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A fake employee may be to blame!

Nintendo has a bit of a reputation for being overprotective of their copyrights. Gaming personalities "Angry" Joe Vargas and Jim Sterling, among others, have had unpleasant run-ins with them. Adult artists have recently suffered copyright strikes against their fan creation. Fan games have popped up and disappeared overnight.

Seems like big 'N' either has rogue ex-employee going power-craze, or someone is pretending to be this former employee and using his past power to issue perfect looking C&D copyright takedowns to the right groups to get videos and other websites removed.

Launched Electronic Games, the first dedicated video games magazine, in 1981

Joyce Katz, a pioneer in the publishing of video games magazines in the 1980s and 1990s, died on Saturday. She was 76. Katz was part of the founding team that brought the first dedicated video games magazine to shelves in 1981.

Very sad news for retro gamers out there, before there was websites and archives, we had to wait each month and browse the newsstand and grab the current month's issue of magazine like 'Electronics Games' from Joyce Katz publishing arm to find out about the latest video games and reviews, and tips on possible walk-thrus and other hints.

No longer just a 'rumor', here is the real deal, the official PR from AtGames & Atari themselves!

New Versions of Popular TV-based and Portable Systems Deliver Hundreds of Classic Games, Expandability, Wireless Controllers, High Quality Displays, and More

AtariAge and other retro gaming sites have been talking about this rumored Atari Flashback Portable since early July, but now its officially confirmed and list of games and other improvements have been detailed out in this PR sent to us by AtGames themselves.

Atari® and AtGames® Collaborate on Upcoming Atari Flashback® Classics Release for Consoles (PS4/XB1)

The Two Companies Partner Up to Deliver Iconic Game Collections on your Next-Generation Consoles for the very First Time with Modern Gaming Capabilities Including Global Leaderboards, Online Multiplayer, and Much More!

Earlier today, when we posted about AtGames new updated Sega-Mini-Console, they were quick to inform us, we missed this very important announcement of theirs from last month, so here it is to please all our loyal retro gamers here on MaxConsole, that now you will be able to enjoy games like Pong and Pac-Man on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 this Holiday 2016 with full online, and leaderboards, and more, all that will be missing is the 'quarter slot' on the side of your next-gen console to make it feel more real!

The pint-sized, Retro Console Wars are here!

A couple weeks back Nintendo announced that they’d be putting the 31 year-old NES back into production - as a miniaturized console with 30 pre-loaded games, well now Sega has decided to get into new era of pint-size classic retro gaming consoles!

The officially licensed mini-Mega Drive will sport 80 stored games and let you plug in your original cartridges, but its license partner is AtGames which is famous for their previous Atari Flashback series ones which are up to #5, and some are very crappy, and the Sega one will not offer any HDMI upgrade like the NES does, but at least it has a 'cartridge' slot so that might have more usefulness to the retro gamer at heart, depending on the internal hardware and the emulator design they chosen to use in this mini-Sega-Mega-Drive.

No, it's not just a rumor -- it really does exist!

All of our loyal readers here on MaxConsole have known about the 'Nintendo PlayStation' for a while now, but there been alot of debate over it, and now thanks to Ben Heck we get to see what makes it tick inside and how it all might have worked out for us gamers!

It was originally thought to be a rumor: a games console that combined Sony and Nintendo hardware. Now Ben Heck proves it does exist.

‘Emulation’ - Playboy discusses the world of Retro Gaming and Emulators like Dolphin!

Sex is the one of the most popular things in the world, and believe it or not, Video Games is the second most popular thing in the world, so it makes sense that the Porn Mag Playboy would run a large in-depth News Article about Emulation and the Love of Nintendo.

Playboy off and on, has an love-hate relationship with Nintendo, infact back in the day we discussed it before on MaxConsole, big 'N' themselves even placed ads for their popular video games, even some little porn little shows like Mario and Nude Showers?

So it makes sense now that Retro Gaming is a big time thing, that Playboy would interview the author of Dolphin one of the best Nintendo emulators out there and uncover the dirt behind 'Emulation' and what makes it so much fun me might even forgot about our first love, sex itself!...
Relive Past Glories with Nintendo’s Ultimate Retro Gaming Experience

Mini Collector’s Edition NES Includes 30 Classic NES Games. This new nostalgia-fueled system is a near-identical, mini replica of Nintendo's original home console and plugs directly into your high-definition TV using an included HDMI cable

And here you thought you have to end up waiting until March 2017, for Nintendo to launch their new console they been keeping so well under wraps. Ok, Sorry, its not the NX, but instead a new Mini-NES as what is OLD is NEW these days in the growing Retro Era. At least it does not cost $500 like the Analogue NT we reported on a few days ago, this one be only $59.99 and includes HDMI as well!

