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Retro Is Cool

The Switch is by far the hottest video game console on the planet right now, and that’s not going to change for the foreseeable future.

The Switch has sold over 21 Million, and the SNES Mini over 10 Million, so portable and retro is in, but Nintendo's Mini even tho its small, is not portable, and the Switch can only play NES games, well no longer do you have to worry, As Hyperkin has you covered!
Uae4All2 mod v1.72 for Vita and Switch

Use4All2 Mod is an Amiga emulator for Vita and Switch. This is @rsn8887 mod of this great Amiga emulator that was originally ported to the Vita by @Cpasjuste. Depending on when you read this, this mod might be ahead or behind his version.
ps4nes v1.01 Released by @m0rph3us1987 / Only for FW v5.05 PS4 consoles

PlayStation Scene Developer @m0rph3us1987 is back with yet another update to one of his 'emulator' ports, and this one is for playing your legit backups of NES cartridges on your exploitable FW v5.05 PlayStation 4 consoles, check out his comments below, and enjoy! :)
OFFICIAL SOURCE: --> https://twitter.com/m0rph3us1987/status/1058421615686492161
It's almost like people miss playing classic Nintendo games.

Recently, we reported that the Nintendo Switch has outsold the 'GameCube' and has past the 21 million mark, but what is more amazing is that during the same time period the Classic Mini's from Nintendo have sold over 10 million units and during half that time they were sold-out because they were 'limited edition' runs by big 'N' and now with them re-introducing both models this holiday season and lower the price of NES Classic to $59.99, we are sure going to see alot more units sold to be unwrap over the holidays. :)
Metal Gear Solid, Cool Boarders 2, Twisted Metal, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil Director’s Cut, Rayman and more legendary games will come pre-loaded on PS Classic.

Just last month, Sony shocked the retro world, by announcing their entry into the new era of 'Classic Mini's consoles' that Nintendo started with their hugely popular NES and then even more popular follow-up SNES Classic Mini, but with the PlayStation Classic which is launching in the North American markets on December 3rd, we didn't know until today the full classic lineup of the 20 games pre-loaded on it.
SEGA’s Naoki Horii stated that the Nintendo Switch was close to successfully running Dreamcast titles via emulation.

In a recent interview by 'Sega Ages' and published on 'Famitsu', it seems Sega is infact working on an 'emulator' for running Dreamcast games on the Switch console, instead of using the normal re-mastering process for games using existing 'source code', they are going instead for the 'emulator' route for their Dreamcast library.
An open-source Xbox kernel alternative, designed for use with XQEMU

Xbox developer @mborgerson has been for a while working on neat 'project' which is building a complete working Xbox kernel for the original Xbox console, and making it completely open-source and not using any copyrighted code from the official Xbox kernel by Microsoft, currently the project still an 'work-in-progress', but its been moving along recently, so its one to keep an on eye on, check out the introduction below and how to build it in its current WIP state for running on the development version of XQEMU. :)
Boldly claims that it'll have better 2D graphics than the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One!

Intellivision was one of first gaming 'consoles' for your TV's back in the day, and now that Retro and Mini's is all the craze now to relive your childhood gaming memories, Intellivision is the latest to enter the market, but instead they are taking a different direction, they not including 20 or 30 of favorite classics, they are instead building an advanced '2d sprite-based' system which will be launching in 2020, with its own games with what they claim better graphics (2D) of course than even what PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can offer you.
The developers behind the famous Analogue Super NT, are now making a Mega SG console for all to Retro gamers to enjoy!

The current offerings of 'Sega Genesis' Retro Mini-consoles are not too good as they are basically 'software emulation' using cheap low-power ARM processors, but now Analogue has stepped to the Sega Retro marketplace after making a name for themselves with the Super NT, they are now working on MEGA SG which is 100% designed in FPGA by none other than the legendary Kevin 'kevtris' Horton.
Within hours after Nintendo rolled out their NES Classic Library, it was found to be easy moddable, and now this app makes it even easier!

Thanks to the hard work of scene developer @bodyXY you can now easy 'inject' whatever NES backup dumps of 'retro games' you want to play using the NES Online Classic Library interface that Nintendo so nicely added with v6.0.0 and make it so simple to mod, and now with v3.5 just released recently by @bodyXY it is even simpler and easier to get all the NES retro games you enjoy playing added.
@fgsfdsfgs has released his Switch ports of Dhewm3 and Doom64EX for all to enjoy!

After the success of portages such as Quake 1 to 3, here are now the adaptations of Doom on Nintendo Switch, through the Doom 3 and Doom64.
Mario is one of the most famous and very iconic characters in gaming.

At least everyone has had a privilege of knowing this funny and entertaining Italian plumber who dwells in a virtual world full of fantasies. In fact, Mario's world comprises of a network of pipes, boxes and gold coins among other things. Since the inception of the first and original Super Mario for the Nintendo, the character has achieved legendary status to most if not all online gaming enthusiasts. Currently, you can find Mario and his funny friends in many different online games and consoles. But how do you go about playing these Super Mario Bros games online?

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Select and start.

The marketplace is filled with 'Game Boy Clones' and cases that add a 'Tiny Game Boy Micro' to the pack of your smartphone, but now Nintendo themselves has registered a US patent for a plastic shell which encases your phone in a Game Boy-shaped case, complete with working buttons.
The full patent PDF is attached below for your 'reading/viewing' pleasure, but here is couple more...
Thanks to the hard work of the RetroNX devs (natinusala and m4xw), we now have an official RetroArch release for Switch!

This might just be the single biggest platform release at launch for a new platform ever for RetroArch! Right from day one, they are starting out of the gates on the Switch with over 44 libretro cores! You can download RetroArch for Switch here.
- Capcom aims to energize the brand further on the series' 30th anniversary milestone -

Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) today announced that its popular Mega Man IP is scheduled to be adapted into a live-action Hollywood film for the first time.
Sony jumps into the new gaming craze of 'Retro Mini' console, the only gaming company not with one is Microsoft now!

Everyone been wondering when Sony would jump into the 'Mini Craze', after the huge success of the NES and SNES Mini's from Nintendo, and even tho Sony has produced a tiny PlayStation before, the failed 'PSTV' console, this new Mini looks like the original PSX and comes with 20 pre-loaded games, but sadly it retails at $99.99 and infact does not include the AC Adapter, but it will be one to watch closely once its on market, as the NES/SNES units were quickly hacked by the 'underground scene' to open them up to piracy (backup roms) and playing 'other consoles' by expanding on the installed emulator cores, so it will be interesting to see if the same can be done with latest entry in the 'classic mini' craze, all is missing now is Microsoft to announce a Classic Mini Original Xbox...