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Developer, Publicist, Artist and Martial Artist, Producer and MaxConsole Support Admin...so many lol
What about me.
I love doing game mods for various consoles including PC. Never like ONLINE modding!

Founder of DaTaHaCKs Team. Creator of mods for Tekken Series, Warriors Orochi , Dynasty Warriors, Dissidia Final Fantasy Both Titles, Dark Souls Series, Mortal Kombat Series , Skyrim, Blazblue, King of Fighters,One Piece Pirate Warriors Series... so many titles I don't even remember them all lol.
Dark Souls 3 Arena Master Mode

Controlling Soul of Cinder EXCLUSIVE Reveal Gameplay!
Our very own MaxConsole Modder, @White Lord is back with nice exclusive video preview of his new upcoming mod for Dark Souls III.
And remember, right here on MaxConsole, we have our very own DaTaHaCKs Community so...
Our Very Own Modder 'White Lord' is Back with Another Exclusive MaxConsole Mod for All to Enjoy!

Have you been enjoying, Mortal Kombat XL on your PC, and find that its been limited by the developers in whom you can pick to fight, etc. -- Well no longer as thanks to the hard efforts of 'White Lord' and his DaTaHaCKs team they have recently finished up their latest mod, and here it is released exclusive to our MaxConsole Forum Members to enjoy!

Read all about it in our 'DaTaHaCKs' forum section, but REMEMBER you must signup and be a member to download the mod, and REMEMBER to thank the authors for their work, it only takes a few minutes to do both and with your support, more mods like this one will continue to be released right here on our MaxConsole forums for all to enjoy!

Welcome to...
Dragon Ball Xenoverse


Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a a fun game with a decent story which many fans of the series will enjoy.
It has a cool fights where you will encounter many foes. Although it has a large rooster of playable characters
it has many as non-playable. This is what I took and made a mod to solve this. Back in time some of the characters made by the Ultimate Mod were not playable (Mira and Towa) so this mod has support for their NPC version with some cool moves. Demigra the main villain of the game is also playable in both his forms as well as every Giant Ape and all NPCs from the game. The mod also fixes missing moves for bosses while adding some to others to make them more unique. All you need is Cheat Engine. So head to our DaTaHaCKs Cheat Engine Section for the Mod.

Head to the release thread for download. (Note you need to be registered member to access it :) )
If you need support post there and I will gladly reply to you :)
Rest in Peace our friend! You will never be forgotten!

Today with a great pain we are to announce the passage of a great friend and talent Native Sith


He passed away on June the 7th from a pneumonia. His health was recently in a bad condition over the last years.
Native Sith was known for his great GTA Series mods. He was also a good friend to many of us!

Below are examples of his works


GTA IV Disc/HDD - CFW to OFW Data Transfer Tutorial

GTA IV EFLC Modded Weapons and Native Colors + Brucie Swap
It was hyped up as an exclusive PS4 title on Sony's E3 stage, but that was not totally true at all!

No Man's Sky upcoming adventure title is announced to come to the Microsoft Windows 10 PC's as well now!

Everyone was cheering when No Man's Sky was demo'ed on Sony's E3 stage and was billed as exclusive game title for PS4 at least for a time period, but now the real truth is out, their new game is infact launching the same day for both PlayStation 4 and PC Gaming Rigs.

Watch the news video below for more information about this news item....
It's happening.... on November 10th, 2015 ---- For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC gamers!

Fallout 4 game is going to be so large that even it's own producer doesn't know what to expect from it's open world!

During E3, the release date was confirmed for Fallout 4 as being November 10th, 2015 and coming out for PS4, XB1, and PC and it looks like it will be one hell of game compared to the previous Fallout games that were released for our older generation consoles.

Check the News Video by MeDiADaTe on the topic below for more information.

Those new cards show an impressive features and statistics and are under the 'Fury' name.

The $649 R9 Fury X, which launches on June 24 which is pitching against Nvidia's GTX 980 Ti.

After all the E3 press conferences were over by the console gaming companies, there was a new thing added that has not been around for almost 2 decades, a PC Gaming Show, and during it AMD talked about their new graphics card for those wishing to jump from console gaming to building a gaming rig and joining the PC Master Race.

And it is good time to switch over as almost all the newer games coming out on PS4 and XB1 are coming out at same time or soon afterwards for the PC, and alot of people are doing just that, analysts are saying the PC Gaming world is increasing this year at a huge rate compared to previous year and you can see that game developers know that fact...