A new Super Nintendo and SNES Playstation CD video game has been released!

Super Boss Gaiden is the product of German duo Chrono Moogle and Dieter Lazer. If you like 16-bit retro platformers with tight controls, humorous dialogue and challenging gameplay, this might just be your surprise homebrew hit of Summer 2016.

ModRobert from EurAsia was kind enough to inform us of this great piece of Retro Gaming News that hit the wire recently:

"Chrono Moogle and Dieter Lazer have released a game titled Super Boss Gaiden over at YouTube for the rare Nintendo Playstation. The release also includes a ROM for SNES/Super Famicom if anyone else wants to try it out. I just did on my SNES with Pro Fighter X Turbo, and it was awesome. :D Thanks goes to groats for the heads up."

An actual playable game has been written for the never-to-be-produced Nintendo...
Sega Saturn USB loader prototype

Never say Never, when it comes to unlocking the hidden secrets of gaming technology from decades gone-by, as now finally we will soon be able to enjoy Sega Saturn CD's from newer devices like USB hard drives, instead of original SEGA dying CD discs.

A proper announcement is coming soon, but in the mean time cTrix came to visit the labs of Dr. Abrasive and taken a video of how amazing his work been on recreating the Sega Saturn CD unique format so we can finally use backups of their games on USB.

Are you sitting on a small fortune?

GET dusting off those old video games because some will earn you an absolute fortune. Antique experts have complied a list of the most valuable video games in the world, with some commanding as much a £2,000 a copy.

If you been lucky enough to save all your old Video Games you got when you were a kid in the early '80s to '90s, you now might just be able to Cash-In big time and have a nice nest-egg for your early retirement. -- Or if you are a retro lover just getting into the Golden Era of Gaming, you might have to take out a second mortgage on your home to be able to afford to purchase some of these classic games!

If you have $500+ to spend on a 30-year-old console, this is the one to buy

Your aging plastic cartridges have never looked so good. ArsTechnica takes an in-depth look at this redo of the original NES fitted inside a 3 pound block of Aluminum, with some cool retro tweaks like pure-true HDMI output and a few other goodies for your $500 dollars

If you are like me and love to collect but also play your old NES cartridges on REAL hardware, not crappy emulator box, or almost real FPGA versions, then the Analogue NT is the device for you, all tho it does cost $500 it might be only for true purist of retro lovers.

Pre-Orders have finally started for EverDrive X5

KRIKzz is accepting pre-orders for the EverDrive GBA flash cart that been a long-time coming to all the Classic GBA Retro lovers out there!

So here we are now, its finally happened, we were informed the other day by modrobert from EurAsia that KRIKzz has posted on his forum site that the wonderful next-gen of EverDrive flashcarts is now available for all those out there that want to dust off their Nintendo GameBoy Advance and get to playing some true Classic Video Games in real portable double-AA battery style, just like the Golden Gaming Days all over again!

It was on June 23th, 1996, that the Nintendo 64 console made its very first debut in Japan, that is.

We wouldn’t see it on this side of the Pacific for another 3 months. But today, is its proper birthday, and 20 years is a significant enough anniversary that we should probably take a look back at it!

Happy Birthday, Nintendo 64, if you still have one, dust it off, find a copy of Golden Eye, invite over some friends and have a 20th Birthday Bash, but remember N64 still not old enough to drink in some areas, you have to remember to wait until next year for that.

Enjoy this super-slow way of dumping your old GBA games through a Gamecube or Wii

FIX94 has released a Game Boy Advance ROM dumper tool for GameCube over at gc-forever.com which requires the official GC to GBA link cable (DOL-011).

Never say Never to a real Nintendo hacker, because it might just happen, that is yet again in amazing new feat from FIX94, he has been able to manage to find a brand-new way in dumping your GameBoy Advance cartridges, by using an old-school GBA Link Cable designed for the Nintendo Gamecube, and his code works on both the original and older Nintendo Wii's that are still 'GameCube' backwards compatible.

Which is perfect timing as now you can fully enjoy dumping your GBA carts using nothing more then pure Nintendo hardware, as you wait for the recently announced...
The New DMCA §1201 Exemption for Video Games: A Closer Look

Recently EFF scored a major victory for video game archiving, preservation and play – we got an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for some archival activities related to video games.

For the last year and half, the EFF and various other groups have been fighting and lobbying the USA Govt. to change some rules on the DMCA act in regarding to keeping old video games working for usage in libraries and for archival storage, and of course the various big publishers along with ESA have been fighting back to keep the DMCA rules the same, no modding of consoles to be allowed.

But recently that has changed a bit, with the DMCA being modded a bit in the rules to allow bypassing of copyright and other controls to allow older games to work in local player mode only, that is if...