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The Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) had several game cart releases...

With custom chips included to add various hardware features (aka 'coprocessor' and 'enhancement chips').

Currently, redguy is developing SA1 support for SD2SNES which is an advanced open source FPGA based SNES copier (flash cart).

The SA-1 core has reached private beta stage and SmokeMonster recently posted a video testing it, check this forum thread over at krikzz.com for more info.

Thanks goes to...
On the heels of their massive success on pre-orders for their SwitchMe internal dev board, plans are in works for a dongle!

Team Rebug has been overwhelmed with the support they have been getting for the pre-order launch of their SwitchMe internal dev board, as such they have just recently announced plans on their Twitter for an upcoming SwitchMe external dongle, which they are calling an Xecuter SX PRO on steroids. :)
Built-in 620 Classic Games

Do you feel bored in your free time? Do you want to find something wonderful and meaningful to do? If so, this video game console would be your good choice. There are 620 different built-in classic games in it. Playing it, you would gain the fun of your childhood and the fun with your family, which is very suitable for amusement and recreation in family. Now is perfect time to purchase an NES Mini Video Game Console as TomTop has it on limited 'flash sale' at unbeatable webshop price, so check it out:
@Reisyukaku - Has come thru and released her first commit to the GITHub page for the future Switch ReiNX CFW.

It does not much yet, but @Reisyukaku has finally released to the public her 'modular custom firmware' called 'ReiNX' on a GITHub page.
Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against the alleged operator of the popular console ROM sites LoveROMS.com and LoveRETRO.co.

The sites are among the most notorious online hubs for pirated games, according to Nintendo, and face millions of dollars in potential damages. With the launch of NES Classic Games on their Nintendo Switch coming up soon in September, it means we are in for another wave of crackdowns by big 'N' over any site that offers Emulators or Retro ROMs for playing Nintendo games on other platforms.
AV-USB Interface Built-In 660 Games for Family Entertainment

This game console would be a good choice for game fans. There are 660 different built-in classic games in it. With it, you would gain the fun of your childhood and the fun with your family, which is very suitable for amusement and recreation in family. And best of all the sale price is currently only $23.58 when ordering today using coupon code: US1485, but you need to act fast was this limited retro gaming offer expires on Aug. 31th, so check it out below:
Built-in with 400 or either 821 Non-repetition Classic Retro Games, plus Two Gaming Handles - HD Version

This mini game machine contains either 400 or 821 non-repetition classic games, and with two game handles, call your friends and have a nice day together! And right now its super affordable to get back to your childhood gaming era as Cafago is offering up these retro beauties for either purchase option #1: 821 built-in classic games for sale price of: only $36.99 using coupon code: US0932 or purchase option #2: 400 built-in classic games for sale price of: only $29.99 using coupon code: US0931, but you need to check them out below soon as this special retro gaming offer is only valid until July 31th, so don't miss out on your affordable chance to re-live your childhood. :)
This script requires python 3, although I think porting it to python 2 shouldn't be too hard. No library download is required.

This neat script was released by @rkk on Sunday, at the time it was basically useless, but now with the nice update by Xecuter with their SX v1.3 you can now make better usage of packaging up your items as 'NSP' containers and installing them via the devmenu.
NOTE: Using this script to download unowned content (and most probably owned too) will lead to a ban. Don't hold me responsible for decisions YOU decided to take.

CDNSP is a Python3 CDN downloader. It needs the requests library (pip install request). tqdm (pip install tqdm) is optional and will make your progress bars look better. Maybe some more, I'm not sure.
u/gibajr on reddit is taking XCI management to the next level

"My Idea was to make a way of listing all my XCI files and show their info without need to open file by file. I'm a newbie on C# so the code is not beauty." - u/gibajr
My Latest Release: -->...
Plus Team-Xecuter is asking for your help in translating the SX Family Manuals to non-English Languages!

With stock of SX PRO now in the hands of Switch Video Gamers around the World, the reviews are pouring in various languages and TX has put up a page highlighting them all, so you can check it out and decide if SX PRO or SX OS is the right modding product for you, plus they also mentioned on their official site, they are looking for help in translating the SX Manuals, and will reward you for your work. :)
Joy-Con Controllers for Mario Tennis Games

Usage Scenario: Family Party, Leisure time, a gathering of friends. Family night has taken on a new meaning. It is helpful for exercising and keeping fit. It is helpful for releasing pressure and increasing self-confidence. Great gift for Nintendo sport gamer! And now with the latest Mario Tennis out for the very popular Nintendo Switch console, this is the perfect time to grab Twin Pack Tennis Racket for N-Switch from Cafago as the sale price is only $9.98 when ordering using the coupon code of: US1878, but you need to get your arm swinging fast as this offer is only valid to July 27th, so check out the extreme pro sports gaming features below:
Before I begin my review I would like to thank Team-Xecuter for giving me a review copy of their SX OS.

Hence this review is specifically for the SX OS which is meant for people who already has a jig / tool and a usb cable etc.... If you don't have those then I recommend you getting the SX PRO instead.

Enjoy my review! :)

Honestly, I had my doubts about the SX OS but after spending less than 10 minutes with this my doubts were gone.

What took me by surprise was that how easy it was to set up and how quick and well it operates. To set it up it was just a matter of going onto the Team Xecuter SX official website then downloading the required files they even have an easy to follow manual which I followed to a T and had no issues what so ever.

