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Microsoft's Xbox Consoles

Could Be Released As Early As Spring 2019!

Microsoft has been very busy recently trying to get on top of the next-gen console battle ground, they have taken a beating recently with Nintendo's Switch, and still increasing sales of PlayStation 4, and as such the latest rumor is M$ is planning to go 'disc-less'! :)
JUST CAUSE 4 Launches December 4

JUST CAUSE 4 is the biggest, most varied and most beautiful game in the series. The brand new Deep Dive Trailer released today gives players an overview of everything they can expect from the most ambitious Just Cause game to date.
Remastered Collection Features a New Track From Original Game Composer Stewart Copeland, Plus the Return of Iconic Voice Actor Tom Kenny as Spyro
Videogame Commemorates Spyro’s 20th Anniversary with Fiery Cross-Country Launch

Spyro, the iconic purple dragon that entertained living rooms worldwide in the late ‘90s, is making an epic return today with the release of Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy. Spyro Reignited Trilogy introduces players to a fully remastered game collection with a re-imagined cast of characters, animations, environments, brand-new lighting and recreated cinematics—all in stunning HD. Now fans can glide to new heights and explore more than 100+ lush environments filled with new detail that brings the Dragon Realms and Avalar to life like never-before. The trilogy is available now for PlayStation® 4, PlayStation®...
Take flight once more!

Take flight once more! The Nebelgeschwader brings more add-on content to Aces of the Luftwaffe, and it's out today. Read on below for the full details, and in honor of this release please enjoy watching the propaganda news reel below.
Demo version now available on PC, pre-order the PC Deluxe Edition for instant access to the first 2-4 hours of the game

Funcom is excited to announce that Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, the tactical adventure game combining real-time exploration with XCOM-like turn-based tactical combat, will be launching December 4th on XBOX Game Pass. The game will also be available on both PC and PlayStation 4 the same day and is now available for pre-order on both these platforms.
Lara’s Adventure Continues with Co-op, Score Attack, and Time Attack Modes

Square Enix®, Eidos-Montréal™, and Crystal Dynamics® are pleased to announce “The Forge,” the first of seven new DLC adventures for Shadow of the Tomb Raider™, is available now. Out as a free download to all Season Pass holders, and sold separately, “The Forge” is available for the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC/Steam®.
First Premiered on special X018 Episode of Inside Xbox

JUST CAUSE 4 gears up for launch next month with the release of a brand new, Eye of The Storm Cinematic Trailer, which first aired as part of the special X018 episode of Inside Xbox live from Mexico City.
Sora Helps Winnie the Pooh and Friends Out of a Spot of Bother

KINGDOM HEARTS III continues to grow with a first look at the 100 Acre Wood, based on the classic Walt Disney Animation Studios’ animated franchise, Winnie the Pooh.
Both join the Xbox family

Microsoft has been losing the next-gen console war with their Xbox One, is hard-pressed to even be #2 against the Sony's PlayStation 4 console, even Nintendo could soon beat Xbox, leaving Microsoft to dish out it in 3rd place, so at their recent X018 event they announced they have bought up couple of more development studios, which means we will see 1st-party exclusive Xbox AAA+ games released over the next few years, something that Sony has been focusing away from, including old pony favorites of having RPG's.
Warhammer: Chaosbane is currently under development and will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.

Bigben and Eko Software today present a new video of the soldier Konrad Vollen, one of the four playable characters in Warhammer: Chaosbane.
With New Content and An Important Update

SQUARE ENIX® celebrates the official two-year anniversary of the award-winning FINAL FANTASY® XV with new content and a first look at the forthcoming DLC - FINAL FANTASY XV: EPISODE ARDYN. Players can look forward to a special collaboration event with FINAL FANTASY XIV Online and a new standalone edition of FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER: COMRADES.
Neocore Games and Bigben, along with Maximum Games, announce the arrival of Season 1 of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr on consoles.

Titled "Drukhari", brand new content introduces a new enemy faction, the Dark Eldar, and is full of content centered on these new characters. A free campaign, made up of several investigations, is available immediately for the most experienced investigators.
Today, 2K announced that two DLC packs for WWE 2K19 are now available for purchase: the Ronda Rousey & Rey Mysterio Pack, as well as the Wooooo! Edition Pack.

The WWE 2K19 Ronda Rousey & Rey Mysterio Pack and the Wooooo! Edition Pack are available now for $7.99 each. Additional content packages will release in late 2018 and early 2019.
Enhanced Version of WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY Packed with New Features Arrives on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One family of devices, PlayStation®4 System and STEAM

SQUARE ENIX® welcomes new adventurers to discover the magical world of Grymoire in WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY® MAXIMA, which is now available on the Nintendo Switch™ system, the Xbox One family of devices, the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and STEAM®.
Breathtaking New Wonders and Awe-inspiring Threats come to FINAL FANTASY XIV ONLINE Today in Patch 4.45
Latest Updates to The Forbidden Land of Eureka, Hildibrand and More Go Live

Many new adventures await FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online players with the launch of Patch 4.45. Today’s update introduces the next chapter of The Forbidden Land of Eureka, along with further adventures of everyone’s favorite inspector extraordinaire, Hildibrand.
Further details on Patch 4.45 are available at: http://sqex.link/final8d0af
You wanted it, you’re getting it! Tutorial, custom game settings, balance changes and more are coming to Override: Mech City Brawl!

