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Thanks to the hard work of the RetroNX devs (natinusala and m4xw), we now have an official RetroArch release for Switch!

This might just be the single biggest platform release at launch for a new platform ever for RetroArch! Right from day one, they are starting out of the gates on the Switch with over 44 libretro cores! You can download RetroArch for Switch here.
Adds Paid Online Service, NES Classic Games, Save Data Cloud Backup, And Much More Stability!

We have all known about v6.0.0 for over a week now, since it was found on CDN network and leaked out by those active in Underground Nintendo Scene, but now finally big 'N' has officially rolled out their latest Switch firmware update, and this one is adds of course 'Classic NES Games' (which you need to download separately, about 60mb in total), and Save Data Cloud Backup, and as usual 'stability patches'.
Now you are playing with power. Super power.
…. or are you?
The C2M Classic 2 Magic

Are you really playing with super power or is your SNES / NES Classic Edition operating without a proper cartridge slot? Worry not, the C2M company has come up with a solution for you that aims to please those whom want to easily add more features to their console.

This is the Classic 2 Magic by team C2M supplied by MOD3DSCARD for us to review. It is a full 16-bit SNES region-free cartridge slot which is intended to be compatible with all regions of SNES and Super Famicom game cartridges. This handy bulky little device plugs directly into the SNES Classic Edition or the NES Classic Edition of your choosing and supports a wide range of classic 16-bit video games. It is intended to be user friendly...
@WiiUGold is back with another one of Switch Arcade mods!

We have reported in the past on @WiiUGold arcade cab mods for the Switch, and the last couple were 'table-top' versions, but now he recently got hold of the official Nintendo Switch Kiosk and decided, what the hell, let's mod it to to play 'games' instead of just demos!

(Please click on 'continue' button below, to view all the cool pics!)

Stay tuned as we bring you soon an exclusive in-depth video of the finished process, and more of @WiiUGold custom mods! :)
One of the biggest leaps in the Switch homebrew scene is here!

Hardware acceleration is now possible on Switch!
OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://devkitpro.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=8780

LibNX OpenGL examples: -->...
Get 5% OFF sitewide this week, by using the coupon code SALE10, with thanks from our sponsor 'Funyroot'!

With the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit, you'll be able to combine the technology of the Nintendo Switch with the fun of DIY creations. Going fishing, drive a car, race a motorbike, play the piano, and much more, your imagination opens up the world of possibilities, and best of all right now Funyroot has this 5-in-1 Cardboard Set available for only $54.99 plus 5% OFF sitewide, so check it out today, and shop for other great gaming deals.
A bootloader for the 3DS console, written by @derrekr6, @profi200, @d0k3

The Nintendo Switch Scene might be hopping along like crazy, but there is still the Nintendo 3DS, and even big 'N' is releasing new models of 2DS/3DS this holiday season, along with new 3DS games, and firmware updates, so there still a very active Nintendo 3DS Scene, and to that end @derrekr6 and @profi200 have recently cleaned up their FastBoot 3DS code and released a stable v1.1.
Desktop UI massively improved, Discord integration, 64bit Android version, GSync/FreeSync mode, and more!

The developers behind the world-famous RetroArch have just released v1.7.4, which you can grab it from here. The latest version has also been uploaded to the Google Play Store. <-- (This is the 32bit version.) They have also a brand new 64bit version for users with 64bit capable devices. You can grab that one here.
Today, the Pokémon Essentials wikia and all downloads for it have been taken down due to a copyright claim by Nintendo of America.

Nintendo has been on a 'warpath' recently, first going after ROM sites, and now they back to going after 'fan-made' games, finally setting their sights on 'Pokemon Essentials' after it being free from any 'strikes' by Nintendo for over a decade, but that is no longer the case, as of today all downloads have been removed, but existing mods which don't feature 'Essentials' itself will still be allowed.
NEWS UPDATE: August 27th - Team REBUG will be shipping out finished boards soon! :)

Yoshi dropped by Twitter, to let everyone know that Team REBUG's (SwitchMe development board) is finally shipping out to resellers and first wave of pre-orders, and they are also sorry for the delay but it was not their fault. #TradeWars
As you can see in the photo above, nice racks and racks of SwitchME boards all ready for packaging and shipping, so it will not be long now, before we will be seeing all the cool install pics, and cool things that cool people will be doing with their Switch'es. :)

OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://rebug.me/product/switchme/...
To go along with the earlier NCA builder by @SimonMKWii, here's his latest release: A NAX0 Encryptor & Decryptor!

If you been using and enjoying @SimonMKWii's NCA Builder release, then you will love playing around with his latest release NAX0-Cryptor. :)
This version now supports booting ALL current CFW, Linux chainloading and payload tools. No more SD card removals

It has been a while since there was major update to 'Hekate Bootloader' setup for various CFW and RCM Payloads on the exploitable Nintendo Switch consoles, but scene developer @CTCaer recently announced on Twitter that he released v4.0 on his GITHub Repo.
Lantus has ported MAME 0.72 to the Nintendo Switch with proper speed hacks and oldschool awesomeness.

Also check his interesting video about how this port was made and reasoning behind design decisions.
Download: -->...
CLASSIC 2 MAGIC: Play SNES Cartridges on your SNES Mini (and much more)!

We here at MaxConsole UnderGround, love Retro Gaming, it reminds us of the glory days of video gaming, and we are not the only ones last month the official Nintendo Classic Mini consoles, outsold the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch combined. So it gives us great pleasure to the able today to present to you THE must have accessory for all SNES Mini owners: Classic 2 Magic

Thankfully, due to our various 'insider' contacts, we were able to sit-down and have fun with the C2M device, before it officially launches next month, and its truly does live up to its name, bringing retro gaming 'magic' to your Mini consoles, first off it allows you to play your original SNES cartridges, second it even allows you to 'backup' those cartridges to your choose of USB devices, and it also opens up your closed console to allow playing any SNES...
Now Supports NORFLASH, Plus Much More!

The World's Most Powerful GBA Flashcart, the EZ-FLASH OMEGA just got a whole bunch more powerful, check out the changes that v6.0 firmware along with updated v1.04 Kernel bring to the Retro Gamer and Longest Loved Nintendo Handheld.
First Party Titles No Longer Downloadable!

Recently, big 'N' rolled-out a new firmware for their Nintendo 3DS handheld, and buried within v11.8 were some changes to how 3DS and eShop works and how titles are fetched from their CDN servers and now the first major changes are being seen, with Nintendo wiping out pirates from accessing their 'first-party' games using various apps like freeShop, Villain3DS, TikDevil, and FunKeyCIA. :(