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Age of The Gods is a online pokie that introduces players to ancient Greek Gods and its Culture!

Today, we take an in-depth look into the PlayTech's brand-new action-packed online slot which is based around the theme of the deities from Ancient Greece, so its called of course 'Age Of The Gods' and while this new theme seems as first to be similar to their previous 'Furious Four' design, there is really enough differences to make it stand out on its own as you can see from our review.

If you have enjoyed playing the God of War series of games on the PlayStation consoles, then you will for sure enjoy winning some 'real money' by playing this new pokie from casino.com online slot game "Age of The Gods", which is major part of the action-packed...
If you have $500+ to spend on a 30-year-old console, this is the one to buy

Your aging plastic cartridges have never looked so good. ArsTechnica takes an in-depth look at this redo of the original NES fitted inside a 3 pound block of Aluminum, with some cool retro tweaks like pure-true HDMI output and a few other goodies for your $500 dollars

If you are like me and love to collect but also play your old NES cartridges on REAL hardware, not crappy emulator box, or almost real FPGA versions, then the Analogue NT is the device for you, all tho it does cost $500 it might be only for true purist of retro lovers.

The 2010's have been great for online gaming in general.

Many of the best games that people can play today were invented in the last few years.

Game developers are struggling in order to improve upon their brands and to create games that are completely different from the ones that preceded them. The best online gaming games for PC today are all extremely different, giving everyone involved a lot of different choices when it comes to the games that they can play.


The All Jackpots online casino is one of the many online casinos who understands the power of modern gaming and a lot of the challenges involved. People who are going to play in All Jackpots casino are going to have seven hundred different games to choose from and maybe...
Amiiqo Evolved


Back in August of last year I reviewed the Amiiqo device here on MaxConsole. The handy little device allows you “emulate” an Amiibo figure by backing up and restoring the data to their own multi-slot NFC disc. Since that time, Amiiqo has seen a name change and major updates to it’s software.

The device is now known as the N2 and the new N2 Elite comes with USB NFC reader/writer hardware that can be used on any PC or OSX computer. This makes saving and restoring your figure data much easier than the previously available software, which was only available for Android based devices.

The hardware is based on the well-known NXP MFRC522 chip, which should allow for many future upgrades and improvements (more on that later). The disc itself is the same as Amiiqo but with a re-branded label. The big star...