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@qlutoo - Drops a nice hint with code on how to unscramble those 30 ROMs found inside the NES Classic (Mini)

Work is moving along rapidly in ripping apart the NES Classic Edition (Mini) that Nintendo has been selling faster than they can produce them, now we can infact start unpacking the ROM's they included on the NAND flash for us to explore in more depth!

Thanks the neat work of plutoo we now can play a bit more with our NES Mini, with a working U-Boot already done, and booting up alt. linux kernel via it, and dumping of the NAND, and now the unpacking of it, the final step is almost here, which will be repacking a new NAND with different set of 30 ROM's or better yet with more ROM's to enjoy, then what big 'N' decided to limit us to playing. :)

Here is the neat code that...
Socks the Cat - The SNES Video Game Based on the Clinton's Cat

Dust off your Super Nintendo. Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill, the most anticipated unreleased video game of all-time is finally coming!

Last week, after the Election 2016 was over, I wrote about the 'Socks The Cat' game for SNES, which sadly was never released, but I forgot about the collector that had a prototype that started a KickStarter to reproduce it in SNES cartridge form for all to enjoy, and I am happy to report their pre-orders have now started after having a successful campaign on KickStarter, better than Hillary's one!

With the Clinton's Kicked out of the 'White House' by Trump, lets look back at a more 'fun' era of Video Gaming!

A look back at Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill, the long-lost game about the Clintons' famous cat—and one man's dogged attempt to bring it back to life.

Trump / Clinton that is all that is in the news these days, and violence against supporters and horrible predictions of nuclear war coming under Trump, but let's go back in time and remember the era when 'video games' were designed for our fun and enjoyment, and we could save the world from nukes also, because back then threat of war was real from things like "Arab terrorist felines."

YouTube’s HMS2 wields a hobby knife like ancient samurai warriors wielded their katana swords.

And with the help of equally precise tools like tweezers and toothpicks, the master miniaturizer turned a bunch of thin plastic sheets into an impossibly tiny Famicom console.

Nintendo has recently launched their Mini-NES and Mini-FamiCom onto the retro market, and all the craze is into making 'Tiny Consoles From Our Golden Gaming Past', but someone decided to see how far they could go in shrinking down an original Family Computer, and they did it except the cartridges are so small you need a pair of dental tweezers to plug them in, not to mention the buttons of the controllers they more like designed for actual life-sized ants to play on, maybe they have an 'ant-version-of-mario' in their world, and will enjoy playing it finally! :)

Buy Yours Today, from their Official Shop at NEOSD Store!

Alex from the amazing NEOSD Team has just sent over some information to Modrobert at EurAsia regarding their newly released NEOSD, which just happens to be the World's First FlashCart ever released for NEO-GEO MVS. It's finally about time for Retro Gamers!

It's long over due, but now we no longer have to wait, as NEOSD is finally here, and us Retro Game Lovers can now get some much needed action out of our NEO-GEO MVS systems, as finding original cartridges is so hard and costly these days, and even tho the NEOSD is itself an costly device, its well worth the price because Razoola, the UniBIOS legend of fame, has written an extensive review over at neo-geo.com which...
What to do with your broken gaming consoles? Gut it and turn it into a different gaming console!

Sudomod forum user [banjokazooie] has concocted his own RetroPie console from the husk of a WiiU controller — an ingenious demonstration of how one can recycle hardware to a perfectly suited purpose.

What to do now that Nintendo has throw their Wii U console into the scrap pile of gaming history, well why not gut out of their amazing GamePad and turn it something more useful that you can play some games on and do more with it, so RetroPie it! :)

Thanks to @PCBrown we already know what is inside powering the new NES Classic Edition (Mini)

Nintendo is busy shipping out there new NES Mini in time for its big launch on November 11th, and there is already unboxing videos, but now going to go deep inside and see what is under the hood and what makes it tick, and surprize its nice in there!

So thanks to PCBrown for taking the time to open up his brand-new NES Mini he was reviewing for the launch soon, we get to see that sure enough the 30 built-in games are burned into one flash soldered onto the board, so not replaceable easy enough, but the rest of the board is what is amazing, Nintendo's choice for the main chip and size of flash, here is our own exclusive MaxConsole UnderGround rundown on the keypoints that make up the breast of the NES Mini, which is same as Mini Famicom released in Japan.

KI-XXX is an Ultra 64 (Yes, the Arcade one) Emulator for Windows

It currently only emulates KI1 and KI2 (Killer Instinct). It is originally based on U64x from Lantus which was based on U64 PC, but since then its been optimized and designed for KI playing only, please see the full write-up about this latest KI-XXX release below.

After 13 long years of nothing the PC is finally getting what the XBOX has had for the past year, as KI-XXX v1.2 RC2 for Windows has been recently released by SPPV over on the 1Emulation forums, and we are reporting this here for all our loyal Arcade/Retro/Xbox fans that have been enjoying playing Killer Instinct on their new Xbox console, even tho it really sucks compares to the original Arcade version, but now thanks to hard-back-breaking-work by the 1Emulation developers, this release is perfect now for SF joy.

It is amazing that after 34 years, the Demo Scene that started on the Commodore 64 is still going strong each year!

Last night 'ModRobert' from EurAsia checked the competition results for the X'2016 exclusive C64 demo party in the Netherlands, most of the stuff just blew him away.

You easily forget the Commodore 64 is an 8-bit computer with 64 KB RAM running at roughly 1 MHz when you see the magic these groups have released.

