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But, lucky for now only in South Korea under new laws to crackdown on Massive Online Cheating!

Video gamers who cheat while playing online will face five years in prison under a new law passed in South Korea. An amendment to a bill promoting the gaming industry is aimed at targeting those attempting to gain an unfair advantage playing on the internet.
Anyone caught breaking the law which is backing manufacturers and programme makers will face a jail sentence of up to five years or 50million KRW ($43,000) and streams of gamers have already been banned from playing the game Overwatch, and these new laws are mainly aimed at fighting the 'makers' of the aimbotter scripts which come out of places like Korea more so than other countries, and will give the legal power for companies like Blizzard to crackdown on servers hosted in Korea and their authors, more so then attacking the...
Coding an entire game in assembler. Matt Phillips is creating a brand new game for a 25 year old console.

Tanglewood is a brand new and original game for the SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive, to be released on physical cartridge in winter 2017.

Matt Phillips a long-time game developer and big fan of the 68000 CPU found in the SEGA consoles, has launched a KickStarter project to produce a brand-new original SEGA game using all the original development tools and to produce it into an original cartridge also.

Retrogaming Simplified. Computer, 4K-Mediacenter and the Greatest Retro-Station known to Man!

Yet Another Retro Console Project has appeared, and this one aims to cash in on the 'mini' craze by making it nice and small and yet super-powerful inside and with a host of easy-to-use emulator menus and software to handle all your classic gaming needs!

So far the project launched recently on IndieGoGo has already raised over 400% of its funding with almost $90k USD pledged so far and still a whole month to go, so its proof that this new found craze of 'mini gaming' has for sure worked out to the creators pleasure in getting this project off the ground for second quarter of 2017. :)

Last Month the MVS was released, and now this month 'limited supply' of the new AES is available for pre-orders!

Finally, some love for us AES NEO-Geo owners, the same people behind the World's First MVS NEO-Geo FlashCart have now released their AES version for all to enjoy, and it even includes a nice plastic case with sticker to make it more like an original!

@modrobert writes: "First the NEOSD TEAM released the MVS version, now they strike again with the Neo Geo AES version of their flashcart. You can find videos of the NEOSD AES in action posted here at the official store. The AES version is open...
The Wonderful Developers behind the World-Famous RetroArch Emulators need your Monthly Help!

Sadly, it has come to point that the developers behind RetroArch need monthly support to keep going on with development and maintaining their build servers for all of us to enjoy using like we have been doing for totally free since the start of the project.

There is not a retro classic gaming fan that has not at least tried out the RetroArch emulators on one of their mobile devices, or modded gaming consoles, as its one of the best out there, its become so popular that even hardware makers are illegally including it in their Arcade projects with Raspberry Pi boards or similar hardwasre, making it very hard on the developers of RetroArch to keep up with all the demand on their schedule to improve the cores and also to keep forking over tons of money each month for the servers that maintain the...
Buy Yours Today, from their Official Shop at NEOSD Store!

Alex from the amazing NEOSD Team has just sent over some information to Modrobert at EurAsia regarding their newly released NEOSD, which just happens to be the World's First FlashCart ever released for NEO-GEO MVS. It's finally about time for Retro Gamers!

It's long over due, but now we no longer have to wait, as NEOSD is finally here, and us Retro Game Lovers can now get some much needed action out of our NEO-GEO MVS systems, as finding original cartridges is so hard and costly these days, and even tho the NEOSD is itself an costly device, its well worth the price because Razoola, the UniBIOS legend of fame, has written an extensive review over at neo-geo.com which...
'Watch Dogs 2' effort leans on AI, as the games developer gets into hacker education.

People tend to think the world of data capture—as it pertains to their online activity—is limited to web clicks. It is not at all, and Ubisoft wants you to understand that as the gaming company promotes its new hacker-themed video game called Watch Dogs 2, which is due out Nov. 15.

Ubisoft is ramping up the hype for their new Watch_Dogs 2 and part of their new campaign is to make people more worried about how bad 'hacking' is, and how easy it is for those evil hackers to grab your smart data and use it from even something as simple as an 'selfie', and part of their 'education' adweek is to teach people about it at the same time promote their game, so check it out today!