Once I had everything set up and clicked Inject Payload in a few seconds my switch was into the TX Boot Menu


First time using...
MaxConsole Official Review of the: RDS Industries Officially Licensed Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case
This is the official Nintendo carrying case for the Nintendo Switch home entertainment console.

Features listed on the package:
  1. Deluxe Travel Case
  2. Game Card Case 2 pcs
  3. Micro SD Card Case 2 pcs
As with any handheld console, one must take care in owning it. This travel case promises to hold and protect the switch as well as being durable with a 1680D hard shell for maximum protection. To be fair, this case does cost a little bit more than other, more plain, cases available, but it has a much more stylish look than the competition.

IMG_4999.JPG IMG_5000.JPG

At MaxConsole, we strive to give you reviews on the latest and best quality Nintendo Switch products and this is no exception. We will take a close look at this carrying...
Right ladies and gents, I won't be covering as much as @realtimesave, as I am certain he has done an amazing review that I can barely add to, But here goes:

I received my review unit on Saturday, but was away so have not had a great deal of a chance to play with it fully.

This came in a very nicely packaged box containing the slide dongle to go in the right joy con, The USB-C payload dongle and a Micro-USB cable, I quite like the packaging logo matching the OS background logo.

20180623_120039.jpg 20180623_120124.jpg

Now as to start with I inserted the USB-C payload dongle into the USB-C port at the bottom of the switch, And then sliding jig dongle into where the right joy con slides in, Obviously make sure the pins are to the bottom with the ON to the bottom on the outside. Also pulled the Samsung 256gb SD card and put the boot.dat file on from the SX OS 1.2 zip file....
Team-Xecuter along with MaxConsole are excited and proudly present to you:
The TX SX Pro Modification Kit With Custom OS

This is the worldwide premiere of the first and only soft mod / USB-C dongle kit available for the Nintendo Switch console entertainment system has arrived, and the following review has been updated today (June 24th), to match the latest SX OS v1.2 release earlier today, so if you read it few days ago, please read it for all the 'improvements'.

It has been over a century since Nintendo was founded in Kyoto, Japan and started selling their first games: the Hanafuda playing cards. Since then, this multi-billion dollar company has made arguably the greatest and most popular video game systems of all time, each of which eventually has been a playground for pirates as well as homebrew developers. Nintendo’s current flagship home system is also...
Touchscreen support, an audio player, an OSK for entering names and more!

Once you have a nicely hacked (modded) Nintendo Switch console, you need a easy way to manage all your homebrew, games, and custom files on your SDCard, without using the PC all the time, and this homebrew does just that, install it, and manage away, plus this latest update adds a ton of new features, and even an 'audio player', so its well worth upgrading to and using on your Switch console.
20/06 – Summer is coming, cheats as well!

The development team behind the very useful N2 Elite device (the little cool box, that allows you to backup, clone, copy, change your hundreds of Amiibo's has released a major big update for their users, and totally for FREE, check out their official PR release below:
Team-Xecuter is well known for their high quality console modification products, having especially made a name for themselves in the Xbox 360 scene.

SX Pro moves them into the current generation with a plug & play solution for Nintendo Switch. Inside the package you will find the SX Pro dongle, a small plastic “tool” and a USB cable.

The installation process itself is simple. With the unit powered on, you insert the SX Pro dongle into the charging slot on the bottom of the Switch and wait five seconds.

Then power off (fully, not sleep mode) the Switch and put in an SD cart containing the SX OS boot.dat file. Remove the right Joycon from the Switch and slide the small tool all the way down. It is conveniently labeled on and off so you can see which way it is supposed to go.

1.JPG 2.jpg

3.jpg 4.jpg

With the tool in...
All The Keys Needed To Rule The Switch Kingdom Of Mario And Peach!

Evil Bowser is back and has stolen the keys to the Nintendo's EDEV castle, whom cares about the used up Princess when you can have all the development master keys instead, the rumor is an EDEV unit was sold recently on eBay and so of course it didn't take very long before all that good shit like TSEC+Fuses+NAND was dumped and shared.
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keyblob_01 =...
Just like the other leaked 'XCI-Dumper' but with 'source code' and hopefully will be updated with more features!

GBATemp'er @jakibaki has taken the 'leaked' WAINCartDumperNX which is closed-source, and rip it apart and added the changes to the previous GITHUB repo that clearly the leaked author had taken the code from, and as such now we have 'open-source' dumper that can be updated!
Leaked from ReSwitched Discord Server, but it does work on your older (cart1)-type games on your exploitable Switch!

The piracy scene is on fire again (with a ton of usual scene drama on top to fuel the flames), after someone 'leaked' an 'Cartridge Dumper', but as @AnalogMan points out below, it does have some limits, like no support for newer (cart2)-type games, but the version attached is now updated with features to dump to FAT32 and to dump only your 'private certs', so check it out:
This is a tool to make switch hacking easier. It not groundbreaking, but it certainly isn't bad.

Even tho the SX PRO is coming next weekend, there is those that want to do 'Switch Hacking' on their own, or just use SX OS with PC, and if you one of those 'down-to-earth' (bare-bones) modders, then check out this handy-dandy All-In-One package of Switch tools!
Exploit for homebrewing DSi

FlipNote ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Includes PSX, N64 and PSP!

I was bored waiting for my SX PRO to arrive, so was browsing the forum sites, and noticed this nice post by @natinusala on GBATemp, so I decided to steal it and copied it here for all you to read and enjoy trying out, as I like playing Retro ROMs on emulators! :)