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Updating the Firmware on Mayflash's Wii U Adapter makes it works on the Switch!

Pokken Tournament is coming out soon for the Nintendo Switch, and big 'N' are releasing official 'Pokken' controllers, but some would love to be able to use the older Nintendo GameCube controllers, and the official Wii U adapter does not work on the Switch, but companies like MayFlash have been in business for years making 'adapters' that convert one gaming system controller to another system, and all their adapters are flash firmware upgradable, and they have released a beta new firmware that now allows for partial support for their Nintendo Wii U Gamecube adapter, currently all 4 ports are only seen as the 1st player, but hopefully that will be fixed soon, along with support in more Switch games, but as you can seen the following videos at least it partially works for now to enjoy!

A Complete Software Developer Kit For The Nintendo Switch Console Has Appeared On Underground Warez Sites!

The official Switch SDK that is used by licensed third-party Nintendo Switch developers from October 2016 has appeared online on various underground warez sites for those willing to download it and try their attempt at using it on their PC's to develop something for Switch.

Sadly, the SDK is not much use to the end-user or wannabe homebrew developer as you need one of the actual official Switch Developer Hardware units priced above from big 'N' themselves, and then if you have one of those you would already have the latest official SDK.

But at some point when there is exploit on the retail Switch itself, like via a 'game save' or 'webkit' hole then this SDK will be useful to have, but at the same time I must remind you its 'illegal' to own so no requesting here on this site for warez links or keys...

Now that there is stable Final Burn Alpha for the New 3DS systems, Sakitoshi from GBATemp has made a cool 'Forwarder Creator' for it.
All Switch System Modules Dumped Except For The First Six!

@modrobert writes: "Plutoo has dumped the Switch code binaries for all sysmodules (except the first 6). You can view the full resolution screenshot here". Quote From Twitter:
Most likely he is using the updated 'PegaSwitch' to grab these binaries, now the trick is how to dump the first stage the missing 6! :)

NEWS SOURCE: Switch sysmodules dumped... (via) EurAsia
Version v0.91 Now Released By Bubble2k16

Bubble2k16 whom is already known in the Nintendo 3DS scene for porting over SNES9X and Virtua3DS emulators has given us now the first TurboGrafx-16 and PC-Engine for our handhelds, and this one wildly inspired by Exophase's Temper for Classic O3DS, but uses the newer fast processor power of New3DS to offer a much higher frame-rate in most games.
TemperPCE is offered in both 3DSX and CIA formats and if you want to exploit the CDROM side it will be necessary to place the correct BIOS PCE (not supplied) in the directory 3DS/Syscards, for more info and the latest release please check out the author's official...
The recent Switch v3.0 firmware updates the Pro Controllers to allow USB 'Wired Mode'

'ToadKing' from GBATemp has recently decided to dig out his BeagleBone Black device and use it to capture some nice USB data from the Switch Pro Wired Mode in the hopes maybe we can use the controller on other devices like Windows PC's. So far he has posted the following interesting notes, dumps, facts and an quick n' dirty script regarding his ongoing work in progress:
Unlock the Full Potential of your Wii!

Since Nintendo has moved onto the Switch, its time to revisit the original Wii that changed the gaming world, and remind everyone how easy it is to modify the console these days, no special discs are needed or anything, just 5 minutes of your time!
SetMiiUp! Is an all-in-one tool, developed by ScarletDreamz, that transforms an original Nintendo Wii console running official firmware in less than 5 minutes, but it might take a bit longer depending on the speed of your Internet Connection and SD Card you are using.
@StapleButter makes good progress on his Nintendo DS Emulator.

DeSmuME is good DS Emulator but it missing things like WiFi Emulation, and that was one of reasons StapleButter originally started his melonDS project and now with his v0.3 release, it supports basic WiFi Emulation between two running copies of melonDS apps.
Sadly, it still needs a powerful CPU to reach the 'framerates' as shown above, but the project is rapidly improving all the time!
PegaSwitch is an exploit toolkit for the Nintendo Switch

Team ReSwitched has not posted anything 'officially', but team members have confirmed on Twitter that PegaSwitch works on v3.0 of Switch's latest firmware.
The Nintendo Switch had only been on the marketplace for two weeks when it was quickly discovered that amazing enough it was able to roughly run the Pegasus 64-bit iOS v9.3 JailbreakME Exploit, and soon after that 'PegaSwitch' was born by Team ReSwitched, but of course big 'N' quickly blocked it with their v2.1 firmware update.