But what about Video Gaming Consoles, well its still a 'Grey-Area', since you COULD go ONLINE with them! :)

You may have thought that if you owned your digital devices, you were allowed to do whatever you like with them. In truth, even for possessions as personal as your car, PC, or insulin pump, you risked a lawsuit every time you reverse-engineered their software guts to dig up their security vulnerabilities—until now.

For those that have been living in fear everyday of their lives in the USA because of DMCA that been around for over a decade now, they can finally breath a bit without fear of spending 10 years in jail, because finally for the next 2 years (it will be reviewed then), you will legally be able to rip open something electronic, poke around in it, and hack/mod it, as long as you OWN it, and you doing it in CONTROLLED jab, or you doing it just for your own personal...
PS3/PSP/Vita/Wii U Scene Developer 'Hykem The Demon' is signing off the 'net forever and moving on with his life!

It has been a few months since we heard anything official from Hykem regarding his legal issues or reasons for leaving the scene suddenly after displaying to the world he had the power of the Wii U Kernel in his hands, but now he published Goodbye letter!

MaxConsole was one of the first scene sites, that broke the news that Hykem was in legal issues regarding his adventures in the 'hacking world' of Video Gaming Consoles, and since then there was alot of fake accounts, false rumors, and mis-information floating around on the 'net, but yesterday Hykem finally decided to contact the Wololo's Blog site, and publish his 'Farewell Note' as a last 'thank-you' to...
Research and Technology Restrictions Violate the First Amendment - Future of Technology and How It’s Used Is At Stake

DMCA has been one of the greatest problems in the U.S.A. over the last decade, and now Bunnie is taking on the govt. directly via a Lawsuit to get changes made to the act that been holding back technology advancements for a while now.

If you don't recall whom Bunnie is, then you are not a true hard-core gamer, he was one of the very first that hacked the original Xbox console, and even published a best-sellling book on it, and make his adventures in the shady hacking world part of his univ. thesis, and now he has decided to take on the USA govt. by launching a series of lawsuits against them along with the help of the EFF.org to get them to finally listen to the people into changing the DMCA that is preventing the public from making changes to their consoles.

U.S. Authorities Charge Owner of Most-Visited Illegal File-Sharing Website with Copyright Infringement

U.S. authorities have charged the alleged owner of today’s most visited illegal file-sharing website with criminal copyright infringement and have seized domain names associated with the website, Kick Ass Torrents with over $1 Billion in charges!

30-year-old Artem Vaulin from Ukraine has been under the watchful eye of the Feds in the USA for a while now, they watched as he took over the top spot from The Pirate Bay, and allegedly built KickAssTorrents into a criminal operation that produced for him over $10 Million a year in profit, but now this month its all come crashing down on him, with charges filed on July 8th, and then later on this month his arrest in Poland where he was hiding out on July 20th, now the Feds are fighting to have him shipped overseas to the states to face the over $1...
Piracy in the PC Gaming World, may soon be making a Big Comeback

The DRM protection software currently stopping pirates from playing many of the PC's top gaming titles is again causing excitement. Partially confirmed rumors coming out of Russia suggest that following a team effort, the infamous Denuvo may have been cracked for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

At one time the Underground Warez scene on the 'net in regard to PC Gaming was one of the biggest things, and it for a while was one of the reasons Game Developers stopped doing Triple-A PC Games and instead focused their development efforts on releasing new games on dedicated consoles instead as they were more protected and harder to crack, but that changed recently over the last few years, PC Gaming has returned big time, thanks inpart of the digital Steam network by Valve in releasing games, and also in much harder impossible to crack DRM...
Major crackdown by gaming companies across borders this week!

Normally, you heard of raids by FBI / ICE or BND after a device like PS Jailbreak or keys get published, but this time groups have been taken down before they can finished their work because of e-fame

Recently, there been alot of news in the PS4 scene, with leaked releases of 'Bad IRET' by CTurt and updates to KEXEC by fail0verflow, and even news of possible PS4 Jailbreak called USB Whistle and before that movement in the Wii U scene with released of...
The New DMCA §1201 Exemption for Video Games: A Closer Look

Recently EFF scored a major victory for video game archiving, preservation and play – we got an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for some archival activities related to video games.

