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Another Fan-Made Video Game, Another Takedown as usual by Nintendo!

Nintendo doesn't like it when you use their franchise's gameplay, their franchise's name, and their franchise's music in a game of your own, no matter your reasons, being a loyal fan, or doing it to honor an anniversary does not count in eyes of big 'N' lawyers!

Within 24 hours 1.5 million people downloaded 'Pokemon Uranium' officially from the developers website after they finally released their long-time-in-development game based on the Pokemon IP, with even a way to chat with other Pokemon's you captured, but of course Nintendo didn't like the idea, and within those 24 hours like usual, their big team of lawyers came a calling faster then the best Pokemon out there, and in one powerful cast of spell, knocked out the developers from allowing them to serve up any more downloads, so now you are your own in dark side...
Your #1 Pokemon Scanner. --- Stylish. Simple. Intuitive to use.

GBATemp announced earlier tonight, a new tracking app for Pokemon Go, called 'PokeNavGo', one of the very first apps to come out since the developers did alot of patching to their app to knock off any 3rd-party tracking services.

Finally, you get can be to scanning for Pokemon and knowing for sure where they are in your area, thanks to 'PokeNavGo', they have figured out a way around the latest patches that Niantics did recently to knock-down 3rd-party add-ons like this one, and have released their first Android version, with soon to follow an iOS release, and many updates as they expand on features and tools.

Unofficial remake of famous N64 classic GoldenEye with full Multi-Player and HD Graphics!

A few days ago, we had the fan 30th Birthday Version of Metroid, and now we have totally rebuilt Valve's engine running an updated GoldenEye for all those N64 FPS Retro Lovers out there to enjoy!

It has been a long time coming, over ten years in development, but yesterday marked the first big full released of GoldenEye: Source 5.0 that is built on Valve's SDK 2007 package (a 2.3gig download), install that then you can download this nice professional 2gigs mod, and be on your way playing GoldenEye like it always should had been with over 25 maps to explore and over 10 gamemodes and more.

This new guide, will make it easier for you to get your 3DS up and running with the latest GW v4.1 firmware!

As Gateway 3DS developers roll along closer to full public release of their new firmware, an updated guide has been released for advanced users that wish to try out the Private Beta v4.1 firmware that was recently released.

One of the major problems with the recent two Private Beta's v4.0 and v4.1 was that there was no clear steps to follow, so even some advanced 3DS owners that wanted to try out the new beta's, got confused on all the steps needed for their certain 3DS model and region and native firmware version, but now that is all clearly laid out for them, with a nice step-by-step guide that just been released.

Fan-made Metroid 2 remake celebrates series’ 30th year before Nintendo does.

Free on Windows with redrawn graphics, slight twists, mechanics from other entries. After ten years in the making, Project AM2R, a fan-made Metroid 2: Return of Samus remake, sees its first release on Metroid’s 30th birthday.

Nintendo must be taking the weekend off, because at this time of posting the news of Project AM2R finally being released after 10 years of being developed right on time for Metroid's 30th Birthday Party, you can still download it, which is record for fan-remake lasting on the 'net before Nintendo comes calling with its C&D takedown notices.

A fake employee may be to blame!

Nintendo has a bit of a reputation for being overprotective of their copyrights. Gaming personalities "Angry" Joe Vargas and Jim Sterling, among others, have had unpleasant run-ins with them. Adult artists have recently suffered copyright strikes against their fan creation. Fan games have popped up and disappeared overnight.

Seems like big 'N' either has rogue ex-employee going power-craze, or someone is pretending to be this former employee and using his past power to issue perfect looking C&D copyright takedowns to the right groups to get videos and other websites removed.

Team is back with another super-duper update for their 3DS Flashcart!

In June, the Gateway 3DS team released the 4.0 private beta test, and now in August they have announced a new 4.1 private beta, with lots of fixes and so more neat features!

GATEWAY 3DS Team has been hard at wok, and to prove it they have released 4.1 and also teased more things are to come soon!

It's time to UNLEASH the true POWER hiding inside your CONSOLE controllers, plus give you total TITAN freedom!

The TITAN ONE been on the market for a while now, and it allowed you total freedom to use what ever controller you wanted on whatever console from Xbox 360 to Xbox One from Wii to Wii U and even PS3 to PS4, now get ready for next step TITAN TWO!

Today, we got a short PR from the developers behind TITAN TWO on what 'hardware' features TITAN TWO will have, along with few features, a Quick Start Guide and suggested retail price, but no information on what it will be shipping to general public, but looking at their support forums they been shipping out BETA units to selected TITAN ONE customers, so it can't be long before its all ready to go!

It seems the recently published UWP app, for now, is sadly only available to Xbox/Windows Insiders!

World’s most advanced “N64 emulator for Windows 10” is now available on Xbox One. You need to download it to Windows 10 via the store and it should show on your Xbox One.

With no official word from the developers of the N64 Emulator, their app has suddenly become available on the Xbox One, thanks in part to how Microsoft handles the new UWP system that was added to Xbox One, if the option is there they will publish it in Xbox Store also, even if developer originally only designed it for Windows 10 UWP system. -- Read on below for how/why/this occurs!

Big Hooray Today, for those with updated Nintendo 3DS consoles!

Smealum just announced the release of menuhax and browserhax exploits by hacker yellows8, on the latest 3DS firmware 11.0. These exploits do not require any game purchase or anything else to run, which makes them extremely convenient.

modrobert writes: "yellows8 has released browserhax and menuhax which are new exploits for 3DS with the latest firmware 11.0. According to wololo these exploits do not require any game purchase or anything else to run, which...
A new Super Nintendo and SNES Playstation CD video game has been released!

Super Boss Gaiden is the product of German duo Chrono Moogle and Dieter Lazer. If you like 16-bit retro platformers with tight controls, humorous dialogue and challenging gameplay, this might just be your surprise homebrew hit of Summer 2016.

ModRobert from EurAsia was kind enough to inform us of this great piece of Retro Gaming News that hit the wire recently:

"Chrono Moogle and Dieter Lazer have released a game titled Super Boss Gaiden over at YouTube for the rare Nintendo Playstation. The release also includes a ROM for SNES/Super Famicom if anyone else wants to try it out. I just did on my SNES with Pro Fighter X Turbo, and it was awesome. :D Thanks goes to groats for the heads up."

An actual playable game has been written for the never-to-be-produced Nintendo...
Enjoy this super-slow way of dumping your old GBA games through a Gamecube or Wii

FIX94 has released a Game Boy Advance ROM dumper tool for GameCube over at gc-forever.com which requires the official GC to GBA link cable (DOL-011).

Never say Never to a real Nintendo hacker, because it might just happen, that is yet again in amazing new feat from FIX94, he has been able to manage to find a brand-new way in dumping your GameBoy Advance cartridges, by using an old-school GBA Link Cable designed for the Nintendo Gamecube, and his code works on both the original and older Nintendo Wii's that are still 'GameCube' backwards compatible.

Which is perfect timing as now you can fully enjoy dumping your GBA carts using nothing more then pure Nintendo hardware, as you wait for the recently announced...
Major crackdown by gaming companies across borders this week!

Normally, you heard of raids by FBI / ICE or BND after a device like PS Jailbreak or keys get published, but this time groups have been taken down before they can finished their work because of e-fame

Recently, there been alot of news in the PS4 scene, with leaked releases of 'Bad IRET' by CTurt and updates to KEXEC by fail0verflow, and even news of possible PS4 Jailbreak called USB Whistle and before that movement in the Wii U scene with released of...
Amiiqo Evolved


Back in August of last year I reviewed the Amiiqo device here on MaxConsole. The handy little device allows you “emulate” an Amiibo figure by backing up and restoring the data to their own multi-slot NFC disc. Since that time, Amiiqo has seen a name change and major updates to it’s software.

The device is now known as the N2 and the new N2 Elite comes with USB NFC reader/writer hardware that can be used on any PC or OSX computer. This makes saving and restoring your figure data much easier than the previously available software, which was only available for Android based devices.

The hardware is based on the well-known NXP MFRC522 chip, which should allow for many future upgrades and improvements (more on that later). The disc itself is the same as Amiiqo but with a re-branded label. The big star...
MAXLander has been months in the making.... And it is finally landing soon at reseller near you....

We would like to introduce you to MAXLander – The World's First Complete NFC Backup System. MAXLander is a unique tool for users who wish to backup their NFC game data to avoid missing or broken data.

NFC Toys are all the rage these days in the video gaming world, from originally the first being Skylanders, then later Disney got into the game, and now more recently Amiiboo's have appeared from Nintendo.

There is three major problems with these little sometimes costly easy-to-break toys:

  1. You can't sometimes find the one you want to unlock the feature you need in game.
  2. You can't backup your NFC user data that you spend so much time building up the skills for that character.
  3. You can't copy/clone/edit the store NFC user data to...
Fredrik Neij has appealed the decision, dismissing potential security risk of NES

Pirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij (aka 'Tiamo') has lost his effort to keep an original Nintendo in his cell while serving time at the Skänninge prison in Mjölby in central Sweden.

It is truly GAME OVER for the Pirate Bay co-founder, first he got caught hiding out in Thailand and send home to Sweden to serve his time behind bars, but at least he had an original Nintendo to keep himself amused while waiting out his time, but now its Game Over again, as his NES been taken away from him for being a possible security risk.