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Retro Is Cool

No media exists in a vacuum, and rarely is that as true as it is in the world of video games. Reaching its tendrils out deep into the surrounding entertainment arena, you'd be hard-pressed to find any form of recreation which didn't inform gaming in some way.

What we want to look at, though, is how other forms of gaming have influenced video games throughout the years, starting with what might be the most immediately obvious example in the modern age.

Loot boxes, as they currently exist, draw their inspiration directly from the world of online casinos. Take a look at something like the online jackpots listed by NetEnt Casino, for example. Exploring this recently redesigned website, you might detect inspiration from the likes of online storefronts such as Steam. Information is king here, with a streamlined approach making it much easier for users.

The part we really want to focus on here comes from the basic idea of slot...
Do you have a lot of video games on your shelf? If you do not play them anymore, it is always possible to sell your video games and get a bit of extra money for other forms of entertainment.

Next time when you are tidying up your house or move to a new place of living, do not throw away your old games because they hold some value. Do not think that video games have to be up-to-date to be worth interesting to potential customers. You will be surprised to discover that retro video games can bring you much more cash compared to brand new ones. If you are a lucky owner of “Atari” or “Commodore 64” games, this is an absolute lottery. The situation is even better if you still have the gaming console, all functioning joysticks, and controllers. In the following post, you will discover where to sell retro games and how much money you can get for them.

Selling your video games in specialized shops

I can recommend this interesting video posted by Modern Vintage Gamer (MVG) on YouTube.

Old members here and on EurAsia probably remember him as Lantus. :)

Almost forgot, the files mentioned in the video are available for download here. :D

NEWS SOURCE: How Cracking Groups Ripped Original Xbox Discs (via) EurAsia
FUZE Technologies Ltd are very pleased to announce the features and technical details for their upcoming release of FUZE4 Nintendo Switch™

FUZE Technologies Ltd is set to launch FUZE4 Nintendo Switch on May 31st.
The final release date is May 31st. - Watch their Latest Video Released Below!

FUZE Technologies Ltd apologetically announces a slight further delay in the release date for their highly anticipated ‘learn to code’ games programming application for Nintendo Switch.
Music Box Exquisite Workmanship 4 Patterns for Option (Bunny, Always with You)

Walmeck on Amazon has the amazing Retro Wooden Musical Box Hand Crank available with an Extra 35% OFF, making the price at the unbeatable deal of only $4.59 when ordering before Dec. 22nd using the Coupon Code of: 35CJXRTO, so check it out below for an great Xmas stocking stuffer gift! :)
CHECK IT OUT TODAY: --> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079Q2WSB5
And Earns $250k In 24 Hours From It!

Less than 48 hours ago, the famous hip-hop artist called 'Soulija Boy' launches his own branded 'Video Gaming Consoles' and in less than 24 hours earns over $250k from the sales of his $99.99 handheld clone and his $149.99 xbone clone, which are really both just pirated $20 china-produced clones, with the handheld one including over 3000 games and the xbone-like clone with 800 games!
Nice All-In-One NES Classic Emulator And Matching Theme For The Nintendo Switch Console!

Spanish Scene Developer @NEOGEOKAI has released his NES Classic Edition for the Nintendo Switch, it is theme that gives your Switch the 'Classic Retro' look from the very popular NES Mini's from Nintendo, and also it includes an updated version of 'clover / laines' with 'retroarch menu', all setup as easy to install NSP package, which is attached below for your Retro Gaming enjoyment! :)

OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://discord.gg/EBxk96

NEWS SOURCE: NES Classic Edition (via) GBATemp
Small replicas of classic game systems have become surprisingly common over the past year or two.

The craze of the Retro Mini's is going nuts, almost every month we post news about a new mini console getting released, and now the latest one coming is based on most popular gaming devices of all time, the Desktop with its classic DOOM and all that running in DOS!
The NEOGEO mini Christmas Limited Edition, a special holiday version of the game system designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the SNK brand, has been revealed!

The NEOGEO mini Christmas Limited Edition features a different selection of game titles, extra peripherals, and a new holiday design. Pre-orders will be starting in the coming days for Japan, North America, and Europe. The perfect NEOGEO mini for spending time with your friends and family this winter!
NEOGEO mini website: --> https://www.snk-corp.co.jp/us/neogeomini/
Earlier this summer, Nintendo filed a lawsuit against Jacob Mathias, otherwise known as the owner of LoveROMS and LoveRETRO

We reported on before, that big 'N' was going after some of the top 'ROM' sites out there, and now the court battle is over, with of course as usual the judge ruling in Nintendo's favor, with him awarding over $12 Million in damages for supplying old ROM's to users!
Connect any wired GameCube or classic Edition Controller to this adapter and you can wireless pair it to Nintendo Switch

@Chary from GBATemp, informs us that 8BitDo is coming out with a new 'smashing adapter' just in time big Super Smash Bros. release on Switch in December, so dust off your old favorite controllers, the Gamecube that are made for 'smashing' buttons & enjoy!
CHECK IT OUT TODAY: --> https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07JLF9PVG

The Switch is by far the hottest video game console on the planet right now, and that’s not going to change for the foreseeable future.

The Switch has sold over 21 Million, and the SNES Mini over 10 Million, so portable and retro is in, but Nintendo's Mini even tho its small, is not portable, and the Switch can only play NES games, well no longer do you have to worry, As Hyperkin has you covered!
ps4nes v1.01 Released by @m0rph3us1987 / Only for FW v5.05 PS4 consoles

PlayStation Scene Developer @m0rph3us1987 is back with yet another update to one of his 'emulator' ports, and this one is for playing your legit backups of NES cartridges on your exploitable FW v5.05 PlayStation 4 consoles, check out his comments below, and enjoy! :)
OFFICIAL SOURCE: --> https://twitter.com/m0rph3us1987/status/1058421615686492161
It's almost like people miss playing classic Nintendo games.

Recently, we reported that the Nintendo Switch has outsold the 'GameCube' and has past the 21 million mark, but what is more amazing is that during the same time period the Classic Mini's from Nintendo have sold over 10 million units and during half that time they were sold-out because they were 'limited edition' runs by big 'N' and now with them re-introducing both models this holiday season and lower the price of NES Classic to $59.99, we are sure going to see alot more units sold to be unwrap over the holidays. :)
Metal Gear Solid, Cool Boarders 2, Twisted Metal, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil Director’s Cut, Rayman and more legendary games will come pre-loaded on PS Classic.

Just last month, Sony shocked the retro world, by announcing their entry into the new era of 'Classic Mini's consoles' that Nintendo started with their hugely popular NES and then even more popular follow-up SNES Classic Mini, but with the PlayStation Classic which is launching in the North American markets on December 3rd, we didn't know until today the full classic lineup of the 20 games pre-loaded on it.
SEGA’s Naoki Horii stated that the Nintendo Switch was close to successfully running Dreamcast titles via emulation.

In a recent interview by 'Sega Ages' and published on 'Famitsu', it seems Sega is infact working on an 'emulator' for running Dreamcast games on the Switch console, instead of using the normal re-mastering process for games using existing 'source code', they are going instead for the 'emulator' route for their Dreamcast library.