For the last year and half, the EFF and various other groups have been fighting and lobbying the USA Govt. to change some rules on the DMCA act in regarding to keeping old video games working for usage in libraries and for archival storage, and of course the various big publishers along with ESA have been fighting back to keep the DMCA rules the same, no modding of consoles to be allowed.

But recently that has changed a bit, with the DMCA being modded a bit in the rules to allow bypassing of copyright and other controls to allow older games to work in local player mode only, that is if...
17 Year-Old Teen Hacker gets a 2 year suspended sentence, and an order to fight against cyber-crime!

A member of Lizard Squad, the group responsible for numerous attacks on gaming sites and platforms over the past year, has been found guilty in Finland, of a comical 50,700 charges related to hacking!

We all remember how upset we were trying to game online with our new shiny PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles last holiday season, but we could not, and millions around the world could not either, all due to the fact a hacker group called Lizard Squad was DDoS'ing the Sony PSN and Xbox Live to prevent us hard-core gamers to enjoy our next-gen consoles and the little bit of new games available.

Claims to be member of the hacking group Lizard Squad and admitted to a number of swatting of rivals

A 17-year-old hacker from British Columbia, Canada, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to 23 charges of extortion, public mischief, false police reports, and criminal harassment.

We have reported in the past of the new trend called 'swatting' where someone figures out your home address, and calls the SWAT team to get your ass kicked by the police and of course out of total surprise and shock to the victim, and we even posted stories with videos of it occurring live during an online gaming match, but now finally one of those horrible 'swatters' have been caught and he recently pleaded guilty to over 23 charges of public mischief and false police reports and seems to be member of that 'Lizard Squad' group.

Dev is lifting bans for those that release YouTube videos saying sorry to fellow players.

Following a swathe of recent bans, Daybreak Game Company, developer of online zombie survival title H1Z1, has decided to give cheaters a second chance, provided they release a public YouTube apology.

It was getting to the point you could not play H1Z1 any more, because the 'hackers' / 'cheaters' had taken over all the maps, and ruled every match. -- So Daybreak was forced to do something, and they did, with massive banning waves they axe all the 'hackers' to death, leaving the game almost dry of players. -- Now in a bid to get some players back, the developers are willing to 'unban' you if you scream 'I am Sorry' to the world on Youtube.

Video game execution watched by 880,000 players

A character in the fantasy adventure game 'Guild Wars 2' was stripped and thrown to his death, after using a third-party tool to access valuable properties. The penalty was humiliation and then death!

Well here is new way to deal with someone caught cheating online and stealing valuable in-game virtual items, kill him but first basically go medieval on him, and parade the now naked cheater/robber thru the game's virtual city streets infront of thousands of players.

MAXLander has been months in the making.... And it is finally landing soon at reseller near you....

We would like to introduce you to MAXLander – The World's First Complete NFC Backup System. MAXLander is a unique tool for users who wish to backup their NFC game data to avoid missing or broken data.

NFC Toys are all the rage these days in the video gaming world, from originally the first being Skylanders, then later Disney got into the game, and now more recently Amiiboo's have appeared from Nintendo.

There is three major problems with these little sometimes costly easy-to-break toys:

  1. You can't sometimes find the one you want to unlock the feature you need in game.
  2. You can't backup your NFC user data that you spend so much time building up the skills for that character.
  3. You can't copy/clone/edit the store NFC user data to...
Fredrik Neij has appealed the decision, dismissing potential security risk of NES

Pirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij (aka 'Tiamo') has lost his effort to keep an original Nintendo in his cell while serving time at the Skänninge prison in Mjölby in central Sweden.

It is truly GAME OVER for the Pirate Bay co-founder, first he got caught hiding out in Thailand and send home to Sweden to serve his time behind bars, but at least he had an original Nintendo to keep himself amused while waiting out his time, but now its Game Over again, as his NES been taken away from him for being a possible security risk.