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UPDATED: - Dec. 20th: Team-Xecuter and their [WAIN] friends are back with a new update to the cartridge dumper app!

Another hard-working day at TX headquarters and yet another release, this time around just small update to their SX Dumper app. :)
--< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2018 and beyond! >--...​
HD Home Video Game System Dual Gamepad

Now is the right time, to get your household family into the new craze of retro classic gaming, and at the same time you can relive your childhood memories while having fun with your kids, so pickup one of these HD Retro Classic Game Consoles this holiday season from Cafago and enjoy the system right away after unwrapping it, as it comes with 621 Different Classic Games, and best of all its currently only $26.64 with FREE Shipping when ordering today using the coupon code of: US1749 which is valid until Dec. 31st, so check it out now!
Finally, some updated documentation to help you get full usage from SX OS v2.4.1 Beta and its related SX Family Apps!

Over the last few months, Team-Xecuter has been making alot of updates and changes to their SX OS, new features like 'Cheat Codes', 'EmuNAND', as such the original Manuals and FAQs, and Guides were very outdated making it hard for new users to understand all the features and functions that SX OS and its related SX Family Apps can offer, but now the team has released a new v1.3 manual to help you guide you thru some of the questions you were having, and if you look at their notice below they are offering FREE SX OS Licenses to people willing to help them translation their new updated manuals to various other languages. :)
14 / 12 - Added Latest Amiino Support For Super Smash Bros. & Splatoon 2

Recently, Nintendo released more amiibo's for their Splatoon 2 game, and of course Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch, so the developers behind N2 Elite have updated their Android App to handle the latest ones.
Download the latest version from Google Play, or from our official repo located right here on MaxConsole.

OFFICIAL SITE: --> www.n2elite.com
Nintendo says the defendant is also instructing players on how to use the illegal components "in a manner least likely to be caught or arouse suspicion."

Legal paper filings can be read in the attached PDF below. Mr. 'Mikel Euskaldunak' was selling modded NES Classic Min’s pre-loaded with over 800 ROM’s for only just $15 dollars more above the official retail price. He was also selling Switch units with 'payload' injector dongles and including some pirated Switch games on an MicroSD card. - Doubly wrong, and most likely will be found guilty on 9 charges.
UPDATED: 201812.08-v6.2 - So you like being a Pirate Crunch? But you need new v6.2 Keys!
No problem as below is the very latest in Crackerjack Decoder Ring Technology!

Couple of weeks ago, big 'N' rolled out their latest super-duper-protected Nintendo Switch Firwmare version SIX DOT TWO, and it was challenge to extract the keys from it, and as usual those that had the keys were keeping it to themselves, or writing fancy 'auto-generating' scripts, but if you want to unpack Smash Bros. and go around modding, and doing other neat tricks, you need 'KEYS', and well since you are loyal MaxConsole UnderGround supporter, we decided to update our list, with all keys you will ever need!
; ========================
; @ub3r1337 201812.08-v6.2
; ••••••••••••••••••••••••
secure_boot_key                   = B45E9847E06672B80CBFEC79907173DC (not confirmed)
You no longer have to 'Bring-Your-Own-Keys', this new update has better support in 'auto-generating' them for you!

@SciresM has yet again updated his CFW that brings evenj better support when it comes to auto-generating the bootup keys you need, so if you been using 0.8.1 and having issues, then its time to update yet again!
Please remember if/when Nintendo releases v6.3.0 or any update to their v6.2.0 firmware, NOT to UPDATE until its verified this 'TSEC exploit' is still possible, because once it blocked, it will be very tough for any CFW author to move forward in releasing new updates! :(

NEWS SOURCE: @SciresM (via) Twitter
Submit Your Game Cheat Codes For The Nintendo Switch Console, And WIN Prizes!

Our sister site: MAX-CHEATS has announced they have started a Monthly Giveaway Contest for those that submit brand-new Game Cheat Codes that work on Nintendo Switch along with Xecuter SX OS, so boot-up your modded Switch, and start hunting for some 'codes' and 'WIN Prizes'.
Nice All-In-One NES Classic Emulator And Matching Theme For The Nintendo Switch Console!

Spanish Scene Developer @NEOGEOKAI has released his NES Classic Edition for the Nintendo Switch, it is theme that gives your Switch the 'Classic Retro' look from the very popular NES Mini's from Nintendo, and also it includes an updated version of 'clover / laines' with 'retroarch menu', all setup as easy to install NSP package, which is attached below for your Retro Gaming enjoyment! :)

OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://discord.gg/EBxk96

NEWS SOURCE: NES Classic Edition (via) GBATemp
Nov. 26th: v7 - Support new tsec fw in 6.2.0 and add option to save keys to microSD

biskeydump continues to be updated by scene developer @rajkosto, which is a custom 'payload' designed to dump all your Switch BIS keys for usage with later on with eMMC contents decryption on your desktop or laptop, and his latest version 7 build has been updated to handle all the new TSEC changes made recently by big 'N' with their v6.20 firmware release!
PLEASE NOTE: This only helps in backing up your NAND that been updated to v6.2.0 and making changes to it like downgrading, etc., it does NOT help in getting the new special keys needed for CFW on v6.2.0!

OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://github.com/rajkosto/biskeydump (and) https://switchtools.sshnuke.net/
Just In Time For Smash!

