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Play NES In 3D - Back to the past by way of the future

3DNes V2 has been released with many new features and improvements, as you can see listed in the 'changelog' below, and incase you never heard of playing NES ROM's in 3D, check it out! :)
Long time no see! Finally, new version is here.

Hot on the recent 'hakchi2 CE' release, we have @ClusterM returning and updating his original hakchi2, below is the new changes:
Wii U port greatly improved, Super Gameboy support, new Direct3D11/12 driver and more

Libretro developers just keep on amazing the world of emulators for classic gamers, by releasing another version of their world-famous RetroArch, with great news that original XBOX console is supported finally again, and they are hard at work on the SWITCH. :)
Forked from the original @ClusterM 'hakchi' releases, this one offers alot of UI improvements for the Retro Mini's

This is a fork of hakchi2 (by ClusterM) by princess_daphie, DanTheMan827, and skogaby. The aim of this fork is to not only provide new UI features and enhancements, but also bring the core of hakchi2 up to date with the rest of the modding ecosystem (i.e. USB host support, SD support).
Video by the creator of FBAX, xSNES9x, Surreal 64, and Killer Instinct ports for the Original Xbox Console

Back in the early days of the original Xbox Scene, newcomer 'Lantus' entered the homebrew world with his port of the SNES9x Emulator releasing it on 'xbins' and the rest is a massive history of more Emulators and Homebrews, and now he looks back at the wonderful start of the Xbox Scene with his latest retro video which is released below.
Happy Valentines Day from Kevtris!

The Analogue Super NT was only released a few weeks ago, and most are still waiting for their pre-orders but already there is 'Jailbreak' out for it! -- Enjoy! :)
I will personally test this during my upcoming review, when I get my pre-ordered Super NT in the mail next month! :D

MORE INFO: --> https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Super-NT-Jailbreak
A stunning reimagined Atari ‘Retro’ Handheld with 50 built-in games and TV output!
+++ (OR) +++
The Atari ‘Retro’ TV Plug and Play Joystick console is pre-loaded with 50 built-in games including Atari classics such as:
Asteroids, Adventure, Breakout, Centipede, Missile Command, Millipede, Pong, Sword Quest and many more!

Both will be available in March 2018, and more details will be announced soon, in the meantime check them out below! :)
The Super-Mini Gameboy-like Retro Video Gaming Project is already over 200% funded in less than 48 hours!

PocketSprite by PocketSprite.com is the world’s smallest playable emulation device. Ultraportable and ultraplayable, PocketSprite provides instant access to gaming classics.

Play all your favorite games: Game Boy, Game Gear, and more. Play it, put it down, and pick up right where you left off. Adding new games and apps is a one-click cinch. PocketSprite isn’t just tiny, it’s incredibly playable. It’s not a gimmick - it’s a full featured emulation console that fits on your keyring.

And, more importantly, it’s more than just an emulator: it’s also full-featured, open source development platform.
Zelda Glitch Hunters Discover a GameCube Emulator That Could Run on the Switch
At the very least, a GameCube game could virtually run on the Switch

Last year, it was announced that a special licensing agreement between Nvidia and Nintendo would allow the Nvidia Shield selling in China to have some old 'Nintendo' games from the Gamecube and Wii libraries, and its been discovered that the GC ones are emulated, which basically means in the near future we could see that emulator running on the Nintendo Switch either officially or unofficially since the Shield uses the same Tegra X1 processor as the Switch does.
FUZE Technologies Ltd is very excited to announce a plethora of renowned pixel artists have offered their gaming assets to be included with FUZE4 Nintendo Switch.

We reported on the fact 'FUZE4' was coming to the Switch last year, and now the developers behind their easy-to-learn BASIC coding studio, have recently contacted us directly to release the latest news that they are finally getting close to their big launch and have signed-up some amazing pixel artists to add awesome free-to-use graphics into your own homebrew games, this project is very interesting to me as one of main reasons I bought my TI-99/4a Home Computer back in the early '80s was because it included the BASIC Programming Language, and it helped spawn my whole career in computers software and...
A long time ago in a console far, far away….
Episode IV
Ezflash Reform

It was almost two decades ago that the Gameboy Advance system was released and people are still playing it. With AGS-101 backlight mods being abundant these days and plenty of flash cart options being available over the years, there is still demand for the most compatible and technologically advanced flash cartridge for the GBA.