Retrochallenge 2016/10 Entry: Try to build a TI-99/4A clone using a TMS99105 CPU and an FPGA. In a month...

The retrochallenge 2016/10 is the first retrochallenge competition that Erik Piehl participated in. The "competition" lasts for a month, and he set himself a pretty ambitious goal of building an enhanced TI-99/4A home computer from scratch.

Erik not only surprised himself, he infact shocked the whole TI-99 Retro Community, of which I am large part of it, since that is how my original company O.P.A. (Oasis Pensive Abacutors) got its start back over 3 decades ago, and I infact even released various hardware upgrades back in day for TI-99/4a, including being one of only licensed third-party companies to get rights to the TI99 Operating System to update it from original source code which I did, and near the end of original busy days of TI-99 before it all came crashing down in...
We can rebuild it! - 34 Years Later, a Forgotten Game from Nintendo's Arcade History will be Playable again!

Hot on the heels of the groundbreaking success of the arcade version of Donkey Kong in 1981, several additional game titles were in the release pipeline at Nintendo and Sky Skipper (Sukai Sukippa) was one of those games.

There has been alot of 'arcade' restoration projects over the decades, but one of the most interesting ones to follow is trying to recreate/rebuild the Sky Skipper from Nintendo, after 30 years only a few PCBoards were found, most not working, and up until now the all important 'cab' been missing for every lost in time, except for a few rough copies of old promotion flyers, nothing, that was up until recently, the main people behind the project have amazing enough been able to find one and now the project is back on full force.

And Take Them Anywhere. - We today, take a look at the 'Retro Freak', 11 Game Systems in One Box for Golden Gamers!

I came back from Japan with a true prize. More than my gashapon, action figures, and retro game systems. I came back with a Retro Freak. It’s the best retro game console currently made, and you can only get it in Japan (or import it from a place like Play-Asia).

Back in the day, if we had wanted to play all the 'video games' out there, we had to buy alot of systems, more so than just what is out today, being PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox. -- But in the golden era of gaming, which is now called 'retro', there was alot of different systems and all using different cartridges, but thankfully the recently released 'Retro Freak' plays all 11 different consoles in one, and now only does it allow you to play them from the original actual cartridges (after you blow in them and...
SEGA earlier this year, said they would not operate like Nintendo in doing crackdowns, but seems that is NOT the case!

Earlier this year, Sega opened the floodgates on mods of its classic games, enabling Steam Workshop support for Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics. This week, dozens of those mods made like the cast of Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) and vanished.


Nintendo is world famous in doing crackdowns and removing anything 'fan-related' based on their classic games, sometimes before they even get off the ground, even just plain 'emulators' with no ROMs have been removed from sites and services like Xbox, and during the last wave of big 'N' crackdowns, SEGA even came out in defense of their fans, saying Don't Worry, We Are Not Nintendo.

Well that does...
Experience sub-second latency game streaming on the groundbreaking new Zuma Platform.

@ATGFlashback - We're streaming retro classics on the in-development Zuma platform at ARM TechCon. Come check us out! #ARMTechCon

The retro world was on fire earlier today when a picture appeared on the 'Net of ATGames playing the Arcade version of Millipede at their ARM TechCon, rumors were sparked of a new Atari Flashback console, but this one being 'Arcade' version, but sadly that is not the truth, infact they were demo'ing their new online streaming platform called 'Zuma' which runs on proprietary "PISMO" ARM Micro-Server.

You can visit their official webpage linked below, and grab the Android Demo App, and try it out yourself, and for retro gamers this might be a nice treat, but at the same time its sad that its 'stream-based' and most likely when launched it will be monthly charge.

PlayStation 2 Console now can run the latest Linux Kernel's thanks to the hard efforts of Maximus32 on PSX-SCENE

Back in Year 2002, Sony officially released the Linux Kit for their PlayStation 2 Console, but sadly left it at v1.0, never moving it forward with updates, but thanks to the never-stopping PS2 scene community, one of their members have been able to update it to v3.8 the latest Linux Kernel, for all to enjoy turning their PlayStation 2 Console in to full featured Linux Desktop Computer Setup.

Just when you thought the PS2 scene community was dead and buried into the dust, never to be heard of again, they pop back up with roar of lion with super-duper release to shock the world, that even now as we game on our PS4's, the PS2 is still alive and well.

Rayman on Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Impossible, nope it is not, seems like it was planned!

From the 20th birthday of the Nintendo 64 and the announcement of Sonic Mania to the teardown of the ultra-rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype and the first 13 years of Nintendo Power finding their way to the Internet, it’s been a pretty great year for classic gaming fans.

Just when you thought everything game that ever existed or possibly could have existed for the SNES has been published, dumped, blog'ed about, speculated on, rumored about, then something new pops out of the woodwork to surprise everyone, like Rayman!

What is Retro, is New Again, and as such Phil wants Original Xbox running on their new Xbox One

The Xbox One has very few advantages over its main rival the PS4, but one key area where Microsoft has outdone Sony is backwards compatibility. Slowly but surely Microsoft has been unlocking the Xbox 360’s huge library of games and allowing the original discs to play when inserted into the Xbox One.

The return of the original big black/green box that started it all, the XBOX might soon be making an comeback in some form of virtual emulator or backwards compatible setup similar to how Microsoft been adding games from their Xbox 360 library to Xbox One store.