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Emulators are all the rage these days thanks in part to renewed interest in retro consoles like the NES classic – but a YouTuber named Huaining ITC., Ltd is going a step further by showing off a working PSP emulator on an Xbox One.
Ever since Microsoft decided to allow their Xbox One console to run sandboxed Windows 10 apps from their native gaming dashboard, developers have been pushing the limits to see how far they can go, and what Xbox Live will end up approving for usage, and this time around a PSP emulator has been able to slide over to the Xbox One, but it does not play too well so far, very slow and only one game!
NES Classic demand exceeded Nintendo’s expectations – that much was fairly clear from the fact that it has thus far been nearly impossible to get a system here in the States.

The gaming company hasn’t released any specifics surrounding just how many units of the all-in-one emulator it managed to move, so we’ll have to rely on some new numbers coming out of NPD.
If you been still shopping around for an Official Retro Mini Console by Nintendo that plays 30 games that are also 30 years ago, well tough luck as the NES Classic Edition is still in short-supply at least on normal retail store shelves but 196,000 have been sold so far.
Atari transfers the rights to future Test Drive games to Bigben Interactive

Bigben Interactive has announced the acquisition of the rights to use and develop the TEST DRIVE brand from the Atari group and announces its project to develop new titles from the franchise Test Drive Unlimited.
Everyone that is retro gaming, must remember the famous TEST DRIVE games, well they are coming back as Atari has found a new partner to license the IP brand, and they are going to be developing some new racing games very soon! :)
Minecraft has been great for people who want to look backwards at the history of video games.

It's easy to go and build a sprite out of blocks, since they match up perfectly with the pixels all game characters used to be rendered with. YouTuber SethBling has gone several steps further though, creating a working Atari 2600 emulator in Minecraft's creative mode.

Well you can finally watch (very slowly), Donkey Kong being played in Minecraft, at the blasting speed of 60 frames in 4 hours! :) :)

Hyperkin is mostly known for its Retron series of emulator systems that play practically any old cartridge game.

But the company also makes loads of other retro gaming hardware. The Hyper Clack Tactile Mechanical Keyboard is what happens when a keyboard and Super NES become one beautiful peripheral.

When it comes to Retro Gaming, there is one thing normally left out the 'keyboard', sure we have tons of Retro Gaming Controllers, but there is also 'retro classic home computers', and emulators for many of them from TI99, to C64, to Amiga, to MSX, to Atari ST but the one thing there is always missing from some good old retro-school programming is the feel as you are typing in 2,000 lines of Assembly or BASIC code to see that weird ball bounce and spin across the screen.

Nothing Better Than Playing 30 Year Old Video Games We Grew Up With On Our 55" LCD TV Screen in 1080p/60fps

Ok, the graphics is not that good, but still amazing, the only problem is we have to be within a foot of the TV because at the short cord length that comes with the wired NES classic controllers supplied with the NES Mini Classic Edition.

But now there is solution to the problem, as third-parties have released wireless NES controllers, and now Daemon Hatfield has figured out how to mod those controllers to make the adapter work with your existing PlayStation 3 and Wii U Pro controllers! :)

Coding an entire game in assembler. Matt Phillips is creating a brand new game for a 25 year old console.

Tanglewood is a brand new and original game for the SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive, to be released on physical cartridge in winter 2017.

Matt Phillips a long-time game developer and big fan of the 68000 CPU found in the SEGA consoles, has launched a KickStarter project to produce a brand-new original SEGA game using all the original development tools and to produce it into an original cartridge also.

Retrogaming Simplified. Computer, 4K-Mediacenter and the Greatest Retro-Station known to Man!

Yet Another Retro Console Project has appeared, and this one aims to cash in on the 'mini' craze by making it nice and small and yet super-powerful inside and with a host of easy-to-use emulator menus and software to handle all your classic gaming needs!

So far the project launched recently on IndieGoGo has already raised over 400% of its funding with almost $90k USD pledged so far and still a whole month to go, so its proof that this new found craze of 'mini gaming' has for sure worked out to the creators pleasure in getting this project off the ground for second quarter of 2017. :)

New Additions to THQ Nordic’s Portfolio

New additions to the THQ Nordic portfolio through acquisitions from Mobile Gaming Ltd. and Enigma Software Productions S.L.