It takes more than a few skills to pilot a mech. Similarly, it takes more than just a development team to make a party brawler! After hosting a closed beta this summer to gain community insight on early development, Modus Games has taken the public’s feedback to heart. Highlighting these much-requested new features, balance changes and quality-of-life improvements, the team has put together a brand-new development update video.
First shown at Lucca Comics & Games this past weekend in Italy, SQUARE ENIX® and Disney have unveiled a brand-new KINGDOM HEARTS III trailer welcoming viewers to Rapunzel’s magical kingdom of Corona, based on Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Tangled.

As Rapunzel leaves her mysterious tower for the first time with the help of charming bandit Flynn Rider - Sora, Donald and Goofy join the pair on their adventure to the kingdom, taking on the Heartless along the way. The new trailer also showcases some of the unique combat players can enjoy in the Tangled-inspired world as the team defeats the Heartless with the help of Rapunzel’s magical golden hair.
Launching December 4th on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden promises a new take on the XCOM tactical, turn-based combat formula

Check out the new gameplay footage and behind the scenes video from the developers, explaining tactical, turn-based combat with a twist.
Today, the team at DICE released a deep dive trailer featuring the 8 maps available for Battlefield V multiplayer at launch on November 20.

From the snowy elevations of Norway, the desert heat of North Africa to the tight, urban maps of a war-torn Rotterdam and the dramatic French countryside where early skirmishes of the war were fought.
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At an Apple event today, the Cupertino-based technology company behind many of the world's most ubiquitous devices revealed new iterations of those devices, including a new iPad model.

Last week, we had Huawei directly comparing their new Mate 20X cellphone with the popular Nintendp Switch in regard that their new mobile device was better 'battery-wise' and 'portable-wise' for video gamers on the go, and now this week we now have Apple showing off their latest iPad Pro model on stage and comparing it 'graphically-wise' to being just as...
Tate Multimedia launches charity auction for one-of-a-kind Steel Rats: Super Turbo Ultimate Wreck & Ride Collectors Edition, bidding begins at $5,700/€5,000
9-Foot-Tall, 1,700-Pound, Metal Junk Robot (and copy of game) being sold off to raise money for multiple charities across the globe

There have been big collectors editions before, but never one as giant and heavy metal as this. Steel Rats, the action arcade-inspired motorbike combat game, releases next week, Nov. 7, on PlayStation®4 and Steam with an Xbox One release following soon after. However, before you gear up to save the fictional world of Coastal City, it’s time to do some good in the real world.
JUST CAUSE 4 Launches December 4

Tailored to a giant, ultra-widescreen display on the Square Enix booth at Paris Games Week, this incredible 4K panoramic trailer gives players a glimpse of the beautiful South American inspired Island of Solís and a taste of what they can expect from JUST CAUSE 4 this December 4.
The Open World RPG Releases Early 2019

Deep Silver and Nine Dots Studio, along with Maximum Games, are excited to announce an upcoming Stream for OUTWARD, the open world RPG set to release on PlayStation®4, Xbox One X, and PC in 2019.
Doug Stewart will be allowed to play video games up to 30 minutes per day, prison officials said.

Killers being allowed to play 'video games', bad press for Microsoft as they decided to 'pick' an Xbox, why is it the mainstream media always hits on Xbox when it comes to news like this, if the story was 'PlayStation' or 'Nintendo' in the headlines it would never go viral!
The Adventure Begins on 13th November 2018!

Spyro's back and he's all scaled up! Same sick burns, same smoldering attitude, now all scaled up in stunning HD.
The Adventure Begins November 13, 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One!
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SADES R5 Gaming Headset is compatible with PlayStation 4 / new Xbox One / PC / Laptop / Tablet Computer / Mobile Phone.
Big blue. ONIKUMA!
Onikuma Gaming Headset K6 / Wired Blue LED light Headphone Headset

While I am not an audiophile by any means, I can notice good bass when it is pronounced from a good set of speakers. The Onikuma Gaming Headset K6 is no exception and delivers excellent sound for a low price.

The Onikuma K6 has over the ear speakers which fit nicely and comfortably (using soft memory cotton) over the ears while almost unexpectedly keeping them warm at the same time. The top is padded and it has a stylish 360 degree noise reduction microphone on the side that hinges to about 70 degrees down and 90 degrees up for a total of 160 degree hinge angle.

Here are the listed specifications of...
An open-source Xbox kernel alternative, designed for use with XQEMU

Xbox developer @mborgerson has been for a while working on neat 'project' which is building a complete working Xbox kernel for the original Xbox console, and making it completely open-source and not using any copyrighted code from the official Xbox kernel by Microsoft, currently the project still an 'work-in-progress', but its been moving along recently, so its one to keep an on eye on, check out the introduction below and how to build it in its current WIP state for running on the development version of XQEMU. :)
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch consoles (or) for PC and Laptop Gaming!
Noise Cancelling Microphone Over Ear Headphones / 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo / Soft Memory Earmuffs / LED Light

Accurate Positioning & Effective Communication - ONIKUMA gaming headset gives you a competitive advantage by allowing you to hear everything from nearby enemy footsteps to distant reloads. Improve your ability to track the sounds from different direction, from left to right.
Festival of the Lost begins on Tuesday October 16th at 6pm BST, and concludes on Tuesday November 6th at 6pm BST.

Morale in the Tower is low after the fall of a legend: Cayde-6.
Every Guardian is invited to experience the masquerade.