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Major RSX and rendering improvements, performance and stability improvements and many more compatible games like Asura’s Wrath and Drakengard 3!

RPCS3 is improving every month, and March 2018 saw a huge leap forward in emulating PS3 games on our Desktop Rigs, and they are happy less than 1% are in 'nothing at all' category, as you can see below in the 'Summary of the Report', alot of progress has occurred.
More Retro Gaming Love Arrives on Our Exploitable PlayStation 4 Consoles, by way of Anonymous Author!

We don't know whom to 'thank' for this drop of emulators, all we can do is run grab our ROMs (backups I hope!), copy them over to empty USB stick formatted in FAT32, slide it into the USB0 (left port) on our PS4, fire up our choice of 'webkit loader' system and enjoy!
ORIGINAL SOURCE: --> https://pastebin.com/HNVxd7jJ

NEWS SOURCE: @m0rph3us1987 (via)...
Twin Galaxies proved his performances weren't recorded on arcade hardware.

The arcade drama over whom is 'King of Kong' is finally over, as Billy Mitchell (pictured above, left), has had his title totally stripped, and in-depth Independence investigation ordered by 'Twin Galaxies' the keeper of 'leaderboards' is now completed, and long-time rival arcader 'Steve Wiebe' is now listed as first million-point Donkey Kong record holder, you can read about the reasons why below.
The of the very first GBA 'Flashcarts' goes Open-Source for all to enjoy, after 13 years!

EZFlash is busy shipping out their latest GBA Omega Flashcart, which @realtimesave will be reviewing for us soon here on MaxConsole, and to celebrate over decade of GBA flashcart sales, EZFlash has decided to release the source code to one of their first popular GBA carts, the EZ III 1Gbit. :)
The Vita finally gets a good native DOOM port with sound, custom PWAD support and much more!

Up until now everything device in the world could play DOOM, even a hacked ATM bank machine, but the poor PSVita was left out in the cold with no love, well not any more as the mind-boggling features of Chocolate Doom have been ported over to the Vita for pure classic WAD shooting action!
Proudly assembled in the Ukraine, MaxConsole presents to you the:
Everdrive GBA X5

The list of features below for the newly released Everdrive GBA X5 from KRIKzz is very impressive for an Classic Retro Flashcart for us long-time Nintendo Gameboy Advance fans, but is does it really live up to its 'specs', well our very own MaxConsole Product Reviewer @realtimesave puts it thru all the possible tests, stress, games you can throw at it, and then some more, and you can read about it all below in his latest exclusive in-depth review! :)
#golang #gaming #emulator - @changelog Reports Yet Another NES Emulator Has Been Released!

The language GO has become very popular recently, as its just as simple to learn as BASIC was, and to show off how easy it is @rbaron has written an NES Emulator called awesomenes in GO and you can check it out below, and start to enjoy some retro gaming on your GO compatible device and at the same time study how he did it to program something cool yourself in GO.
Dust off your 'WADs' and load them up on your Switch and enjoy some retro FPS maze action!

Of course there is an 'official DOOM' for the Nintendo Switch, but there is nothing better they being able to load up some 'original and modded WAD' files and enjoy them finally on your v3.0.0 Switch console using the now ported 'kgDoom' version by scene developer @kgsws that was released earlier this Easter weekend for all nineties to enjoy some classic FPS action!
MORE INFO: -->...
Scene Developer @Cpasjuste has ported the awesome ScummVM system to the Nintendo Switch console!

@Cpasjuste has done it again, porting over yet another great retro oldie for us to enjoy playing the games released that use the 'Scumm' system on our Nintendo Switch's that currently have to be running v3.0.0 to enjoy, but that will change soon for all nineties.
Here is the first release of the REminiscence (flashback) engine, initially developed by "Gregory Montoir", for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Scene Homebrew Developer @Cpasjuste has released on his 'GITHub', an nice working port of REminiscence for those with v3.0.0 homebrew-enabled Switch'es to enjoy, and soon all Nintendo fans will be able to enjoy with the upcoming TX Switch mod!
Latest Downloads: -->...
The implementation is not complete, this is work in progress.

@PityOnU is working on a SuperFX hardware implementation in Verilog for SNES.
There are others working on GSU (Graphics Support Unit) solutions for sd2snes as well, check this forum topic over at krikzz.com for more info.
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Team MaxConsole Proudly Presents:
A Digital Review of the Analogue Super NT

Released in Japan in November of 1990, the Super NES was arguably one of the best entertainment system consoles ever released. It gave the previously released Sega Genesis a run for its money by outselling it by over 10 million units and delighted its fan base with both a strong first party and third party support.

Today, we are able to re-live the '90s gaming experience via a new retro-style reboot of the classic console as a new offering from a well-known gaming accessory company called Analogue: The Analogue Super NT -- This robust little kit of a console offers native HDMI support and a cartridge slot which is not available in all other SNES clone offerings currently available in crowded retro console market.

Here, in the beginning of this review, I would like to emphasize to the end user...
The website 'Easter Egg' is a modified version of 'Space Invaders', which is called 'Bank of Canada: Inflation Busters'

Yesterday was 'International Women's Day', and as such Canada launched a new $10 bill featuring 'Viola Desmond', but the website also contained something cool for today's generation, an nice 'Easter Egg' that launches a modified version of the classic 'Space Invaders'.
Play NES In 3D - Back to the past by way of the future

3DNes V2 has been released with many new features and improvements, as you can see listed in the 'changelog' below, and incase you never heard of playing NES ROM's in 3D, check it out! :)
Long time no see! Finally, new version is here.

Hot on the recent 'hakchi2 CE' release, we have @ClusterM returning and updating his original hakchi2, below is the new changes:
Wii U port greatly improved, Super Gameboy support, new Direct3D11/12 driver and more

Libretro developers just keep on amazing the world of emulators for classic gamers, by releasing another version of their world-famous RetroArch, with great news that original XBOX console is supported finally again, and they are hard at work on the SWITCH. :)
Forked from the original @ClusterM 'hakchi' releases, this one offers alot of UI improvements for the Retro Mini's

This is a fork of hakchi2 (by ClusterM) by princess_daphie, DanTheMan827, and skogaby. The aim of this fork is to not only provide new UI features and enhancements, but also bring the core of hakchi2 up to date with the rest of the modding ecosystem (i.e. USB host support, SD support).
Video by the creator of FBAX, xSNES9x, Surreal 64, and Killer Instinct ports for the Original Xbox Console

Back in the early days of the original Xbox Scene, newcomer 'Lantus' entered the homebrew world with his port of the SNES9x Emulator releasing it on 'xbins' and the rest is a massive history of more Emulators and Homebrews, and now he looks back at the wonderful start of the Xbox Scene with his latest retro video which is released below.
Happy Valentines Day from Kevtris!

The Analogue Super NT was only released a few weeks ago, and most are still waiting for their pre-orders but already there is 'Jailbreak' out for it! -- Enjoy! :)
I will personally test this during my upcoming review, when I get my pre-ordered Super NT in the mail next month! :D

MORE INFO: --> https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Super-NT-Jailbreak