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Could ultimately mean PS4 Downgrade is possible!

One problem with PlayStation 4 is you can not downgrade the system 'firmware', so those on v6.0 or v5.5, can not go back in time on their PS4 consoles and enjoy basically the totally open v5.05 exploitable PS4 firmware, but that could change in the near future as recently @LightningMods_ gave out a link to a 'pastebin' that contains allegedly a bunch of useful 'keys' from the PS4 SYSCON chip that controls alot of the PS4 system boot-up and checking of the signed PS4 firmware files, and other checks. :)
New Theme for your HEN enabled PS4 downloadable!

We made another PS4 Theme ready for your to download. Please note that you need a PS4 console with firmware 5.05 and HEN enabled.
Exclusive Source: --> MaxConsole.com <-- (Posted Only Here, so other news sites, please give...
We hope you like our new The Sopranos theme for your HEN enabled PS4!

We made a new PS4 v5.05 Theme for your homebrew enabled PS4 consoles. Rest in peace Mr. Anthony Soprano aka James Gandolfini, he died 5 years ago, we hope you enjoy the project mayhem styled theme.

The long wait is finally over!
Japan's No. 1 PS4 strategy tool is here - in full version!

After countless requests from gamers abroad, we've finally completed the full version of PS4 Save Editor in English. The online download version will be launched early August 2018. Over 600 game titles are currently supported. Please see below for product details.
fail0verflow have posted a series of articles about PS4 hardware besides the main x86 cores of the APU titled 'PS4 Aux Hax'.

They go through a number of PS4 chipsets starting off with Aeolia, the PS4 southbridge, then moving on to Syscon, and finally the Dualshock4.

fail0verflow cover several power analysis methods such as DPA (Differential Power Analysis), CPA (Correlated Power Analysis) and glitching techniques. I find the articles really deep and interesting, huge thanks to fail0verflow for sharing.

Perhaps a little bit odd there's no mention of the power analysis pioneer Colin O'Flynn and his ChipWhisperer hardware, which is hard to avoid when doing any kind of power...
There is an New Exploit for the PSVita Released by TheFlow which allows you to Jailbreak your PSVita with FW 3.65, 3.67 and 3.68

On 3.65 Systems you can install and enjoy the Enzo CFW framework and on systems with Firmware 3.67 & 3.68 you can now use the Henkaku Exploit.
xVortex released a new version of his PS4 Hen

Which now supports the installation of fPKGs to external hard drives.
Official News Source: --> https://github.com/xvortex/ps4-hen-vtx/releases/tag/1.7
This news update is long overdue, but there are reasons for that.

Back in 2015, @marvin96 posted a story over on my website EurAsia titled PsNee, an open source Arduino based stealth modchip for PSX (Sony Playstation 1). The project development progressed over at assemblergames.com until the website was shut down for several months in 2017, during that downtime I forgot about the project.

But fortunately the developers didn't and moved the project to psxdev.net, and now there is also a PsNee Project at GitHub. There has been a lot of progress and this impressive open source modchip is now working stable according to...
Have fun with our new PS4 Theme called Project Chaos!

Due to the recent E3 pres sconference from Sony in some minutes we thought we have to show some love to the underground scene with a new theme for you HEN enabled PS4 console called Project Chaos.
Exclusive Source: --> MaxConsole.com <-- (Only Posted Here, so other news sites, please give credit for our PS4 themes!)
@CelesteBlue123 - Reports that 'ps4dev' has figured how to use the 'web cache' on the PS4 to exploit your console!

With a 'web cache' exploit, means you only have to load up 'payloads' via PC or ESP device once, then you are forever 'exploited' on your PS4 v5.05 unless you decide to 'wipe out the cache', nah, whom would do that silly idea, check out the details and video below:
Cheating is now possible on the highest firmware that is exploitable on the PlayStation 4 console!

Hackinformer informs us that handy-dandy PS4 Cheater app, has now been updated from the previous exploitable firmware v4.55 to the latest of holy grail's of firmwares the v5.05, which opens up now cheating in some of the latest PS4 games like GoW. :)
We hope you like our new version of the project mayhem styled Illumination theme below!

Due to the recent PS4 v5.05 releases, I thought it was a good idea to create another theme for your homebrew enabled PS4 consoles.
Exclusive Source: --> MaxConsole.com <-- (Posted Only Here, so other news sites, please give credit for our PS4 themes!)
5.05 Kernel Exploit, PS4 FTP v1.3, PS4 Dumper v1.8, PS4-Exploit-Host v0.4.2 & ESP8266 PS4 5.05

A new PS4 Kernel Exploit has been unleashed and suddenly everything has moved forward from v4.55 to the v5.05 (and v5.07 - (rare disc based firmware but similar to 5.05, so the exploit should work)) and as such the PS4 scene has been on fire over the last 48 hours updating all the previous v4.55 payloads and utilities so you can enjoy them on v5.05 as you can see from short summary of releases below.

In the last few hours we got a massive release Armageddon from a lot of PS4 devs, all based thanks to the release of SpecterDev´s 5.05 kernel exploit for the PlayStation 4 including the support for Mira FW from TeamOrbis. Below some quotes, readmes and information from the coders.
  • 5.05 Kernel Exploit from @SpecterDev
Hope your little daughters like my new Hello Kitty styled theme for your Jailbroken/HEN enabled PS4 consoles.

Our very own @hitman43 is back with yet another exclusive PS4 theme to enjoy, check it out below:
Exclusive Source: --> MaxConsole.com <-- (Posted Only Here, so other news sites, please give credit for our PS4 themes!)
More PS4 Greatness using the little ESP8266 device as Webkit Exploit Loader setup!

Scene developer @c0d3m4st4 is back with another update to his ESP8266 Xploit Host package, check it out:
If you enjoy @c0d3m4st4's work please consider donating for future updates or testing new boards. You can do it here. Thanks in advance :)

NEWS SOURCE: @c0d3m4st4 (via) Twitter
Maybe this PS4 theme will be more interesting for our female users...

But of course, they are a part of our loyal Maxconsole community also, so have fun ladies, some sunflowers for you and your PS4 homebrew enabled console.
Exclusive Source: --> MaxConsole.com <-- (Posted Only Here, so other news sites, please give credit for our PS4 themes!)
Another PS4 Theme by hitman43 - ModControl.Org / MaxConsole.Com

Here is another PS4 theme I cooked up, recently for all of our loyal forum members to enjoy using:
2.jpg 14.jpg

Exclusive Source: --> MaxConsole.com <-- (Posted Only Here, so other news sites, please give credit for our PS4 themes!)