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Anonymous has decided to release to public via Wikileaks all info that was hacked from Sony Pictures

Today April 16th 2015, WikiLeaks publishes an analysis and search system for The Sony Archives: 30,287 documents from Sony Pictures Entertainment and 173,132 emails, to and from more than 2,200 people

Back last year just before the big holiday season for Sony, they got 'hacked' yet again and this time Pictures division was the target and instead of having downtime of no PlayStation network for a whole month, we instead got treated to some early releases of blockbuster movies, along with tons of chatter that North Korea was behind the cyber-attack because of the movie 'The Interview' and along with the DVD screener leaks, a bunch of Hollywood emails came along side it, showcasing how dirty Sony loves to play, being almost as bad as the pirates...
Videogame Publishers: No Preserving Abandoned Games, Even for Museums and Archives, Because All 'Hacking' is Illegal

The ESA doesn’t want anyone to restore the functionality of older games that are no longer supported by their publisher. because says ESA this is 'hacking', and all hacking is 'associated with piracy'


Every few years the DMCA comes up for review in the USA to have new sections added to allow bypassing devices for various reasons, and lobby groups like the EFF are fighting for the right to be able to mod consoles and/or games so they can still use the software after a company has shutdown totally the servers or just outright disappeared from the world and no longer in market of selling their games.

But the big lobby group ESA which fights for the rights of the videogaming publishers have also produced a counter-doc on what any form...
BBC launches flagship initiative nationwide to inspire a new generation of coders.

More than one million microcomputers will be given to every Year-7 student in the UK from August this year, as part of a major nationwide initiative to inspire a new generation of coders.

Us old-timers like myself, will remember the story of the Micro-Men in jolly old england, when USA was busy building Atari and Pong and arcades, they were busying building the empire up of 'home computers' and simple computer software, as two rivals Sinclair and his ex-employee built tons of cheap computers all because of BBC and their push to have a 'home computer' in the every school and household, and it worked and there was tons of software all loading in by tape and tons of programmers writing simple games in BASIC for everyone to enjoy, until the whole world got flooded...
A modded GTA game has been re-entitled by the rebels as ‘Grand Theft Auto: Salil al-Sawarem’

Gameplay footage recently emerged of an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)-themed video game, tasking the player with shooting police and blowing up military convoys.

There is alot of cool mods for the popular GTA game, but this one is getting alot of press coverage recently since it turns GTA into a tool to be used by ISIS leaders to grab more youth into their cause.

What is even more funny, pirates are reporting it as 'bug'...

Piracy is not good for this industry and there are consequences for pirating The Sims 4 which are quite amusing.

EA has taken on the pirates with their latest Sims game, and decided to turn the game graphics into a pixelated mess once it detects you are illegally playing the game without buying it, or early before it is ready for release in your gaming store.

Zoe Quinn / Robin Arnott / Phil Fez / Kotaku / PolyTron

Remember the age of Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll... Well now we are into the new era with still plenty of 'sex' but its all about getting your indie games good reviews and marketing in video gaming world


There has been in the last few days alot of big drama occurring in the indie gaming world, and it all stated because a boyfriend got mad when he finally figured out the fact his long-time female gamer/indie developer partner was sharing herself around freely in press world to get her latest indie game top reviews and better press coverage.

Suddenly, the automated teller machine isn't so dull anymore

Hackers from Australia managed to install and run the first-person shooter video game 'Doom' on ATM machines, posting the results of their work on YouTube

The next time you slip in your bank card to withdrawal some much needed cash in the middle of the night, you just might have to be forced to play a level of DOOM first and beat the last score before the ATM spits your cash along with 'winner' bonus if you so lucky.

The British government has decriminalised online video game, music and movie piracy, scrapping fuller punishment plans after branding them unworkable.

Starting in 2015, persistent file-sharers will be sent four warning letters explaining their actions are illegal, but if the notes are ignored no further action will be taken.

Jolly Old England will now soon be allowing you to raise up the Jolly Roger Pirate flag over your home, without the fear of having your internet service cut-off, or fear of lawsuit for your late-night downloads to feel your massive collection of illegal music and movies.

And left the original E3 2012/13 demo effects in the game code

This mod proves that Ubisoft on purpose made the PC version to perform badly so it would be on level playing field with their next-gen console version, and now you can unlock the original game code

It seems Ubisoft decided to downgrade their PC game version to make sure it was more on level playing field when graphically compared to their next-gen console versions, and this mod recently released has caused alot of drama as it enables what even Ubisoft themselves labeled as 'E3 mode' and makes the PC version look and run like the earlier E3 2012/13 demos that were shown by Ubisoft.