With Smash just around the corner, it is great news that soon you will be able to enjoy remote networking LAN-Play on your Nintendo Switch, from the master's of it, Xlink Kai, they been around since the original Xbox console days and know how to do it right!
NEWS SOURCE: Nintendo Switch Support on next release of XLink Kai (via) GBATemp
@SciresM has added support for Switch firmware 6.2.0 key generation to hactool v1.2.2

The quote below is from his Twitter:
The new tsec_root_key was retrieved through an unpublished exploit and these changes were made to add support for the new firmware. Originally the keys were still being kept private but about two weeks after this news came out, all the CFW's out there including SX OS from Team-Xecuter got updated to support v6.2.0 so Nintendo lost again the battle to prevent 'piracy' on their Switch consoles! :D

NX-USB allows you to transfer files between your Nintendo Switch and computer, no WiFi or rebooting required!

Currently, to transfer files back and forth to your Nintendo Switch, you either have to remove/insert your MicroSD between your console and PC, or you have to enable WiFi and use an FTP server to transfer files, but now scene developer @ischeinkman has started working on NX-USB which allows to you access your Switch on your PC with just a simple handy-dandy USB cable connected between your Switch and PC, and bang you can start transferring files back & forth. :)
Just to get this out of the way: THIS DOES NOT WORK ON THE MINI

Nintendo recently updated their old original Wii firmware, and they also more recently announced they shutting-down the 'Internet' on the old outdated Wii's, as such some of current exploits will stop working so there is need for new easy 'entry point' @Fullmetal5 has detailed out his idea of attack plan using the fact that with the recent firmware update Nintendo added a nice 'spot' for us. :)
Double Rocker For GBA NES Games Support TF Card With 7 Inches Screen

X16 handheld game console is a multifunctional game console, it can also be used as a MP3/MP4 player, such as picture viewing, e-book reading. 7" colorful screen ensures great visual experience. Also allowing memory of breakpoint, enabling game automatically archived to continue playing next to the direct read on the progress. And best of all the sale price is currently only $44.79 with FREE Shipping when ordering today using the Cafago Coupon Code of: PS1858, so check out the awesome retro gaming features this beauty offers you below before this limited offer [bexpires on Nov. 30th[/b] :)
Earlier this summer, Nintendo filed a lawsuit against Jacob Mathias, otherwise known as the owner of LoveROMS and LoveRETRO

We reported on before, that big 'N' was going after some of the top 'ROM' sites out there, and now the court battle is over, with of course as usual the judge ruling in Nintendo's favor, with him awarding over $12 Million in damages for supplying old ROM's to users!
This is a port of Xash3D to the Nintendo Switch. It is an open-source re-implementation of Valve's Goldsrc engine.
To put it simply, this allows you to play Half-Life on your Nintendo Switch.

Recently, @Mats ported over the first Half-Life game to the Switch, so you can now enjoy some of best HL/Goldsrc mods out there! :)
Yet Another Handy-Dandy HomeBrew App

Nintendo Scene Developer @fOmey is back with a nice new homebrew utility app for using on your exploitable Switch to package up firmware files for you, this can come in handy to use to grab a 'update' from one Switch to use on another Switch that been banned from getting updates, so check it out below, currently its only v0.4 but its one app that will come more handy as features are added.
Team ReSwitched's custom firmware Atmosphère for the Nintendo Switch has reached a milestone v0.7.5 Sixth Release!

It's Happy June 15th, yet again! as @SciresM just tweeted "Checked my calendar, and it looks like it's June 15th again -- Atmosphere 0.7.5 has released: New in 0.7.5 are DRAM training in fusee, which results in a ~200%-400% faster boot time (thanks, @hexkyz!), and creport output improvements. :)"
@HackInformer has posted news that 'patched' Youtube app from Discord By 'AmooArash [email protected]#$' is now out!

This 'patched' app, linked below works on all CFW's including SX OS and older 5.1 firmwares, and is handy not only for 'banned' users, but also users that wish to enjoy YouTube on their Switch consoles, without any tracking by big 'N' or having an 'linked profile'. :)
DOWNLOAD: --> https://scmods.com/sxos/Youtube_patched.zip (57.35mb)

NEWS SOURCE: Youtube app for Banned...
Formally, known to loyal Xbox Fans as 'XBMC', the world-famous media player is coming soon to the Switch!

@VelocityRa is busy porting over KODI branch on GITHub to the Switch, it not released yet, but its one project to follow for sure! :)
The First Visual Programming Homebrew Engine, now for Nintendo Switch™

GBATemp Homebrew bounty program is coming along with the 'first month' closing soon and one of the biggest entries in the contest is Gen 7 Engine by @iyenal it allows you to quickly develop 'homebrew' games & apps for Switch and other platforms.
The Switch is by far the hottest video game console on the planet right now, and that’s not going to change for the foreseeable future.

The Switch has sold over 21 Million, and the SNES Mini over 10 Million, so portable and retro is in, but Nintendo's Mini even tho its small, is not portable, and the Switch can only play NES games, well no longer do you have to worry, As Hyperkin has you covered!
Now Supports Dumping of your Original Switch Game Cartridges to USB HDD, when used with SX OS!

It's been a while since we seen some updates to the original WAINCartDumperNX, but now there has been major development, and v2.0.0 has been released and it supports using your connected USB HDD device to dump those large Switch game cartridges to! :)
Enjoy! :)

NEWS SOURCE: [WAIN]Card Dumper v2.0.0 (via) GBATemp
A massive all-in-one tool for the Nintendo Switch

@Dontwait00, @midstor @LordApple and the rest of the NX++ Team have released v1.5 of their NXToolkit++ for all to enjoy! :)
You can grab the latest .NRO from their GIT page, which is linked below, in the meantime here is their original news announcement for the first version released last month: