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Yet Another Exclusive Maxconsole Hardware Review To Enjoy Reading!

Our very own SonyUSA is back with another one of her great reviews, this time she is checking out the pro's and con's of the new 4-Port USB Card Charger being sold by BC Master on Amazon, which is handy to have to charge all your portable devices when on the go!

Box Contents: 4x USB Car Charger, USB-A to USB-C Cable (Nintendo Switch car charger, anyone? ;) ), Manual, and Warranty Card.

Tech Specs: 4x ports running at 5v/2.4A Max. 9.6A/48W total max output across all ports.


BC Master does it again with another incredibly solid and slick looking car adapter. This thing has nice chunky plastic with a smooth piano finish and strong, firm contact springs. For the same price as a cheapo adapter that will break after 5 plugins and no protection circuity, you would...
All gamers would know the sensation of discovering a brand new game that immediately takes you into another universe!

A place where every minute details have been carefully thought of, along with terrifying creatures and many enticing mysteries.
Horizon Zero Dawn is exactly one of those games with a unique identity in the world of action role playing. The PS4 release date of the much awaited game is set for the 28th February.

Horizon Zero Dawn has been developed by Guerrilla Games, the same team behind the awesome Killzone franchise. They have brilliantly themed the game on a beautiful, post-apocalyptic. The game will take you into a distant future, where you will see how nature has taken over the ruins of a lost civilization. Humanity has resorted to live in primitive tribes, as they have lost the war to gain...
Our very own ZombieGroucho is back with another one of his famous Hardware reviews for Maxconsole

At first glance, you might think the F500 fightstick from China's Mayflash is a "knockoff" of a "real" fightstick. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The first thing you'll notice about the F500 is the weight. If you were expecting cheap plastic parts you're in for a surprise. This fightstick sports a sharp black metal finish with a sturdy joystick and red buttons. The buttons are clearly labeled, including icons for both PlayStation and Xbox configurations. This especially comes in handy when mapping the controller in various emulators. The graphic cut out gives the top plate a nice "cracked" look. Underneath you'll find some nice rubber feet to keep the F500 from sliding during heavy play sessions.

The stock parts are certainly good enough for most people but, if you're a hardcore fighting game enthusiast,...
Online casinos are absolutely raking it in with their table, card, and slot machine offerings now equally as popular as PC and console games.

With an estimated 58.9% of people playing mobile games in 2017, could consoles start catering to the online casino and bingo audience to receive a cut of this lucrative market?
Are Casino Games Suited to Consoles?

There have never been any notable casino games for consoles, and perhaps there is a reason for that. Maybe they are just not suited to the console format, where gamers crave detailed multi-dimensional and intricate games. The typical console gamer in the US spends...
Way back in 1987, a short minigame found its way into Squaresoft’s seminal role-playing game, Final Fantasy.

Accessible by boarding a ship, holding the NES controller’s “A” button and then pressing the “B” button 22 times, this sliding puzzle game rewarded the player with 100 gil (the game’s currency) for completion.
Today, minigames are ubiquitous (Final Fantasy VII had more than thirty, including snowboarding and basketball) but one particular kind of diversion has proven especially popular with gamers – cards. It’s no surprise; even offline, card games like Pokémon, blackjack, solitaire and Yu-Gi-Oh continue to attract players despite heavy competition from gaming consoles.

Maybe it’s due to an innate competitive streak (is there any greater thrill than beating a nameless, mute innkeeper at Tetra Master?) or maybe it’s just the fact that card games awaken the collector in every...
Yet Another Exclusive MaxConsole Review!

Our very own JHardin1112 is back with another one of his famous Nintendo reviews, and this week he is taking a deep look into the very popular Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo 3DS handheld, covering all its Pro's and Con's.

Super Mario Maker on 3DS IS the Mario game you always wanted, but could never have, until now. A handheld port of its Wii U counterpart (Super Mario Maker - released in 2015), Super Mario Maker on 3DS is essential a level creation tool comprised of popular Mario game elements. SMM gives players the ability to create an infinite number of levels with the included toolset. The only limitation truly being your own imagination. The possibilities are practically endless. You want to have 1-ups shoot out of a bullet bill cannon - why not? Or how about crafting a level with the names of your young kids scattered throughout and loaded with coins just to...
Nasudake Noise-Cancelling True Stereo Wireless Earbuds

Our very own SonyUSA is back with yet another one of her great exclusive hardware reviews for all our loyal MaxConsole readers, and this week she is reviewing the latest Nasudake Bluetooth Earbuds, read on for all Pro's and Con's this gadget has and the how well it operates, etc.

Box Contents: Inside the nicely packed box we find the earbuds, a carrying pouch (for carrying just the earbuds), manual, earbud case, micro USB cable (for charging the earbud case), and a set of extra earbud inserts. The case itself has an internal rechargeable battery that is then used to charge the earbuds themselves via a set of contacts beneath the earbud rests.

In other words; You charge the case ahead of time and it can be used as extra battery life on long trips for when the earbuds run low and need some extra power. The lid -must- be closed to provide...
Fourth of Five Exclusive MaxConsole Reviews, regarding New Electronic Gadgets from SAVFY on Amazon

Our very own SonyUSA is back with another one of her great Exclusive MaxConsole Reviews for all of our loyal forum readers to browse thru, and get the low-down on the pro's and con's of the latest in gadgets and accessories.

Let's take a look at a very simple Digital Heart Rate Monitor Watch by Savfy.


Box Contents: The digital watch, proprietary USB charging cable, and manual/warranty card.

Operation: This is a grab at the smart exercise watch craze; there are a TON of these things, including ones that don't even have a digital display on them. Savfy's variant is very simple, but it performs all of it's features perfectly. The wristband is a soft, smooth rubber and is very comfortable and easy to put...
Third of Five Exclusive MaxConsole Reviews, regarding New Electronic Gadgets from SAVFY on Amazon

Our very own SonyUSA is back with another one of her great Exclusive MaxConsole Reviews for all of our loyal forum readers to browse thru, and get the low-down on the pro's and con's of the latest in gadgets and accessories.

Today we are looking at another "Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headset" by Savfy. As you can see by the images below, this isn't breaking any new ground and it looks very similar to many other headsets out on the market. Let's get down to it:


Box Contents: Bluetooth Sports Headset, Micro USB charging cable (straight into the garbage again), various sizes of ear pieces, and instruction manual/warranty card.

Operation: Syncing is as easy as their other products, and functionally it works...
Second of Five Exclusive MaxConsole Reviews, regarding New Electronic Gadgets from SAVFY on Amazon

Our very own SonyUSA is back with another one of her great Exclusive MaxConsole Reviews for all of our loyal forum readers to browse thru, and get the low-down on the pro's and con's of the latest in gadgets and accessories.

The BTD0151 Bluetooth Sports Headset is Savfy's answer to the Powerbeats (Beats by Dre) and features very similar design and functionality at only 1/10th of the cost. Let's take a look:

(Click to view the product in more details!)

Box Contents: The headset (of course), a manual and warranty card, a micro USB charge cable, and a set of various size earbuds come in the package. As with the first product, the USB cable seems flimsy and untrustworthy, so I pitched it right into the garbage.

Octa Core CPU, 3GB RAM, Dual SIM 4G, Android 6.0, 5 Inch HD Screen, OTG (Black)

This week I sat down with the latest UMI Diamond Smartphone and took a depth look at all its features and how well it operates, and it was real pleasure reviewing it, read on below for all the Pro's and Con's I found with this Android phone during my usage of it.
Recently, Chinavasion which is famous for their online wholesale Cheap Electronics was nice enough to ship out to us here at MaxConsole, the latest UMI Smartphone for us to take a look at and review it for our loyal readers.

First of all, before I start my own personal review, lets see what the official PR says about the UMi Diamond and its features:

EZFlash Redux for the Nintendo 2DS/3DS/N3DS

Our very own Exclusive MaxConsole Hardware Reviewer is back with yet another one of her great reviews, this week she takes on the challenge of testing out the newly launched EZ-Flash ReDux FlashCart for the Nintendo 3DS handhelds, read on for all the Pro's and Con's of this new scene-related device!

