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iPhone 5/5C and iPad 4 users rejoice as your devices are jailbroken forever!

Lately, the iPhone/iPad Jailbreak scene has been coming back with storm, and hot on the heels of news that Apple is indeed 'slowing down' older devices to make you upgrade, it is nice that developers tihmstar and siguza decided to be Jailbreak Santas!
Better stock up on Sega Megadrive Mini's, they could become the next hot Retro Mini Console must-have holiday gift!

Just like the official Nintendo NES/SNES Mini's, it trues out the new Sega Megadrive Mini Flashback HD licensed model from ATGames is infact hackable and exploitable, and once there is release by someone, someday, somewhere you will be able to load up your own ROMs
Yes, you read that correctly. Tihmstar has released a new browser-based jailbreak tool for iOS 9.1-9.3.4 32-bit devices.

It has been long long time, since we seen some new action in the previous very popular iOS Jailbreak scene that was started by GeoHot, since those early much heated days, Apple has done alot of security research to lockdown their iPhones / iPads better, and it has basically killed off the Jailbreak scene and even most Cydia repos have closed down or never been updated in years, but recently there has been an re-surge in the iOS scene, and today JailbreakMe is back for 32bit devices still running the older v9 iOS series.
Someone at Bin Laden's hideout liked Final Fantasy VII

CIA released a ton of files, docs, from the Osama Bin Laden raid on the compound 4 years ago, and amazing enough browsing thru the released collection, we find that the 9/11 terrorist mastermind like, Anime, Bootleg Video Games, and Classic Emulator Cover Art. :)
Atlus: "it isn’t the emulator itself we object to, it is the use of Persona 5... that we took issue with".

We have reported on the amazing progress of the RPCS3 Emulator before on MaxConsole, but sadly the development team posting videos of their PS3 Emulator playing 'Persona 5' has opened up a can of worms, with Altus USA taking the DMCA Takedown legal route to stop them promoting the fact their emulator can play their game, because one reason it is not perfect and still has 'framedrops' and other issues, making the experience worse than on actual PlayStation 3 hardware, but this is not the first time an emulator has come under fire, the most famous case was Sony vs. Bleem, when they developed an emulator to play PS1 games perfectly on the Dreamcast.
Play classic CD games and more on your modern TV

Yet another Retro Gaming System has appeared on IndieGoGo, but this one is bit different in that it contains an CD/DVD Player to allow you to play your original Classic gaming discs, and also has optional adapter for 'original cartridges', instead of other Retro systems that purely just run emulators with SD Cards, this one contains extra hardware to allow 'original discs & cartridges' to play directly, and so far at press time they have raised 26% of their $50,000 goal and published an impressive list of features and specs. as listed below:
Except with recent top films.

EU Commission spent a ton of money and few years studying the problem of 'piracy' in regard to actual sales, and afterwards the study could not find any link in fact for each game that was pirated 100 times, 24 additional sales will be made on average.
YouTube Takedown Bots Are So Strong, They Predict Your Uploaded Video Content Before It Even Exists!

We all have heard of YouTube Censorship and Takedowns, but in this case an video streamer before she even started streaming, had her content given a strike over 3 hours before it even exists, so it seems now you can report content before it exists or is uploaded! :)
So what do you think about this new wave of advanced censorship takedowns by the YouTube AI Bots, is it right to be able to report content just based on possible unknown content that not even viewable yet by others.

NEWS SOURCE: @GiovannaLiviana (via) Twitter
Targets included Brazilian Minecraft servers and the PlayStation Network

Everyone remembers, the Mirai botnet attack wave that last October brought down all major services, but a new report suggests the original target was really PlayStation Network, and the attackers were a large group of 'Angry Gamers' that used the 'Internet of Things' malware to take over most of the world's connected devices to launch one of the largest attacks ever recorded so far on the Internet.
Prosecutors: 6 charged with making fake Pac-Man games in Santa Clara

Gamers still have love and passion for Arcades, but finding the old cabs and restoring them is costly, and most retro gamers, just want to play the games, so there is big business in importing Pandora all-in-one-boxs, loaded with hundreds of the old classics, and installing them into new wooden cabs that look like the originals, but sadly it still against the law, as the games are still trademarked and copyrighted.
A hacker going by the name Manfred spent much of the last two decades finding ways to make money by manipulating the economies inside MMOs.

Def Con 2017 was on this weekend in Las Vegas and one of the more intersting stories to listen to was from Manfred as he talked about how he raped the MMO's for over twenty years, but now has turned good and wants to help the companies to close up the exploits.
Nothing Better than Trashy-Shack '80s Retro Look for your Google Home!

The amazing tech days of 'Radio Shack' and their cool store-branded unique electronics are gone, with the last bits of the company finally auctioned off for good, but thanks to the wonderful work done by 'MisterB' recently, you can bring back some of that original '80s glory when 'home intercoms' were all the rage, and turn it into the latest new tech craze of using 'Google Home' everywhere by giving it a true retro look for your home, and as you can see from the report by GizMoBo below, its well worth it as nice DIY project.
Now that Retro is Cool, Everything Old is New Again!

Lotharek company has developed an improved and expanded version of Side 3, the Atari modding device that allows you to use an SD memory card instead of hard disk, this improved version adds internal 'memory' and now allows loading of cartridges and other disk images on your old Atari computer with its own version of SpartaDOS X added on-board for total plug&play and ease-of-usage.
Hackers would sell pirated channels to users over WhatsApp!

Normally, you hear recently about the 'bad' Kodi TV Boxes, and how they are being used to 'stream' illegal content, but this time around Roku has been attacked by large cable giant in Mexico, getting the courts behind them to stop all sales of the devices.
But their upcoming 'Liberty City in GTA V' mod project has been forever cancelled!

The modding community on the Internet has been screaming ever since Take-Two came down hard on the very popular GTA V modding tool called 'OpenIV' serving them an Cease and Desist letter back on June 14th, that forced the website to remove the 'tool' for downloading, but after much discussion the tool is back with updates and will be allowed to continue but with some changes.
After years of hunting, digging through the code and searching every inch of the game, GTA V fans have finally found life from beyond the stars.

Everyone loves Aliens right, and they for some reason been missing from Grand Theft Auto, but no longer, modders and hackers have found an 'easter egg' of sorts or in this case an 'alien egg', and it seems to be some sort of upcoming UFO Crashing into Los Santos mission, all tho its not officially available, GTA modders were able to tweak the 'code variables' to get parts of it to be playable! :)