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MAXLander has been months in the making.... And it is finally landing soon at reseller near you....

We would like to introduce you to MAXLander – The World's First Complete NFC Backup System. MAXLander is a unique tool for users who wish to backup their NFC game data to avoid missing or broken data.

NFC Toys are all the rage these days in the video gaming world, from originally the first being Skylanders, then later Disney got into the game, and now more recently Amiiboo's have appeared from Nintendo.

There is three major problems with these little sometimes costly easy-to-break toys:

  1. You can't sometimes find the one you want to unlock the feature you need in game.
  2. You can't backup your NFC user data that you spend so much time building up the skills for that character.
  3. You can't copy/clone/edit the store NFC user data to...
Fredrik Neij has appealed the decision, dismissing potential security risk of NES

Pirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij (aka 'Tiamo') has lost his effort to keep an original Nintendo in his cell while serving time at the Skänninge prison in Mjölby in central Sweden.

It is truly GAME OVER for the Pirate Bay co-founder, first he got caught hiding out in Thailand and send home to Sweden to serve his time behind bars, but at least he had an original Nintendo to keep himself amused while waiting out his time, but now its Game Over again, as his NES been taken away from him for being a possible security risk.