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A gang of teen hackers snatched the keys to Microsoft's videogame empire. Then they went too far.

The sad story about the Xbox UnderGround has been going on for long time, we first reported about SuperDAE Raid in 2013, then a year later we reported on Trio Charged With Hacker/Stealing From Microsoft and then finally in 2015 we reported on the Xbox Hacker Ring-Leader (David Pokora) getting 18 months in jail, and since then Wired has been following the whole story now in 2018 their latest issue, have published a in-depth story of the rise and...
Wii U port greatly improved, Super Gameboy support, new Direct3D11/12 driver and more

Libretro developers just keep on amazing the world of emulators for classic gamers, by releasing another version of their world-famous RetroArch, with great news that original XBOX console is supported finally again, and they are hard at work on the SWITCH. :)
Video by the creator of FBAX, xSNES9x, Surreal 64, and Killer Instinct ports for the Original Xbox Console

Back in the early days of the original Xbox Scene, newcomer 'Lantus' entered the homebrew world with his port of the SNES9x Emulator releasing it on 'xbins' and the rest is a massive history of more Emulators and Homebrews, and now he looks back at the wonderful start of the Xbox Scene with his latest retro video which is released below.
The DriveHub is a revolutionary, industry first crossover gaming adapter that makes it possible to use virtually any Force Feedback Steering wheel on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 gaming console.

For over a decade racing enthusiast all over the world have been searching for a solution to take their favorite Force Feedback racing wheel from console to console. The wait is over, as the revolutionary gaming accessory company 'Collective Minds' have released their DriveHub Racing Wheel Converter, and demand been so high since their announcement, that its already out-of-stock, but don't worry new stock is arriving on Monday, so check it out today, and get your 'racing' gloves on and shift up your console to speed and start running laps around the circuit like a true racing pro.
The recent reveal of Meltdown and Spectre reminded me of the time I found a related design bug in the Xbox 360 CPU – a newly added instruction whose mere existence was dangerous.

Security Researcher 'RandomASCII' has decided to blog (write-up) about a similar bug to 'Meltdown' / 'Spectre' that can be triggered on the Xbox 360 console, that he discovered and still is not fixed, you can read his full write-up in his blog link below, here is short quote:
Welcome back XBMP

We all here at MaxConsole, remember the glory days of original Xbox console modding, the main thing to install after you got it flashed or modded was a new dashboard like EvoX or AvaLaunch, and then of course right away installing XBMP with all its plugins, and now the joy of those days can be re-lived on the Xbox One console, as Microsoft surprising enough has helped the Kodi Team to port it over to UWP format and its now rolling out across the world on the Xbox One Store, with Europeans getting the first dibs! :)
Now it's easier to get your 'homebrew' apps, self-publish to the Xbox One and Wndows 10 stores!

Xbox One 'developers mode', where anyone can turn their 'console' into a devkit, and publish simple apps that run in 'limited sandbox' using the UWP interface from Windows 10 has been around for a while, but now Microsoft has expanded the program giving 'Creators' options to directly self-publish without waiting for approval as long as they agree to make their app more limited with less features.
BenMitnick & Sunriser have decided to upgrade two of the well-known tools developed for modding Xbox 360's

Since the original authors of JRunner & xeBuildGUI have not updated their apps for a while, BenMitnick & Sunriser have refreshed them.
DOWNLOAD: --> http://www.bmk.hamtek-solutions.com/plugins/hitcounter/counter.php?file=JRunner_V0.4.zip
You Can Now Play Retro PlayStation Portable (PSP) Games On Your Xbox One Console!

Thanks to the power of the UWP platform on the Xbox One, you can now use the PPSSPP Emulator on your Xbox One, as long as you have signed up for 'developer mode' feature, or have an hacked devkit/xbox, either way you can sideload this appx bundle similar to ReTriX. :)
NEWS SOURCE: PPSSPP s'invite en UWP sur la Xbox One (via) Logic-SunRise
LibretroRT is a framework to enable porting of Libretro cores to WinRT components

The RetriX Development has recently been updated with the availability of the new version v1.3.7.0, and as we reported before RetriX is the frontend for RetroArch being developed by Alberto Fustinoni, which allows you to use the Libreto cores on your Xbox One console via the UWP (Universal Windows Platform), where you can 'sideload' apps, once you enabled developer mode on your XB1 via Microsoft's program which costs an one-time fee of $19 to give your console access to the extra features for testing out your own homebrew apps.
Retrix (LibretroRT) is a massive project to bring all the cores designed by Team LibRetro to UWP

Two weeks ago we reported on RetroArch Being Ported To Xbox One and now the developer of RetriX has setup an 'GoFundMe' page to help develop the UWP interface better and to be able to properly launch it for both Xbox One and Windows devices.
Enjoy Both Gaming Worlds In One Slim Sexy Box!

Have you ever wanted to own both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but didn't want to take up all that living room space for both consoles, or just wanted one nice box to display to the envy of your gaming buddies that you can play both Xbox and PlayStation games on one!
Retrix (LibretroRT) is a massive project to bring all the cores designed by Team LibRetro to UWP

Retrix currently supports the NES, SNES, SEGA Master System, SEGA Game Gear, SG-1000, Megadrive, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, and in the future many other platforms.
OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://github.com/Aftnet/LibretroRT

The Windows Dev Center gives you the tools you need to get your apps in front of customers quickly.
As we reported before, XB1EMU offers you an collection of all the nice 'pulled' emulators for playing retro games on your Xbox One, and the authors are still supporting them and adding more features and more support, but you need a developer mode on your console to play them and normally that costs you an $19 fee, but for a limited time only, Microsoft is giving away 'promo codes'!
SUPPORTS: Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 (Decrypted Saves Only)

GTA V Save Editor is the most up-to-date and advanced save editor there is for Grand Theft Auto V.
A completely for free modding tool has been released for Grand Theft Auto V on consoles, including even support for PlayStation 4, as long as you own the 'Save Wizard for PS4 MAX' which has also just been recently updated to handle v4.70 firmware, along with X3T-Infinity's 'PS4 Packer' tool. :)