Since then the team has gone 'underground' and only sharing their new exploits privately with 'team members' as they work on finding new exploits, but recently they stated its safe to update to the latest v3.0 firmware, because their undisclosed exploits will still work on it when the time comes you want 'homebrew' for now stay on v3.0! :)
Getting kids coding

UK-based FUZE Technologies just reached out to let us know that it is bringing its hugely popular learn-to-code platform, FUZE Code Studio, to the Nintendo Switch next year.
Soon you will not have to worry about having an exploit released that will allow 'homebrew' code on the Nintendo Switch, because big 'N' is going to allow FUZE to port over their popular Code Studio, which means anyone can easy produce some cool totally bedroom-based indie homebrew and run it on their normal Switch with no exploits or hacks needed at all.
This application will allow you to send NDS ROMs via a Wii to a DS using Download Play.

Nintendo has turned off the 'online servers' for the older Nintendo DS (before the 3DS) handhelds, but using your Nintendo Wii and this new homebrew utility from FIX94 you can solve those 'offline' issues, by sending over NDS ROM's from your Wii to your DS!
Nintendo Scene Developer 'FIX94' always amazes me with his utilities for the Wii / Wii U / DS and this one will come in handy for getting some newer 'Virtual Console' NDS ROM's over to your now forced offline by big 'N', your old now retro Nintendo DS handheld.
Now Includes On-The-Fly GBA ROM Patching Engine!

The Best Flashcart For Playing Multiple GameBoy Advance ROM Dumps From Micro-SD On Your Nintendo DS Just Got Better!
It has been a long time coming, but finally EZ-FLASH IV Kernel v2.00 has been released and it makes drag-and-dropping your GBA ROM Backups onto your Micro-SD a ton easy, as now the flashcart includes a patching engine, so no more manually patching your dumps.
Sadly, some early feedback from users are saying it makes it slower, but either way its nice to have the choice and makes the EZ-Flash IV live up to its name for being 'Easy' and 'still supporting' their product after long time. Anyhow...
Tests Have Shown That New 2DS XL Shipping July 28th, 2017 Will Be HACKABLE!

Normatt has been hard at work on his NTRBOOTHAX and even tho N2DSXL ships with v11.5 it still looks like it will be hackable!
It seems big 'N' has decided not to invest in new silicon for their upcoming new model of their very popular handheld, infact it should work just fine for Boot9Strap and CFW Usage, thanks to the fact that the previously cracked bootrom has not been changed even tho the firmware has been upgraded to v11.5 which most likely will block some exploit entry points, that does not matter with 'MagnetPWN'
Control Your 3DS Like Never Before

A Fork of the MEGA toolkit chain Kit-Kat by @Pr4gma
@Pr4gma stopped working on the 'Kit-Kat', but lucky for us GameInCanada has recently updated it for Luma 3DS v8.0 usage!
For more info on how you can use gamepads to control your 3DS, check out links below:

OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://github.com/gameincanada/kit-kat-touch/releases/latest

Just because we officially stopped the NES Classic, does not mean you can go sell your own similar one!

A man who sold retro-gaming systems with thousands of installed games has faced the wrath of Nintendo and Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN.
Nintendo when they released their NES Classic last Holiday Season, caused a surge in people craving to play the old Classic Retro Games again, but the problem is that means if you not happy with fact big 'N' only included 30 games, and also stopped producing their NES Classic, which means you have to cross the line over to buying a 'pirated' setup of Emulator, Hardware and ROM Dumps!
For All Those That Love Playing Retro GameBoy Games On Original Hardware!

KRIKzz is polishing up the finishing touches on his new EverDrive-GB X Series for all those that Love GameBoy!
Get ready soon for pre-orders, as an new EverDrive FlashCart is launching this summer, for all to enjoy firing up their GameBoy's!