Reviewer's Notes: During the review, please keep in mind that I did not take the time to freshly format the MicroSD card I used in testing, though it works perfectly fine in my Gateway cart. I am also using a very fresh N3DS with A9LH to launch the EZR payloads from boot. The firmware and payloads I was given may also not be the final versions, but rather a review/testing version and not the actual final product. I tried to emulate an "average user" when approaching the product, meaning I did not take steps a more advanced person would take. OK! Let's dive in!...
Don't duck out on this one

Our Exclusive MaxConsole Game Reviewer is back with yet another one of his great reviews, this week he is reviewing the new Super Destronauts 2: Go Duck Yourself for the Nintendo Wii U eShop, read on to see how it is!


It can be argued that once Nintendo opened wide the doors to small time indie developers, the amount of low quality games appearing on the eShop began to increase. While yes, that has happened over the past few years, there have also been some really good entries appearing on the eshop as well. Super Destronauts 2 - Go Duck Yourself or SD2GDY for short, falls in the latter. Developed by Petite Games on the Nintendo Web Framework, SD2GDY offers some fast paced arcade action designed for quick gaming sessions.

SD2GDY is a high score arcade games, similar to Space Invaders, in which you move side to side across the bottom of the screen, avoiding enemy fire and trying to...
Virtual Sports Themed Casino Games are everywhere today, and they have been since the beginning of online casino games.

Developers are under a lot of pressure to keep on releasing online casino slot games on a regular basis.

As such Casino online games at UK-K8 are constantly releasing new games, to the point where people are often shocked that the selection of games seems to be larger and larger every single time they look at it. There are going to be some recurring themes for the people who are in the midst of trying online casino slot games. And Virtual Sports themed casino games are among the most popular of all of them, and they are also among the ones that are released most commonly.

Virtual Sports themed casino games are partly popular because this is just a logical setup for online casino slot games. Online casino slot games are...
First of Five Exclusive MaxConsole Reviews, regarding New Electronic Gadgets from SAVFY on Amazon

Our very own SonyUSA is back with another one of her great Exclusive MaxConsole Reviews for all of our loyal forum readers to browse thru, and get the low-down on the pro's and con's of the latest in gadgets and accessories.

The Savfy Waterproof Wireless Speaker is listed as being a Bluetooth compatible speaker with a "6W Enhanced Bass" and a 2000 mAh battery, giving it an 8 hour running time. It's box contents also include a Micro USB cable for charging, an "audio cable", a "climbing hook" and the manual/registration card.

(Click to view the product in more details!)

Let's start with the bad stuff:

The included cables are absolutely atrocious. The 3.5mm "audio cable" is cheap and mine didn't work at all. I tested it in the...
BC-Master's Qualcomm Compatible USB Rapid Car Charger

The BCM-CQ01 (retail $11.99) is touted as having Qualcomm Compatible charging capabilities for any mobile devices that support Quick Charge 3.0-- which includes most major brands, such as Samsung, ZTE, Google, Motorola, ASUS, and more. Technically speaking, only the top port is compatible with Quick Charging, but both are able to push 5 volts at 3 amps, meaning you can charge even the hungriest and pickiest of tablets with the unit (I'm looking at you, Apple!).


Inside the box you will find the adapter, a warranty card (24 months), an instruction manual, and a Micro USB cable. The extra USB cable is a VERY nice touch and keeps you from having to purchase one specifically for the car or cart one back and forth to and from your vehicle-- It's a surprisingly large gauge for a freebie cable and has very high...
When Ridley Scott’s Roman saga of betrayal, strength, honor and revenge hit the theaters 6 months into the new millennium, people went absolutely crazy about it.

Gladiator stirred the audiences up in such a monumental way that left both the director and main actor Russell Crow, stunned and amazed. The film went ahead to win four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Russell Crowe. Curiously, not even the oversaturation of the film industry with Ancient Rome themes prevented this film from becoming one of the most popular motion pictures ever.

An Unexpected Hit

Looking at Gladiator’s beautifully rendered imagery, morose yet spot-on color palette and pretty amazing CGI for the year it’s been made in, it’s hard to believe the film is 16 years old already. It feels like yesterday when everyone was so excited talking about and...
Is it Time for Us to Pull the Plug on the Gaming Industry from Producing any new forms of Violent Video Games?

There’s a proven correlation between video games and gun violence, yet we still allow our children free access to these games, breeding an assassination generation.

