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Earlier today, Team-Xecuter shared a little update before promising to drop more precise information next week!

The world is in panic mode across hundreds of countries with problems of covid-19, but TX been silent on what is happening since they asked for modchip testers a few weeks ago, but today they finally break the cone of silence and posted a quick update on their site.
Sadly, nothing new in the way of cool pics or more info was released, but they are promising all that is coming next week at some point, so all we can do is wait some more, and stay safe, and stay indoors and play our video games on our currently hacked consoles.

Remember for more cool daily action with fellow SX OS Users, while you are all waiting, check out their Official TX Chat Server!
Yesterday, Nintendo released their Switch firmware v9.2.0.

Today, Team-Xecuter has already updated their SX OS, so with the latest release of v2.9.4 BETA, you can now enjoy running the latest Switch firmware also! :)
Remember for full support and to hangout with follow SX OS users, please sign-up to their Official TX Chat Server :)
300 Pre-Production Units Are Going Out To Testers That Apply To Team-Xecuter With Their Modding Skills!

Thanks for all the applications, as of today all pre-production samples have been assigned to qualified testers & reviewers!
People have been waiting for a while for news from Team-Xecuter, and today they hit us with double-whammy, announcing the name of their upcoming modchips, and at the same time putting out an request for 300 solid modders with skills to help fine-tine their pre-production units that will be going to those that have already applied.
NEWS UPDATE: --> Thanks for all the applications, as of today all pre-production samples have been assigned to qualified testers & reviewers!

So it seems, during the Chinese New Year break, TX was not sleeping, they been working hard, and both the SX CORE and SX LITE is getting ready for the mass public, but in the meantime get to work and apply to TX today showing them your skills and references and you could be one of the lucky first 300 users out there with full bragging rights to show off to the world they have a working modded 'Patched' or 'Mariko' or 'Lite' Switch Console! :)

MORE INFO: --> https://team-xecuter.com (and don't forgot to check out their new TX chat server) https://xecuter.rocks

More Great Things Are Occurring At The TX Headquarters!

Most loyal Team-Xecuter users have known that 'discord' been giving TX problems, but now no longer, has they have spend the last month or more, fine-tuning their very own chat server, and have recently opened it up to the public, so everyone can enjoy chatting again! :)
To Join Just Visit: -> Xecuter.Rocks <- And sign-up for an account on their private chat server!

FUZE Technologies Ltd. have announced that, on February 1st, the price for FUZE4 Nintendo Switch - their learn to code platform for Nintendo Switch - will be as follows: UK £12.99 / EU €14.99 / US $19.99
A California man has pled guilty to hacking Nintendo’s servers to steal confidential files, including taking information about the Nintendo Switch months before it was announced, the US Department of Justice revealed recently.

Rumors have been floating around on the Underground Dark Web since the middle of last year, when @RyanRocks suddenly dropped off the 'net and there was photos of him being stopped by Nintendo staff and possible FBI agents at E3 2019, and now finally the truth is out, as the US DOJ have unsealed 'court records' and published a Press Release detailing the fact that he repeatedly hacked Nintendo’s servers and released confidential corporate information even tho he was told before by the FBI when he was minor back in 2016 to stop!
A trusted source, we know as part of Team-Xecuter first circle of beta testers, agreed to send us today the first pictures of their product installed on a patched Switch board (after a good month of negotiation...).

From what he agreed to tell us, they are still improving the product on both Mariko and Patched Switch so first shipment will only be after Chinese New Year. Unfortunately a good month away (or more). For information, he added the product also work on unpatched console, so basically all classic models function with this product. Still the product is coming, getting closer, and a separate product for Switch Lite is also underway. I guess we will have to be a bit more patient for more info.

The pictures are only showing part of the installation because he was concerned to be identified by board numbers or such. But he promised he will send us more info in the weeks to come. So probably the next 4 weeks until CNY is over and that we can hopefully also receive our own final review samples!

BetaTestLeak1-SXC.png BetaTestLeak3-SXC.png
In their Happy Holidays Greeting Today, TX Dropped a Bombshell of a Teaser Video!

Never say Impossible, as it seems Team-Xecuter has done the impossible, as their Happy Holidays Greeting comes with a jaw-dropping video! :)

NEWS SOURCE: --> https://team-xecuter.com/community/threads/happy-holidays-from-team-xecuter.133189/
It maybe the holidays for everyone, but Team-Xecuter elfs are still working hard it seems!

Earlier today, Team-Xecuter released a much needed updated to their very popular SX Installer app, which of course brings full compatibility with v9.1.0 Switch firmware, but as usual they added some cool new features to their app, like the ability to launch your Retro Game ROMs directly from your personal gDrive archive link, and new 'parental control' mode to disable possible harmful features like 'firmware updates' for those wishing to keep their Switch fully kid-safe, but still have advanced tools running on it! :)
Now Supports v9.1.0 Switch Firmware and v2.9.3 SX OS Beta

Team [WAIN] is back with another update to their SX Autoloader release, as sadly their previous version was broken if you were running on the latest v9.1.0 Switch Firmware, but this updated v1.30 releases fixes up all those getting error codes with v2.9.3. :)
As reported on the official Team-Xecuter website earlier today, you can find the updated release by WAIN in their TX Community Resources and for more info and support, they suggest to join their TX Discord for more info! :)
The magical worlds of C2M and SX OS have been combined!
Which means you can now directly enjoy original SNES carts on your Nintendo Switch!

Never say the impossible, can not be done, as it seems, you can now play your SNES cartridges on your Switch! :)
Check out their official site: http://classic2magic.com (Near the bottom of the page for their new C2M update for SX OS!) :)
Team-Xecuter has updated their SX OS to support the latest Nintendo Switch firmware!

Great news, Team-Xecuter is back today, working hard on weekend, and releasing another update to their popular SX OS, with now v2.9.3 fully supporting the recently released v9.1.0 firmware by Nintendo, so everyone can enjoy their Switch console with latest & greatest in games & firmwares! :)
Please remember their latest version can always be found on their SX Portal Page, and for support join their TX Discord server! :)
My first impressions from a direct demonstration of their upcoming mods!

After a few (hundred) requests, I was finally able to meet with TX to have them demo to me their upcoming new products for Nintendo Switch (patched, mariko and lite). Sadly, I was not allowed much, not able to take any pictures or videos, and no release date (more on this later), but I still have some new information which I can share:
That's it for me now, but I am waiting on them to release to me some pictures and videos, and of course my own personal review unit to put thru all its tests, hopefully both are not too far down the line. :)
Team-Xecuter updated their SX Installer and SX Server apps today!

TX is back today with another great update, it seems their SX Installer now v3.01 finally fixes the USB HDD bug, and ontop they added two new cool features, SMB (Samba) file sharing support, so you can directly now install your NSP/NSZ from your PC, and even copy XCI's from your PC to your USB HDD or Micro SD-Card, plus it seems 'Cloud Saves' now also work, even backup/restore to gdrive!

Check out the changelogs below:
Yet Another Great Release By Team [WAIN] For All SX OS Users To Enjoy!

Team-Xecuter reports that thousands of SX OS users are loving the recently released SX Autoloader by Team [WAIN] and as such the developers have now release what seems to mount up to be 'general overall stability' update, so v1.20 does not bring nothing new to the table, except for faster speed in building and updating the database, for those that have vast overwhelming collections of XCI formatted games on their USB HDD's, so check out the updated changelog below, and grab their latest version! :)
As usual, you can find their latest version of the SX Autoloader in the Resources section of the TX Community website.

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