A while back Nordic, was able to save THQ from the depths of the lost bit bucket of game IP's, and now they have saved two more companies from the disaster of forever losing some famous classic games we had enjoyed playing over the generations of gaming consoles, and the plans by THQ Nordic announced below, seems to be to restore these retro games for the upcoming Nintendo Switch platform for all to enjoy at some point again in the near future.

RetroArch now supports the newly released Vulkan PSX renderer designed by TinyTiger

After a few teaser videos by the LibRetro Team on their Patreon page, the release that everyone been waiting for is now finally here, a very nice and smooth and perfect hardware renderer for all your PSX games retro classic emulator playing enjoyment!

You can read more of Tiny Tiger's in-depth review of how he emulated the hardware features of the original PSX design at the official blog site linked below, in the meantime here is short quoted part of his very in-depth study of the internal workings of the world's famous first PlayStation, and a good compare to other graphic processors at the time and even with the limits that Sony had in their design it still won over millions of users with its powerful gameplay and graphics.

Last Month the MVS was released, and now this month 'limited supply' of the new AES is available for pre-orders!

Finally, some love for us AES NEO-Geo owners, the same people behind the World's First MVS NEO-Geo FlashCart have now released their AES version for all to enjoy, and it even includes a nice plastic case with sticker to make it more like an original!

@modrobert writes: "First the NEOSD TEAM released the MVS version, now they strike again with the Neo Geo AES version of their flashcart. You can find videos of the NEOSD AES in action posted here at the official store. The AES version is open...
The Wonderful Developers behind the World-Famous RetroArch Emulators need your Monthly Help!

Sadly, it has come to point that the developers behind RetroArch need monthly support to keep going on with development and maintaining their build servers for all of us to enjoy using like we have been doing for totally free since the start of the project.

There is not a retro classic gaming fan that has not at least tried out the RetroArch emulators on one of their mobile devices, or modded gaming consoles, as its one of the best out there, its become so popular that even hardware makers are illegally including it in their Arcade projects with Raspberry Pi boards or similar hardwasre, making it very hard on the developers of RetroArch to keep up with all the demand on their schedule to improve the cores and also to keep forking over tons of money each month for the servers that maintain the...
RU50 -> First Beta Prototype of the project MSX3/MSXVR with the brand name - VRoBIT

The developer Alberto de Hoyo continues on the right track on finishing the first prototype and he has recently updated his blog with new information, regarding his ongoing MSX3 project which he first mentioned of two years ago at the RU48 MSX event.

The most important has been renamed to the computer, and now will be known as MSX3 to VRoBIT . The second is that the first prototype will be shown on December 3 at the 50th MSX held in Barcelona.

@qlutoo - Drops a nice hint with code on how to unscramble those 30 ROMs found inside the NES Classic (Mini)

Work is moving along rapidly in ripping apart the NES Classic Edition (Mini) that Nintendo has been selling faster than they can produce them, now we can infact start unpacking the ROM's they included on the NAND flash for us to explore in more depth!

Thanks the neat work of plutoo we now can play a bit more with our NES Mini, with a working U-Boot already done, and booting up alt. linux kernel via it, and dumping of the NAND, and now the unpacking of it, the final step is almost here, which will be repacking a new NAND with different set of 30 ROM's or better yet with more ROM's to enjoy, then what big 'N' decided to limit us to playing. :)

Here is the neat code that...
Socks the Cat - The SNES Video Game Based on the Clinton's Cat

Dust off your Super Nintendo. Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill, the most anticipated unreleased video game of all-time is finally coming!

Last week, after the Election 2016 was over, I wrote about the 'Socks The Cat' game for SNES, which sadly was never released, but I forgot about the collector that had a prototype that started a KickStarter to reproduce it in SNES cartridge form for all to enjoy, and I am happy to report their pre-orders have now started after having a successful campaign on KickStarter, better than Hillary's one!

With the Clinton's Kicked out of the 'White House' by Trump, lets look back at a more 'fun' era of Video Gaming!

A look back at Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill, the long-lost game about the Clintons' famous cat—and one man's dogged attempt to bring it back to life.

Trump / Clinton that is all that is in the news these days, and violence against supporters and horrible predictions of nuclear war coming under Trump, but let's go back in time and remember the era when 'video games' were designed for our fun and enjoyment, and we could save the world from nukes also, because back then threat of war was real from things like "Arab terrorist felines."