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Retro Is Cool

Whether you’re seeking an authentic old-school gaming experience or just wanting to wipe the dust off your old and yet still-fun game cartridges, there are numerous options when it comes to playing with classic video games.

Nintendo revived its more classic consoles with much fanfare, while other brands are building machines to offer gamers the chance to relive those classic childhood moments. Let's compare six of the most popular retro consoles available today.

Super NES Classic

Nintendo’s Super NES Classic isn’t easy to get your hands on, but when it comes to retro gaming, there is still no better out-of-the-box option. It’s preceded with 21 solid games, including Street Fighter 11 (1991) and Super Mario Kart (1992). Don’t forget how much better these games...
Chucky has made a custom board/PCB design he calls Re-Amiga 1200 which is based on the Amiga 1200 Rev 1D.4 motherboard.

Besides selling the unpopulated (empty) boards he also shares the design files if you want to make your own.
CLASSIC 2 MAGIC: Play SNES Cartridges on your SNES Mini (and much more)!

We here at MaxConsole UnderGround, love Retro Gaming, it reminds us of the glory days of video gaming, and we are not the only ones last month the official Nintendo Classic Mini consoles, outsold the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch combined. So it gives us great pleasure to the able today to present to you THE must have accessory for all SNES Mini owners: Classic 2 Magic

Thankfully, due to our various 'insider' contacts, we were able to sit-down and have fun with the C2M device, before it officially launches next month, and its truly does live up to its name, bringing retro gaming 'magic' to your Mini consoles, first off it allows you to play your original SNES cartridges, second it even allows you to 'backup' those cartridges to your choose of USB devices, and it also opens up your closed console to allow playing any SNES...
Now Supports NORFLASH, Plus Much More!

The World's Most Powerful GBA Flashcart, the EZ-FLASH OMEGA just got a whole bunch more powerful, check out the changes that v6.0 firmware along with updated v1.04 Kernel bring to the Retro Gamer and Longest Loved Nintendo Handheld.
The Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) had several game cart releases...

With custom chips included to add various hardware features (aka 'coprocessor' and 'enhancement chips').

Currently, redguy is developing SA1 support for SD2SNES which is an advanced open source FPGA based SNES copier (flash cart).

The SA-1 core has reached private beta stage and SmokeMonster recently posted a video testing it, check this forum thread over at krikzz.com for more info.

Thanks goes to...
Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against the alleged operator of the popular console ROM sites LoveROMS.com and LoveRETRO.co.

The sites are among the most notorious online hubs for pirated games, according to Nintendo, and face millions of dollars in potential damages. With the launch of NES Classic Games on their Nintendo Switch coming up soon in September, it means we are in for another wave of crackdowns by big 'N' over any site that offers Emulators or Retro ROMs for playing Nintendo games on other platforms.
This news update is long overdue, but there are reasons for that.

Back in 2015, @marvin96 posted a story over on my website EurAsia titled PsNee, an open source Arduino based stealth modchip for PSX (Sony Playstation 1). The project development progressed over at assemblergames.com until the website was shut down for several months in 2017, during that downtime I forgot about the project.

But fortunately the developers didn't and moved the project to psxdev.net, and now there is also a PsNee Project at GitHub. There has been a lot of progress and this impressive open source modchip is now working stable according to...
In a 67GB Folder of ROMs on a Private Forum! / They were found in a folder called "DO NOT UPLOAD."!

Whomever thought a good hiding spot for long-lost 'warez' was right, upload them in the place you were not allowed to upload, and it worked, but someone figured it out, leaked a game from it and now the whole folder might be deleted making the games lost again.
Exploit for homebrewing DSi

FlipNote ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Includes PSX, N64 and PSP!

I was bored waiting for my SX PRO to arrive, so was browsing the forum sites, and noticed this nice post by @natinusala on GBATemp, so I decided to steal it and copied it here for all you to read and enjoy trying out, as I like playing Retro ROMs on emulators! :)
Don't say it couldn't be done, as this 'programmer' has done it, with a bit of modding and hacking!

You own some SNES cartridges, but you only have NES console, well no problem, as you can now run SNES games on your original NES!
As reported earlier, the Atari VCS was set to open its Indiegogo campaign on May 30th and today's the day!

Atari been hyping up their launch of new console for many months now, but before nothing but a fancy box with lights were shown, but now we finally get some solid hardware specs. of what inside the retro-wooden-styled Atari's new console, check it out below:
Modding Project #2 by @WiiuGold, turning an Amazon DIY Mini-Cab into nice finished box for your Retro Switch Gaming!

Back just over a month ago, @WiiuGold posted his amazing DIY modding project here on MaxConsole UnderGround, turning the Switch into a beauty to play on inside a custom-themed Mini-Bartop Switch Arcade Cabinet, and now you can check out his latest new exclusive version, which is designed to match the upcoming SX Family products from Team-Xecuter! :)

(Click CONTINUE below, to view all the wonderful photos of this cab!)

Source Link for Cabinet: --> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071FVY1JG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_yC91AbXKHMN9Y
@WiiUGold Mario Cab: --> https://gbatemp.net/threads/fake-news-1-0-esp8266-chip.501348/page-2#post-7924599
This system and the #SNESClassic Edition system are expected to be available through the end of the year!

Well, there you go, if you been waiting, searching, hunting for NES Classic so you can enjoy playing those wonderful retro games again from your childhood era, or to show your new family what video games are really all about, none of this boring running around killing people in Call of Duty, no its jumping over pipes, collecting coins, and not getting hit by falling barrels, true 100% fun in full 8-bit glory!

The NES Classic Edition system is a miniaturized version of the groundbreaking NES, originally released in 1985.
Will Play 40 Classic Retro Games!

Back in April, SNK announced that they would be releasing a throwback console to celebrate the company's 40th anniversary.
Currently, there is also no release window or price, but it comes in 2 designs, one for 'Japan/Asia' area, and another for 'International'.

NEWS SOURCE #1: SNK reveals Neo Geo Mini console (via) GBATemp
NEWS SOURCE #2: SNK Announces The Neo Geo Mini (via) Kokatu
Highlights: New WIMP GUI for PCs!

RetroArch 1.7.3 has just been released! Grab it here. This latest version has also been uploaded to the Google Play Store. If you’d like to show your support, consider donating to the team. Check here in order to learn more.
UPDATED: @RedGuyyyy - Releases Build v10 with GSU graphics and powerslide fix!

@RedGuyyyy continues to fix up his Super FX support for sd2snes by releasing yet another new build with some great bug fixes and new features, check it out below: