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Yet Another Great Scene Release, This Time For The Xbox One Console!

@tuxuser has released a Major Rewrite of NANDOne for the Xbox One console, which now scans for the Filesystem Header properly and extracts all the File Names from your Xbox One NAND Flash Dump!
It has been a while since we hear from @tuxuser, but he is back and with nice little update to his previous NANDOne utility, so check out out today at his Official GITHub Project Page which is linked below, and start enjoy playing with your XB1 NAND Flash Dumps again! :)
Xbox One Hack 'Proof of Concept' released by 'unknown2', and its basically based on the Windows 10 'Chakra' Exploit!

Have you been waiting for an 'Xbox One Hack' well here it is finally, all tho sadly its been totally 'patched out' by Microsoft recently with their whole new look & feel based on the Windows 10 Creator's Update that rolled out to their consoles earlier on this week!
But still if you are an 'coding expert', and have an 'non-updated' Xbox One console laying around, you can enjoy this nice release, all you have to do is replace the 'shellcode' with something meaningful & useful to your own unique needs to enjoy it to its Xbox One Greatest!
Share your digitally purchased Xbox One games with everyone out there in the world!

Normally, Microsoft limits you to only 3 Xbox One consoles for 'sharing' your digital purchased games but there is way around it!
You have seen alot of 'scam videos' out there telling your the Xbox One been 'hacked' and you can have all the games for free, but you have to sign-up to a bunch of free orders and other malware shit, well today we tell you step-by-step the REAL 'game sharing secret'! :)
With the new Xbox Live Creators Program, the Xbox One console is “now an open platform for publishing”!

Microsoft is giving game developers a new way to bring their games to Xbox One and Windows 10. At the Game Developers Conference today, the company announced the Xbox Live Creators Program, a new initiative that will bring “fully open game publishing” to Xbox One.
At the GDC 2017 conference this week, Microsoft made a big announcement for their Xbox One console, basically now anyone that owns one can release a game for it, just by creating it in the UWP system, and uploading it to the new special section of the store, with a small fee ranging from $20 to $100, but no costly SDK or devkit needed, and no huge pile of NDA papers to sign your life away with, and Microsoft claims this will basically bring back the openness that home computers had in the early 80's, when you could just...
From the days of Original Xbox Soft-Modding, using 'Bert & Ernie' modded fonts, and Krazyie's NDURE Installer

Time to dig out your old big bulky original Xbox console, and see if you can locate your original disc for '007: Agent Under Fire', 'Mech Assault' or 'Splinter Cell' and remember how you use to 'soft-mod' your video gaming machine in a few easy and fool-proof steps.
But before it all become easy with Krazyie's error-free, crash-proof, fool-proof NDURE Installer, there was alot of development steps in the Xbox scene, and one of the major ones was figuring out how to get 'dual-boot' and then 'tri-boot' to work using the 'Bert & Ernie' fonts, where you could load up different 'dashboards', like for example Open Empty Tray for 'Original Go Live Microsoft Mode', or Closed Empty Tray for 'UnLeashX' or 'Tray with DISC Inside' to load up Linux or something else special, and now some kind...
Over 2.5 Million Gamers’ Accounts Now Leaked Online!

Two popular gaming forums 'XBOX360 ISO' and 'PSP ISO' were hacked back in 2015, and all account passwords, email addresses and IP addresses were all just recently exposed and of course forum users are advised to change all of their accounts' passwords asap!
These two hacks occurred almost a month ago, but now the 'databases' have been made public and added online to various 'pwned' sites, and other forum sites like here on MaxConsole and GBATemp have seen a major rise in illegal login attempts of using the now decrypted leaked passwords on similar gamer nick logins, so remember if you have a BAD HABIT of using 'same passwords' on multiple sites, PLEASE STOP DOING THAT and CHANGE THEM right away!
Demonstrating Java Homebrew running on native unmodded PlayStation 3 console, thanks to its BD-J support!

Ukko’s Journey was originally a cellphone game developed by LuBlu Entertainment in 2008-2009, but recently they have been porting it over to Blu-Ray Disc Java (BD-J) format as 'Proof-Of-Concept' that is possible to have good Java games running on our gaming consoles!
Interactive Discs have been around for a while, it all started long time ago back with 'laser discs' those big 12" costly suckers that were easy damaged and we had a few interactive games on it, then 3DO and Panasonic come along making it better with their direct CDi format and we saw much better games and even electronic encyclopedias were born back then, but in today's generation of gaming consoles buried in them is the support for Blu-Ray Disc Java (BD-J) and even tho it has the power to handle simple games,...
Similar to previous couple of years, Online Holiday Networking with your Video Gaming Console, might NOT be possible!

If anyone in your house plans to do some online multiplayer gaming during the holidays, here's a heads-up. Hackers have issued a threat to knock both Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network offline.
Well as usual, the legit gamers wishing to play will be battling it out with those nasty hackers that wish to make gaming over the holidays an horrible experience for some reason that does nothing but hurt the innocent gamer at home, with the big corporations not caring at all that their networks go down almost like clockwork every year, which is easy to do since they already at the max. limits with all that at-home on holiday gamers trying to enjoy their xmas break with a few relaxing hours playing GTA or CoD or FFIV, etc.
Kinda sorta

Emulators are all the rage these days thanks in part to renewed interest in retro consoles like the NES classic – but a YouTuber named Huaining ITC., Ltd is going a step further by showing off a working PSP emulator on an Xbox One.
Ever since Microsoft decided to allow their Xbox One console to run sandboxed Windows 10 apps from their native gaming dashboard, developers have been pushing the limits to see how far they can go, and what Xbox Live will end up approving for usage, and this time around a PSP emulator has been able to slide over to the Xbox One, but it does not play too well so far, very slow and only one game!
Update to the Replacement DashBoard for Modded Xbox 360 Consoles

After what seems like a very long long time, Phoenix has returned and the developers have finally released their version 0.6b of Aurora replacement dashboard for those that love to replace the crappy Microsoft X360 look, with tons of custom features and tools!

Well, this is a surprise, first we had Microsoft updating their console dashboard, and then we had the new XeBuild's and DashLaunch's released, and now bang out of no where the Phoenix raises from its ashes and produces an amazing update to its Aurora replacement dashboard, with a ton of changes and improvements, so many that you have to visit the official site linked below to see all of it! :)

xeBuild v1.18 and DashLaunch v3.18 with GUI to follow up shortly!

Surprising enough Microsoft rolled out a new Dash for their old aging Xbox 360 consoles, but it didn't take long for Swizzy and his team (deep3r, cOz, ikari) to roll out a new set of xeBuild and DashLaunch to get everyone up to speed on using RGH on the latest Xbox 360 dashboard.

@modrobert writes: "The RGH/JTAG related hack tools with support for Xbox360 kernel 2.0.17511.0 (latest) have been released, say hello to xeBuild, xeBuild GUI and Dash Launch. As of posting this Swizzy is still working on xeBuild GUI, but it will show up after release. Could this be the last kernel update for Xbox 360? Happy to see the #xbins FTP server is still going strong!"

Warez group TRSI promises PS4 piracy is “getting close”

Popular warez group TRSI announced in one of their Vita releases today that “its” [sic] getting close, talking about PS4 and Xbox One pirate iso releases.

There been tons of things occurring in the scene world recently, alot of PS4 news, and Wii U news, but now finally one of top 'scene warez' groups, and one of first to release an fully decrypted PS4 game (even tho, we can't run it yet), has been dropping hints in their recent .NFO files for game dumps, and their most recent one has a tiny bit of clue in those waiting for full-fledged PS4 Jailbreak that does more than just Linux, and Homebrew, the Holy Grail of playing (cough) backups of retail games without needing an original disc.

Within less than 24 hours after the PS VR went on sale, non-PlayStation 4 owners are buying and using them also!