We will see how feature packed and capable the latest flash cartridge is for this console: The EzFlash ReForm.

This is the MaxConsole Official Review of the latest Gameboy Advance Flash Cart product from China. We will cover the operation and configuration of this simple to use flash cartridge as well as testing several ROMs, including many that have been problematic to run on other flash cartridges and emulators. This flash cart is based on the Ezflash IV and supports...
Happy Holiday Retro Video Gaming Run Is Here Right Now!

Just as promised @Squarepusher and all his hard working Elf's have polished off a whole new version of RetroArch which adds a ton of features, please see their official release thread linked below for all the 'highlights' that have been added in this new stable build!
BigBoss releases MSX Emulator for usage on v1.76 firmwares!

It has been long time coming, with lots of teases by long-time PlayStation scene developers '@BigBoss', but finally as promised he has released his port version of fMSX emulator for those which are enjoying the nicest of owning a PS4 console still running the Jailbreak'able v1.76 firmware!
The hidden Switch tribute to Iwata's passing has been scrubbed clean from the latest Switch firmware release!

Soon after the Switch was released, scene developers discovered there was hidden executable code called 'FLOG', and it turned out to be triggered on Iwata's passing to better life, and it was fully playable version of NES Golf with even two-player Joy-Con support!
But big 'N' has removed it and replaced it with 'signed' garbage in their latest firmware update for the Switch, so R.I.P. FLOG! :(

NEWS SOURCE: @SciresM (via) Twitter
Video Game Built in 652 Games with Camera for Kids Professional Game-player

Do you want to find something wonderful and meaningful to do? If so, this game machine would be your best choice. There are 652 different built-in classic games in it. Playing it, you would gain the fun of your childhood and the fun with your friends. It features video, MP3, digital recording, picture browsing and e-book functions. Do you love Retro Gaming, well we have deal for you right now you can purchase the amazing original PSP look-a-like PAP KIII 4.3in Portable Handheld Games Console for only $35.59 when ordering today using the Coupon Code of: DF1612 but you need to hurry as this offer expires on 15th Jan. and best of all besides the 652 Games included, you can just add your own MicroSD with tons of classic gaming ROMs!
Our Christmas wish of one day being able to play GoldenEye on the train journey home for the holidays just got one step closer to becoming a reality.

It has been rumored that Nintendo going to release next year an official Mini N64 like their previously hot-selling Classic NES and Classic SNES, but it seems the retro gaming company Hyperkin is already working on their own version of an Mini N64 handheld!
Classic JRPG Now Available Digitally on Console, Handheld and PC

SQUARE ENIX’s captivating RPG classic Romancing SaGa™ 2 makes its debut in North America today for consoles, handheld and PC.
When it launched in Japan 17 years ago, Pokémon Crystal introduced many new and exciting elements to the beloved Pokémon franchise.

The game, an expanded version of the popular Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver games, was the first in the Pokémon franchise to allow players to choose between a boy or girl playable character, as well as being the first game to introduce animations during Pokémon battles.
Launch Delay

A few days ago, we announced that Ataribox was ready to start pre-orders on Dec. 14th, but today, they announced a 'launch delay' in bringing about their amazing return to the hardware console era to IndieGoGo is going to be delayed for a little bit, so stay tuned! :(
Better stock up on Sega Megadrive Mini's, they could become the next hot Retro Mini Console must-have holiday gift!

Just like the official Nintendo NES/SNES Mini's, it trues out the new Sega Megadrive Mini Flashback HD licensed model from ATGames is infact hackable and exploitable, and once there is release by someone, someday, somewhere you will be able to load up your own ROMs