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@HackInformer has posted news that 'patched' Youtube app from Discord By 'AmooArash [email protected]#$' is now out!

This 'patched' app, linked below works on all CFW's including SX OS and older 5.1 firmwares, and is handy not only for 'banned' users, but also users that wish to enjoy YouTube on their Switch consoles, without any tracking by big 'N' or having an 'linked profile'. :)
DOWNLOAD: --> https://scmods.com/sxos/Youtube_patched.zip (57.35mb)

NEWS SOURCE: Youtube app for Banned...
Formally, known to loyal Xbox Fans as 'XBMC', the world-famous media player is coming soon to the Switch!

@VelocityRa is busy porting over KODI branch on GITHub to the Switch, it not released yet, but its one project to follow for sure! :)
The First Visual Programming Homebrew Engine, now for Nintendo Switch™

GBATemp Homebrew bounty program is coming along with the 'first month' closing soon and one of the biggest entries in the contest is Gen 7 Engine by @iyenal it allows you to quickly develop 'homebrew' games & apps for Switch and other platforms.
The Switch is by far the hottest video game console on the planet right now, and that’s not going to change for the foreseeable future.

The Switch has sold over 21 Million, and the SNES Mini over 10 Million, so portable and retro is in, but Nintendo's Mini even tho its small, is not portable, and the Switch can only play NES games, well no longer do you have to worry, As Hyperkin has you covered!
Now Supports Dumping of your Original Switch Game Cartridges to USB HDD, when used with SX OS!

It's been a while since we seen some updates to the original WAINCartDumperNX, but now there has been major development, and v2.0.0 has been released and it supports using your connected USB HDD device to dump those large Switch game cartridges to! :)
Enjoy! :)

NEWS SOURCE: [WAIN]Card Dumper v2.0.0 (via) GBATemp
A massive all-in-one tool for the Nintendo Switch

@Dontwait00, @midstor @LordApple and the rest of the NX++ Team have released v1.5 of their NXToolkit++ for all to enjoy! :)
You can grab the latest .NRO from their GIT page, which is linked below, in the meantime here is their original news announcement for the first version released last month:
(Game+updates+dlc in a single xci)

This new release by @JRoad called NSC_Buiilder takes the mantle of Nut Cleaner and serves as an implementation of his new modded hacbuild, check out the awesomeness this app does in ease in assembling all-in-one XCI packages you can enjoy on the Switch!
Uae4All2 mod v1.72 for Vita and Switch

Use4All2 Mod is an Amiga emulator for Vita and Switch. This is @rsn8887 mod of this great Amiga emulator that was originally ported to the Vita by @Cpasjuste. Depending on when you read this, this mod might be ahead or behind his version.
A new revolution in online play for the DS and DSi

Never say Never, when it comes to finding great new undiscovered exploits/hacks/mods on the Nintendo DS handheld, after years and years of trying, the impossible has been done, mainly in part because well big 'N' fuck-up a big way when it comes to SSL handling! :)
ps4nes v1.01 Released by @m0rph3us1987 / Only for FW v5.05 PS4 consoles

PlayStation Scene Developer @m0rph3us1987 is back with yet another update to one of his 'emulator' ports, and this one is for playing your legit backups of NES cartridges on your exploitable FW v5.05 PlayStation 4 consoles, check out his comments below, and enjoy! :)
OFFICIAL SOURCE: --> https://twitter.com/m0rph3us1987/status/1058421615686492161
The Homebrew Menu (hbmenu) is the menu for launching homebrew applications.
Applications are launched using the Homebrew ABI, hence normally nx-hbloader will do the actual launching.

Nintendo Scene Developer @yellows8 is back with another great update to his 'Homebrew Menu' app for the Switch consoles.
The Switch UP by Collective Minds is a BREAKTHROUGH accessory for today's Switch gamer.
Use your existing PS4 or PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360 controllers right on your Nintendo Switch.
Use Mods on the Nintendo Switch.

Not much is known about Switch-UP yet from 'Collective Minds', but the company has good track history of producing devices like 'DriveHub' and selling 'CronusMax' which allows for different controllers on different consoles, but now they are entering the new Nintendo Switch accessory world, but what makes this product unique is that they are claiming it has 'mods inside' it, not only allowing you to use your favorite gaming controller of choice on the Switch, but also 'enhancing' your game experience with Odyssey & Zelda. :)
The Nintendo Switch is on a spree!

Well Switch is on roll, lighting up household after household with its family fun, casual games, and some good 1st-party Nintendo favs, and a few nice 3rd-party games, people are overall happy with the DOCKable/PORTable Switch idea that big 'N' came up with after the horrible Wii U setup that never took off, now the Switch is beating previous Nintendo console record holders and its not even 2019 yet.
@rsn8887 has added new Switch ports for the games Rocks'n'Diamonds and Mirrormagic, to his previous PSVita ports!

Rocks'n'Diamonds is a Boulderdash type game by Holger Schemel with many unique features, such as the ability to play remade levels from Boulderdash, Emerald Mine and Supaplex and many more levels. <-- (AND) --> Mirrormagic is a game by Holger Schemel in the tradition of Deflektor and Mindbender. You guide a laser beam by adjusting mirrors before the time limit runs out.
A library for reading file formats used by the Nintendo Switch OS.

LibHac is a .NET or .NET Core library for opening, decrypting and extracting common content file formats used by the Nintendo Switch and has been recently updated by @Thealexbarney to version 0.1.3, so check out the changes to this update below:
Now 'homebrew' running can have full access to Switch's internal RAM!

@Chary from GBATemp reports that Switchbrew has released a major update to 'nx-hbloader', a host process for loading NRO files for Switch homebrew applications. Check out the details below why this is so important for our homebrew games & emulators, etc. :)
@Aida-Enna has throw together a quick app for creating HTML files and converting files to Switch compatible formats.

He knows the GUI still sucks and his code needs to be optimized, but for now he has released an version we can enjoy as 'PoC', and he will be working on polishing it up to give us more options, so we can finally enjoy watching anything we want on our Switch consoles.