Although PlayStation VR is not compatible with other devices such as PC, Xbox One or Wii U, the new virtual reality headset of Sony itself can be used with these platforms to view its contents in Cinema Mode.

PlayStation VR might have been designed just for usage on their PS4 consoles, but that does not stop owners of the new headset trying it out on other platforms and consoles to see what they could use it for besides just for playing with it on their PS4 consoles.

'w64e10' opens a new hole in the normally closed Xbox One Console's Ecosystem!

In previous generations, if you wanted to emulate one game console on another, you'd generally have to use some sort of jailbreak or hack to install unauthorized homebrew apps on the system. Today, thanks in part to Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform, you can download a Nintendo 64 emulator to your Xbox One directly from Microsoft's official store.

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on the NESBox multi-console emulator getting approved for usage on the Xbox One, but it didn't last long before it was unapproved and never having a chance to appear in the Xbox Store for actual downloading, but this time around the 'w64e10' has made the jump from being a Windows 10 app to being now available for the normally locked-down console, thanks to a new app extension feature that costs $10, allowing you to use it on both...
Those trying to find the app today are unlikely to be successful. The app was indeed pulled from the Store!

Yesterday, we reported on Universal Emulator one of the first game emulators built on the Windows 10 platform. The app let users load ROMs, from Nintendo and Sega, to play on Windows 10 PCs and phones. It even supports the new Bluetooth wireless Xbox One S controller, HoloLens and Microsoft's Continuum for phone.

That didn't take long, when the news story broke yesterday about the NESBOX passing certification for Xbox One, everyone was wondering what was Microsoft or Nintendo going to do, well today we got the answer, as Microsoft pulls the app and tells the world why they did so!

NES, SNES, Mega Drive and GameBoy emulator to be released on Xbox One in a few days!

Universal Emulator, an independent application by developer Nesbox, passed Xbox One certification today. It allows users to play ROMs of NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advanced titles.

Nintendo might have something to say about this, they been hard-core recently on shutting down anything fan-related, and while this Universal Emulator does not contain any cough (illegal ROM's, actual cartridge backups), it does contain some Fan-Related games written for the old hardware, and it does allow you to Load ROM's via a USB Drive, so there is that grey-line of copyright all over again.

Developer Andrew Peterson’s HoloLens N3S Alpha Emulator brings Mario into your actual real world!

The Microsoft Hololens is an augmented reality headset that now has access to the likes of Super Mario Bros., and other Nintendo NES titles, thanks to the Xbox app for Windows 10 that can connect Xbox One content to the HoloLens and allow for streaming gameplay.

If you lucky enough to be an Hololens developer (one that spent $3,000) to get your hands on the new augmented reality headset from Microsoft, then you can be like this guy, and enjoy playing classic retro NES games in your living room or office, to the shock and envy of all your friends watching online as Super Mario smashes mushrooms in the real world right in front of your eyes!

It's time to UNLEASH the true POWER hiding inside your CONSOLE controllers, plus give you total TITAN freedom!

The TITAN ONE been on the market for a while now, and it allowed you total freedom to use what ever controller you wanted on whatever console from Xbox 360 to Xbox One from Wii to Wii U and even PS3 to PS4, now get ready for next step TITAN TWO!

Today, we got a short PR from the developers behind TITAN TWO on what 'hardware' features TITAN TWO will have, along with few features, a Quick Start Guide and suggested retail price, but no information on what it will be shipping to general public, but looking at their support forums they been shipping out BETA units to selected TITAN ONE customers, so it can't be long before its all ready to go!

It seems the recently published UWP app, for now, is sadly only available to Xbox/Windows Insiders!

World’s most advanced “N64 emulator for Windows 10” is now available on Xbox One. You need to download it to Windows 10 via the store and it should show on your Xbox One.

With no official word from the developers of the N64 Emulator, their app has suddenly become available on the Xbox One, thanks in part to how Microsoft handles the new UWP system that was added to Xbox One, if the option is there they will publish it in Xbox Store also, even if developer originally only designed it for Windows 10 UWP system. -- Read on below for how/why/this occurs!