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, is author of the book Assassination Generation: Video Games, Aggression, and the Psychology of Killing with Kristine Paulsen and Katie Miserany, and below you will find his own review of his new book that goes in-depth into the problem our youth is having after growing up in generation of playing violent video games, and why there is so many problems now in America, he believes its is all connected, and we need to control the output of the video games from the rapidly growing...
Our very own reviewer JHardin1112 is back with another great Wii U Game Review!

Pirates Pop Plus on the Nintendo Wii U Console, is a fun little arcade game, and JHardin sits down to play it for us and review it, as you can see from his comments below, its worth trying out, so check it out in full below.

Sometimes all you need is a game that takes you back to the basics. Simple movements, simple goals, one simple screen. Pirates Pop Plus on the Wii U does exactly that. PPP is an arcade game that offers players a simple, yet engaging and addictive experience that will bring you back over and over again. So how is it that such a seemingly simple game is able to achieve this not so simple feat?

PPP puts players in the shoes of a pirate by the name of Pete Jr., who upon waking from his nap on the beach sees bubbles in the distance. Once Pete Jr. is close enough to the source, he finds that the bubbles come from...
Welcome to our Exclusive MaxConsole Review of Datel's new PowerSaves Plus device for Nintendo 3DS

Our very own MaxConsole Reviewer 'SonyUSA' is back with another one of her great hardware reiews, this week she is reviewing the latest version of Datel's updated PowerSaves Plus device for Nintendo 3DS that supports 'gamesave cheats', 'amiibo powerups' and more!

Let's take a look at Datel's newest cheat device that claims 2DS, 3DS, New 3DS, and Amiibo support.

Physical Features:

Inside the box is the base, a micro USB cable, and a license key card required to activate your unit with a corresponding Codejunkies account. This means without relinquishing your account to someone else, you won't be able to re-sell or share the unit.

The main unit consists of an internal WiFi adapter, the slot which houses your 3DS game cartridge, a micro SD card slot...
Another Great Nintendo Wii U Game Review, by JHardin1112

Our very own MaxConsole Game Reviewer is back, with another one of his wonderful Game Reviews, this week he is reviewing the recently released Indie eShop game for the Nintendo Wii U console, called 'The Gem Collector', so check it out in full below!

There are a few notable indie developers on the Nintendo scene right now, but only a handful of those produce some real gems worthy of picking up. One such game is The Gem Collector from TreeFall studios. If you don’t know anything about TreeFall studios, I’ll sum them up in one word - passionate. The team at TS started out with The Letter, which admittedly came across as someone’s first attempt at using Unity, rather than a complete game, but hey, I own it and I’m happy with the purchase. What was evident in the game and in all the posts, video interviews, etc was that...
Another Great Nintendo 3DS Game Review, by JHardin1112

Our very own MaxConsole Game Reviewer is back, with another one of his wonderful Game Reviews, this week he is reviewing the recently released Hyrule warriors Legends for the Nintendo 3DS handheld, so check it out in full below!

Back in 2014, the Wii U added a sweet little game called Hyrule Warriors. Basically, it’s Dynasty Warriors merged with the Legend of Zelda series. While Hyrule Warriors received high marks across various sites, there are those of us who never picked it up, namely me, myself, and I. So when I saw Legends announced, I was quite excited to play a handheld version of the popular title. And thanks to Nintendo of America, I have been able to play, and now review the portable offering of Hyrule Warriors. I played the game on my original 3DS, and while I did experience some framerate...
Another Great Nintendo 3DS Game Review, by JHardin1112

Our very own MaxConsole Game Reviewer is back, with another one of his wonderful Game Reviews, this week he is reviewing the recently released Sega 3D Classics Collection for the Nintendo 3DS handheld, so check it out today!

Growing up in the late 80's and early 90's, most kids who played video games owned either Nintendo or SEGA consoles. Personally, I owned Nintendo consoles, but my uncle owned a SEGA genesis. It was there that I was introduced to Sonic the Hedgehog and Altered Beast. As much as I loved Nintendo (and still do), I quickly became a fan of both Sonic and Altered Beast. The challenge and entertainment that I and countless other children experienced playing Sega titles back in the day is exactly what Sega aimed to recreate with their latest release, SEGA 3D Classics Collection, and they did. Classics Collection is a...
If you are one of those gamers who looks forward to the next big thing then the good news is that there are some exciting gaming events coming up in 2017.

