ultradrive - The new solution to expand your Sega Genesis/Megadrive Mini catalog!, has started shipping out to retailer near you, so now is the time to get into Retro Gaming!
Stay tuned to MaxConsole for our own in-depth review of this amazing Sega Gamer lover's dream, in the meantime more information can be found on their official website: https://www.truebluemini.com/trueblue-genesis/
Those amongst us of a certain age will remember classic titles that kept us entertained in the 1990s, 1980s, or even as far back as the 1970s. Games we loved in our youth can often bring back many of our fondest memories, influencing our gaming preferences and favorite genres for many years afterwards, which is why developers of the most popular franchises from decades ago are equally reluctant to consign them to the past.

Veteran gamers still have an endearing desire to play classic titles they enjoyed years ago, while even modern gamers are getting increasingly drawn into the appeal of retro franchises, with some of the most iconic pixel characters becoming seemingly immortal, their names continuing to remain popular. Some have arguably become even more popular or well-known than they were in their heyday.

The Most Recognizable Video Game...
Developers From The True Blue Mini Team, have given us a quick preview of their new upcoming product!

The PlayStation Classic has been a very successful Retro Mini Console by Sony, and as such Sega recently decided to do the same and release a Genesis / Megadrive Mini, and just like the PSX Classic it of course comes with limited amount of games for retro gamers to enjoy, but no problem as we been informed today that developers behind the True Blue Mini sticks for PSX Mini, have new one for Sega Mini, read about their PR announcement below, and we included some screenshots of it working, and some videos of it also!
The True Blue Mini has been out for almost a year now for the PlayStation Classic, and now they have added the 'Overdose Pack' to their collection of USB Sticks, which is packed with twice the normal amount of games over 200+ games this time around

Today, we are going to review the True Blue Overdose Pack which adds another set of 200+ games for you to enjoy playing again on your Sony PS Classic, and was nicely supplied by mod3dscards.com for this review. This now brings the total collection of TB Sticks to 5 different packs, with a grand total of over 570 of your favorite PlayStation 1 games that you all enjoyed playing as you were growing up, and now you can do so again with your own new family! :)

Like all the previous USB Sticks...
A huge number of people have a console in their homes, especially if we include the ones that only use them to stream Netflix to their television, and many more have a PC of some description. If we even go as far as counting smartphones and tablets as veritable gaming devices, which would probably mean counting Clash of Clans as a video game, then virtually everyone has a gaming device of some description.

However, this was certainly not always the case and while there is no single game that marked this shift in attitude among the general public, there have been a number of contributing factors. After all, we have come a very long way since the days of Pong and needing to buy an Atari just to type in our own code and hope that it works at the end! However, there are several games that have changed the (gaming) world in some way or another and today we wanted to bring you three of our...
If you had no Nintendo in your childhood, it is not a problem. Nowadays, it is possible to enjoy and play good old games using emulators. While many gamers focus on playing the latest games, some want to enjoy those old games that sometimes was impossible to get.

Exclusive Super Nintendo Games That You May Have Missed

E.V.O. Search for Eden

A very original game from Enix. You have to travel through different periods, evolving and developing. You start as a simple fish, and the ultimate goal is to achieve some Gaia strength (which, incidentally, appears in different games from both the positive and negative sides) in a place under the familiar name Eden.

The gameplay itself is unusual and original, not like standard RPGs, although, in theory, the game belongs to this genre — single-player game....
Classic 2 Magic (C2M) is an external plug & play accessory for the SNES Classic Mini
That allows users to play any of their original SNES cartridges on their SNES Classic.
It also includes additional features to support more games and systems via a USB port.

We have reviewed the amazing C2M device on MaxConsole in the past, and it is great accessory to easily play your original SNES Cartridges on your Official Nintendo SNES Mini Console, and now they have just announced an amazing new advanced feature that for sure all retro gamers will love, so check out their PR release below, and grab the C2M Reader files they just released. :)
For More Info Please Check Out Their Official Site: --> www.Classic2Magic.com
No media exists in a vacuum, and rarely is that as true as it is in the world of video games. Reaching its tendrils out deep into the surrounding entertainment arena, you'd be hard-pressed to find any form of recreation which didn't inform gaming in some way.

What we want to look at, though, is how other forms of gaming have influenced video games throughout the years, starting with what might be the most immediately obvious example in the modern age.

Loot boxes, as they currently exist, draw their inspiration directly from the world of online casinos. Take a look at something like the online jackpots listed by NetEnt Casino, for example. Exploring this recently redesigned website, you might detect inspiration from the likes of online storefronts such as Steam. Information is king here, with a streamlined approach making it much easier for users.

The part we really want to focus on here comes from the basic idea of slot...
Do you have a lot of video games on your shelf? If you do not play them anymore, it is always possible to sell your video games and get a bit of extra money for other forms of entertainment.

Next time when you are tidying up your house or move to a new place of living, do not throw away your old games because they hold some value. Do not think that video games have to be up-to-date to be worth interesting to potential customers. You will be surprised to discover that retro video games can bring you much more cash compared to brand new ones. If you are a lucky owner of “Atari” or “Commodore 64” games, this is an absolute lottery. The situation is even better if you still have the gaming console, all functioning joysticks, and controllers. In the following post, you will discover where to sell retro games and how much money you can get for them.

Selling your video games in specialized shops

Arcade slot machine games are among the many types of the slot games offered by online casinos.

With these slot machine games, you can enjoy spinning the reels as the game follows some storyline. Too many times, slot machine games rely on luck. Nonetheless, you need to follow the right strategies to help you hit some wilds, bonuses, and even land the progressive jackpots. Arcade games have proven to be very useful in the online casino gaming world, which is why finding a good arcade slot machine game is important.

There many types of arcade slot machine games, and we will be reviewing them in this article. Check out these arcade slot machine games you should give a shot out there.

Tooty Fruity Symbols

This arcade slot game features some symbols that are based on the classic slots style. Typically, the...
I can recommend this interesting video posted by Modern Vintage Gamer (MVG) on YouTube.

Old members here and on EurAsia probably remember him as Lantus. :)

Almost forgot, the files mentioned in the video are available for download here. :D

NEWS SOURCE: How Cracking Groups Ripped Original Xbox Discs (via) EurAsia
FUZE Technologies Ltd are very pleased to announce the features and technical details for their upcoming release of FUZE4 Nintendo Switch™

FUZE Technologies Ltd is set to launch FUZE4 Nintendo Switch on May 31st.
The final release date is May 31st. - Watch their Latest Video Released Below!

FUZE Technologies Ltd apologetically announces a slight further delay in the release date for their highly anticipated ‘learn to code’ games programming application for Nintendo Switch.
Music Box Exquisite Workmanship 4 Patterns for Option (Bunny, Always with You)

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