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What Spambots Actually Do

Not everyone realizes what all these annoying automated comments are for. In fact, their end goal is data collection. Bots post text with links that pick email addresses of users, often along with their sensitive information. These may also be obtained...
The Ultimate Plug & Play addon for your Genesis / MegaDrive Mini

We here on MaxConsole have reviewed the previous True Blue USB Sticks for the Sony PlayStation Classic, and they all worked great, but now Sega has recently entered the craze of Retro Mini Consoles and like the Sony one, their Genesis/Megadrive is limited to selection of favorite classic games, and different selection depending on the region you live in, well that all changes once you slip in the True Blue Mini Ultradrive Pack, so today we going to review it and see if it lives up the list of features below:
Shipping to retailers started today!

We have recently been informed that the True Blue Mini Ultradrive - The new solution to expand your Sega Genesis/Megadrive Mini catalog!, has started shipping out to retailer near you, so now is the time to get into Retro Gaming!
Stay tuned to MaxConsole for our own in-depth review of this amazing Sega Gamer lover's dream, in the meantime more information can be found on their official website: https://www.truebluemini.com/trueblue-genesis/
Assalamu Alaykum (Peace be with you)

First of all, I would like to thank @GaryOPA (the owner of this website). This guy trully rocks, He is a very fine person, from since day one which I registered on this website, this guy supported me on all my projects, helping to spread it over the internet. I would like to thank him also for allowing me to promote my first commercial project here on his website.

I would like to thank aswell, my brazillian fellow, ROD Lima, for all his help with Unreal Scripting Programming. He is most know for his Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake in UDK Engine:

I would like also to thank my friends at UDK Engine Forums (https://forums.unrealengine.com/legacy-tools-unreal-engine-3-udk) for all their help and support.

As you may know, recently I had...
Developers From The True Blue Mini Team, have given us a quick preview of their new upcoming product!

The PlayStation Classic has been a very successful Retro Mini Console by Sony, and as such Sega recently decided to do the same and release a Genesis / Megadrive Mini, and just like the PSX Classic it of course comes with limited amount of games for retro gamers to enjoy, but no problem as we been informed today that developers behind the True Blue Mini sticks for PSX Mini, have new one for Sega Mini, read about their PR announcement below, and we included some screenshots of it working, and some videos of it also!
Check out these amazing exclusive MaxConsole discounts from LVLGO for the Gamers in your family!

Digital Game Store LVLGO is offering more Exclusive Discounts for the loyal MaxConsole readers, just in time for the Video Gamers in your family as they get ready to go Back-To-School, or for you to enjoy now that your kids are out of the house! :)

To take advantage of this offer, customers need only enter the right code from the list below at checkout to get the discount applied to their purchase. This applies across the full range LVLGO’s of PC and console games and subscriptions. Indeed, with a 24-hour live support service and a clear refund policy, LVLGO is a legitimate online store with a lot to offer, so check out below just some of possible discounts below that is available today on your XBOX, PlayStation Store and for popular hot-selling PC Games and Windows Apps....
Happy Holidays From All Of Us Here At MaxConsole!

We here at the MaxConsole headquarters have been very busy 24/7 all year long covering all latest in Console Scene News, but now its time for us to take a break and enjoy the holidays with our families and special loved ones, but before we do that, we decided to wish all our loyal readers an very special 'Happy Holidays 2018' and unwrap our Sexy Scene News Girls, and with a special one picked out just for you for each of our news sections that you love to read daily, from Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, and Retro Gaming you know that we will have you filled with all console love that you will need to survive thru-out the New Year 2019! :D

--< Season's Greetings From All Of Us! >--
--< Rocking The Scene In 2018 And Beyond! >--
Nintendo says the defendant is also instructing players on how to use the illegal components "in a manner least likely to be caught or arouse suspicion."

Legal paper filings can be read in the attached PDF below. Mr. 'Mikel Euskaldunak' was selling modded NES Classic Min’s pre-loaded with over 800 ROM’s for only just $15 dollars more above the official retail price. He was also selling Switch units with 'payload' injector dongles and including some pirated Switch games on an MicroSD card. - Doubly wrong, and most likely will be found guilty on 9 charges.
And Earns $250k In 24 Hours From It!

Less than 48 hours ago, the famous hip-hop artist called 'Soulija Boy' launches his own branded 'Video Gaming Consoles' and in less than 24 hours earns over $250k from the sales of his $99.99 handheld clone and his $149.99 xbone clone, which are really both just pirated $20 china-produced clones, with the handheld one including over 3000 games and the xbone-like clone with 800 games!
How long before Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox - Refurbishers are going to get the big boot by Amazon?

Apple is working with Amazon to better promote their latest Macbooks and iPhones and iPads thru various 'authorized' resellers, as such with their new 'co-operation' agreement, they are forcing Amazon to kick-off any smaller vendor selling 'refurbished' older Apple products off the marketplace, leaving only the top 5 that spend over $2.5 million dollars worth every 90 days in the 'Amazon Renewed' section. :(
PlayStation users with a billing address in Chicago will soon have to comply to the city's 9% "Amusement Tax" fee!

Chicago added the 'new tax', back in 2015, and they already have it applied to people using streaming services like 'Netflix, Pandora, Spotify', but now the city is expanding the 'amusement tax' rules to include those with PlayStation Network accounts starting Nov. 14th
Both @GuidedHacking and CheatTheGame's channels are gone since yesterday, and more getting banned today!

Recently, we reported on the news of Rockstar cracking down on people making GTA V Game mods/cheats, going as far as raiding their homes with police and dragging them into court, with one modder already pleading guilty to the charges and now YouTube is cracking down on any channel that has videos 'showing' people how to use programs like x64dg to make 'game cheats' or 'mods' and flat out terminating all their videos, channel itself, and does not look like YT is going to backdown on this, refusing so far to listen to the growing backlash over their Dalek actions! :(
We soon could see a large 'drop' in 'file-sharing' and 'warez' being available, with this latest piracy crackdown!

Ever holiday season, there is always some form of 'pirate crackdown', either websites being seized, or domains being taken-over, but for the first time in American Internet History, a large ISP has decided to cut off 'Internet' service to some of the biggest pirates! :D
The new exemptions are a major win for the right to repair movement and give consumers wide latitude to legally repair the devices they own.

In Groundbreaking Decision, the Librarian of Congress and US Copyright Office have released 'new rules' that will give consumers and independent repair ships the right to bypass DRM long enough to 'perform' the repair, previously the 'exemptions' only applied to 'tractors' but now a wide range of smart home appliances. smartphones are allowed, but the DRM must stay in place after the repair.
The Australian Federal Court is said to have frozen the assets of five people.

Rockstar Games is getting ready to launch their new billion-dollar baby 'Red Dead Redemption' as such they want to send a clear message that anyone modding or playing around with their IP's will be dealt with more than just the normal online 'ban hammer', infact with the latest turn of events in their on-going battle against those 'selling' cheats/mods for GTA 5, they got permission from Federal Courts recently to raid homes and seize computers and other evidence to build a stronger case against the 'InFamous' mod!
The developers behind the famous Analogue Super NT, are now making a Mega SG console for all to Retro gamers to enjoy!

The current offerings of 'Sega Genesis' Retro Mini-consoles are not too good as they are basically 'software emulation' using cheap low-power ARM processors, but now Analogue has stepped to the Sega Retro marketplace after making a name for themselves with the Super NT, they are now working on MEGA SG which is 100% designed in FPGA by none other than the legendary Kevin 'kevtris' Horton.