It is shaping up to be a big year for the gaming sector, with conferences and expos as well as high-profile championships to look forward to. As a gaming enthusiast, you can be at the heart of the action.

To get a flavor of some of the most high profile gaming events of 2017 consider the following:

Evolution Championship Series: Known as “Evo” for short, this is an annual event and is regarded as one of the most prestigious fighting-games championships held anywhere. Street Fighter enthusiasts love attending Evo so much that the travel from all over the world to Las Vegas, where the championship series is held each year. What makes the Evolution Championship Series particularly exciting is that participants who ranked highly...
Zevera is not only the first multi hoster, but also the most reliable & the one supporting the largest number of hosters! 115 different hosters, to be exact!

With Zevera you can download EVERYTHING simultaneously & at very high speeds all with ONE account! So, if you are fed up with dead links, if you want to download problem free, super-fast and save money on Premium Accounts... Zevera is WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AND EVEN MORE THAN THAT!

What is Zevera’s Summer Offer?

With each 90 days package you purchase, Zevera gives you PLUS 30 days for FREE! Alternatively, if you want to be premium more days, for each 180 days package, Zevera gives you PLUS 60 days for FREE! Finally, the offer is also valid for users who have had a premium account in the past!

How does it work?

Just register at...
Age of The Gods is a online pokie that introduces players to ancient Greek Gods and its Culture!

Today, we take an in-depth look into the PlayTech's brand-new action-packed online slot which is based around the theme of the deities from Ancient Greece, so its called of course 'Age Of The Gods' and while this new theme seems as first to be similar to their previous 'Furious Four' design, there is really enough differences to make it stand out on its own as you can see from our review.

If you have enjoyed playing the God of War series of games on the PlayStation consoles, then you will for sure enjoy winning some 'real money' by playing this new pokie from casino.com online slot game "Age of The Gods", which is major part of the action-packed...
If you have $500+ to spend on a 30-year-old console, this is the one to buy

Your aging plastic cartridges have never looked so good. ArsTechnica takes an in-depth look at this redo of the original NES fitted inside a 3 pound block of Aluminum, with some cool retro tweaks like pure-true HDMI output and a few other goodies for your $500 dollars

If you are like me and love to collect but also play your old NES cartridges on REAL hardware, not crappy emulator box, or almost real FPGA versions, then the Analogue NT is the device for you, all tho it does cost $500 it might be only for true purist of retro lovers.

'Thunderkick' recently launched a new interesting game called 'The Rift'.

The casino game developers are getting better and better. More money is pouring into the industry and the competition amongst the game developers is getting tougher by the minute.

The best casino game provider in the world according to bastacasinobonus.se is the Swedish game developer Net Entertainment. Net Entertainment, or simply Net Ent, has been in business since the mid 90's.


They are undoubtedly the premier game developer and you can play their games on hundreds of different online casinos around the world. But there's a new Swedish casino game developer that makes quality games called Thunderkick. Thunderkick has only been around a few years but has already landed some lucrative...
The 2010's have been great for online gaming in general.

Many of the best games that people can play today were invented in the last few years.

Game developers are struggling in order to improve upon their brands and to create games that are completely different from the ones that preceded them. The best online gaming games for PC today are all extremely different, giving everyone involved a lot of different choices when it comes to the games that they can play.


The All Jackpots online casino is one of the many online casinos who understands the power of modern gaming and a lot of the challenges involved. People who are going to play in All Jackpots casino are going to have seven hundred different games to choose from and maybe...
Amiiqo Evolved


Back in August of last year I reviewed the Amiiqo device here on MaxConsole. The handy little device allows you “emulate” an Amiibo figure by backing up and restoring the data to their own multi-slot NFC disc. Since that time, Amiiqo has seen a name change and major updates to it’s software.

The device is now known as the N2 and the new N2 Elite comes with USB NFC reader/writer hardware that can be used on any PC or OSX computer. This makes saving and restoring your figure data much easier than the previously available software, which was only available for Android based devices.

The hardware is based on the well-known NXP MFRC522 chip, which should allow for many future upgrades and improvements (more on that later). The disc itself is the same as Amiiqo but with a re-branded label. The big star...