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A Gran Turismo styled PS3 Theme is downloadable!

So this one is for all of you PS3 lovers to enjoy but it is also dedicated to our good friends over at PSXTools.de from Germany. The Gran Turismo PS3 theme contains 14 different backgrounds each in SD and HD (1920x1080) resolution. Of course, PS3 themes didnt need a hack or a customfirmware, just follow the instructions and have fun.
PSXTOOLS-GRAN-TURISMO-EDITION-v0.1.p3t: MD5: 6E132004FE69070D5C05CD48444B6287

Exclusive Source: --> MaxConsole.com & PSXTools.de <-- (Posted only Here, so other news sites, give credit for our PS3 stuff!)
A Batman PS3 Theme is available!

The Batman theme contains all fanarts from the PS4 themes and we made them now also available for the PS3, non modded console is required, just follow the simple instructions to install that PS3 theme.
BATMAN-MAYH3M-v0.1.p3t: MD5: 274113069BE502229C561997A37F805B

Exclusive Source: --> MaxConsole.com <-- (Posted Only Here, so other news sites, give credit for our PS3/PS4 stuff!)
Batman is here! Yet another PS4 theme!

So after all these Badasses from the Batman/DC universe in the last days "The Dark Knight" is finally here for your HEN enabled PS4 consoles with firmware 5.05. Hope you like that custom PS4 theme.
MD5: C79E57B77A0506BB20FED66224828329

Exclusive Source: --> MaxConsole.com <-- (Posted Only Here, so other news sites, give credit for our PS4 stuff!)
Still PS3 lovers !

This theme is for PS3 consoles and is usable without a modded/custom firmware, follow the instructions below, its not that hard to install, we hope you will like it.
PROJECT-XMB-MAYH3M-v0.2.p3t: MD5: 9069A4EC4E2FC0D4174C6259F58C3E02

Exclusive Source: --> MaxConsole.com <-- (Posted Only Here, so other news sites, give credit for our PS3 stuff!)
What has five eyes, but cannot see?!?

Hope you like our new The Riddler based Theme for HEN / HACK enabled PS4 consoles.
MD5: B0C39D224D4BAF6BE9A5D54F4C5EB431

Exclusive Source: --> MaxConsole.com <-- (Posted Only Here, so other news sites, give credit for our PS4 stuff!)
Just after the release of PS4Reaper earlier today, here is the PS4REAPER Multitrainer!

Great News today, for PlayStation 4 sceners, that wish to have 'cheats' and 'modded saves' on their exploitable v5.05 consoles, thanks to the hard work of developers, the PS4Reaper is born and you can now enjoy trainers and other such greatness on your PS4.
@fail0verflow have continued their series of articles about PS4 hardware attacks titled 'PS4 Aux Hax'

I covered part 1-3 in a previous story. This time they explore a stack buffer overflow bug in the HDMI encoder firmware when HDMI-CEC is enabled, accessed via I2C and IRQ lines while disabling HDMI encoder power switch access from syscon.

I assume Sony will mitigate this attack either by changing the southbridge chip hardware in future revisions of the PS4, or by removing the option to use HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) in settings.
Dump from PS4 Optical Drive to USB by @stooged

PlayStation Scene Developer @stooged is back with another great new v5.05 payload to allow those with exploitable PS4 consoles to dump their original PlayStation 4 game discs directly from the blu-ray optical drive to a external USB HDD plugged into their jailbroken PS4 console, it is not fast as you can see from quote 'developer notes' post from PSXHAX forums, but it does get the job done! :)
Konami has now officially shot down rumors that they pushed out a new update for P.T. that was preventing players from accessing the game.

A few days ago, the PlayStation 4 scene was on meltdown after reports of 'stealth game update' killing the playable demo of cancelled 'Silent Hill' sequel called 'P.T.' -- It seems there is still alot of angry Silent Hill fans out there upset the game never occurred, and they decided to play a nasty trick on the world for Halloween claiming that Komani somehow how figured out how to kill off the demo 100%
ps4nes v1.01 Released by @m0rph3us1987 / Only for FW v5.05 PS4 consoles

PlayStation Scene Developer @m0rph3us1987 is back with yet another update to one of his 'emulator' ports, and this one is for playing your legit backups of NES cartridges on your exploitable FW v5.05 PlayStation 4 consoles, check out his comments below, and enjoy! :)
OFFICIAL SOURCE: --> https://twitter.com/m0rph3us1987/status/1058421615686492161
Fully supports up to 6.02 Firmware as well for PlayStation 4. #rdr2

The PS4 Save Wizard's are at it again, faster then you can crack your whip on your horse, they have released the first set of modded 'game saves' with some gun-slinging cheats to use on the latest hottest PS4 game released recently: Red Dead Redemption 2 :D

Just like before the 'Save Wizards' were the fastest gun in web-slinging market also, reeling in Spidey like you never seen Peter before, and best of all they are always on top of the ever-changing PS4 firmwares, with their product still working perfectly on latest v6.02 firmware.

So if you not already one of their thousands & thousands of customers enjoying over 72,000 cheats on over 1,100 games, then its time to re-visit them at the official website before, and grab your copy today, and remember its one-time purchase (lifetime) and it works on 3 PSN accounts, you your...
Metal Gear Solid, Cool Boarders 2, Twisted Metal, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil Director’s Cut, Rayman and more legendary games will come pre-loaded on PS Classic.

Just last month, Sony shocked the retro world, by announcing their entry into the new era of 'Classic Mini's consoles' that Nintendo started with their hugely popular NES and then even more popular follow-up SNES Classic Mini, but with the PlayStation Classic which is launching in the North American markets on December 3rd, we didn't know until today the full classic lineup of the 20 games pre-loaded on it.
Another set of new PS4 themes for your HEN enabled PS4 consoles are available!

Here is another bunch of PS4 themes for you hacked PS4 console. This time you can ad the Joker and Harley Quinn as an custom theme/ fanart to your HEN´d PS4.
Why so serious?

MD5: 926AF8140311A4C8793353136C6A8C5C
Some new PS4 themes for are downloadable for your HEN enabled PS4 consoles!

Their are 3 Sin City themes/fanarts for your homebrew enabled PS4 inside this package,
i made a standalone Miho theme due to the fact that I really like this girl (Devon Aoki) in the 1st movie.
Hope you like Sin City and enjoy our themes.

Two new 300 (300 the movie) themes are downloadable for your HEN enabled PS4 consoles!

Some new PS4 themes for your homebrew enabled (HEN) PS4 console are released here for you to play with. Hope you enjoy the two different 300 themes wich i dedicated to a real spartan.
No need to use USB or External HDD anymore!

Earlier this afternoon, the world famous Sony Scene Developer @flat_z send out this tweet, with news regarding his latest release for the PlayStation 4 consoles with exploitable firmwares!