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Pre-orders now open on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

DontNod Entertainment’s upcoming action-RPG Vampyr today unveils its E3 trailer and draws you deep into the heart of a flu-stricken 1918 London.
Set out on three minutes of uncut footage through the city’s dark alleys, deadly underground passages, and corrupt neighborhoods. Get a first glimpse at The Ascalon Club, a society formed from the richest vampires, unbeknownst to the mortals.
X1OS - Launching October 13th, 2017

Microsoft has started posting E3 teaser videos for its Project Scorpio unveiling on Sunday.
And when viewing these 'teaser videos', there is a few hidden messages like '6>4' and 'X1OS' and finally a launch date of 101317.
The massive new update will launch Tuesday, June 13th

The manufacture and distribution of illegal arms comes to Southern San Andreas next week on Tuesday June 13th in Gunrunning, the latest GTA Online update for PS4, Xbox One and PC.
Fortify a subterranean bunker, decimate your enemies in a Mobile Operations Center, wreak havoc in a new fleet of Weaponized Vehicles, and make your mark on the SA arms trade. Watch the new trailer below!
Aggregate sample shows newer console buyers don't want to play older games much.

Sony's Jim Ryan recently said that "when we've dabbled with backwards compatibility, I can say it is one of those features that is much requested, but not actually used much."
And after that statement above by Jim Ryan, Ars Technica decided to do an in-depth analysis of Xbox Live user data and it basically shows that sentiment is definitely true, at least when it comes to Microsoft's competing consoles.
The legacy continues, as Capcom today announced Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, a collection of the iconic Blue Bomber’s four most recent classic side-scrolling adventures, complete with several all-new features.

A follow up to Mega Man Legacy Collection, which contained the series’ original 8-bit titles, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 spans the evolution and retro revolution of the series.
This collection will be available at retail for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One across North America, and digitally across North America and Europe for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC starting August 8, 2017.

Electronic Arts Inc. announced Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid C.F. as the global cover star of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18, launching worldwide September 29, 2017 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation®3, Nintendo Switch and Xbox 360* systems.
To deliver innovation in FIFA 18, Cristiano Ronaldo’s data was recently recorded during a training session at a mobile EA Capture studio in Madrid. Data capture of Ronaldo’s acceleration, run cadence, skills, and shooting technique were all recorded to bring veracity to his likeness and personality in FIFA 18. His data also informed important gameplay elements including fluidity, player responsiveness and explosiveness. Fans can learn how Ronaldo fueled FIFA 18 by tuning into EA PLAY on June 10 at 8:00pm BST on EA.com....
Our MaxConsole Game Reviewer '@JHardin1112' Is Back With Yet Another Amazing Review Of A New Xbox One Game

World to the West is a third person top down perspective puzzle/action game that takes place in a lost ancient world with many different environments.
The game starts with the tesla maker chasing after her father and ends up teleporting to the ancient world. The tesla maker is a female wizard that uses magic as her special abilities. While the other characters; the miner, the aristocrat, and the explorer have their own backstories on how they get to the ancient world. There are many ways to get around by running through the different environments around the ancient world or teleporting to different totem poles found throughout the map. Of course you have to discover the poles first. The totem poles are found throughout the snow biome, grasslands, an area similar to a...
Last week's Xbox Update was a big one for Xbox One owners.

After a couple of years of knowing they bought an Xbox One when twice as many of their friends bought PS4s, Xbox owners got to feel vindicated in their choice as Microsoft launched the first true Netflix for digital games.
There been alot of 'hype' regarding Microsoft finally launching the 'Netflix for Gamers', with their Xbox One Game Pass, that gives you selection of 100 games for only $10.95 per month, the only problem is so far the launch month is basically crap except for old Halo 5.
When Compared To XB1 --- More Evidence that Playing Tournaments on PlayStation Is Bad!

Input lag is quite the serious topic when it comes to competitive fighting games.
While casual players may not consider it a real issue, the competitive scene is a wholly different story.

We reported last week on the viral news story of top eSports gamer blaming his Tekken 7 Tournament Loss On The PlayStation, and now it turns out there is some proof to his story that 'resolution was too high' during matches, as the 'input lag' is less on lower res. and even lesser on the Xbox One consoles, which is making some professional gamers questioning why the official tournaments are only on the PS4.
Underground Bunkers, Mobile Operations Centers and Weaponized Vehicles

To thrive as an arms dealer in GTA Online: Gunrunning, it’s going to take more than street smarts.
Choose your supporting vehicles and armaments wisely for your best chance to outwit both the feds and any rival dealers. Start moving weapons to eager buyers in Los Santos or Blaine County to earn a tidy profit and tap into powerful new upgrades, modifications and heavy duty weaponry. Here’s a deeper look at just a few of the potent new tools at your disposal in Gunrunning.
Happy Friday!

The world’s best platformer continues to get better.
Now Xbox One players will get to experience the thrill of narrowly escaping enemies, collecting gold, and just generally being the best parkour-loving ninja around. Metanet Software is excited to announce that N++™ (N Plus Plus) Ultimate Edition™ will arrive on Xbox One consoles this summer.
Edge of Your Seat Driving, Explosive Action and Blockbuster Gameplay Fuel New Game

Today Ghost Games™, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio, announced Need for Speed Payback, the new action driving blockbuster from one of the world’s bestselling video game franchises, hitting stores November 10th, worldwide.
This explosive adventure is filled with intense heist missions, high stakes car battles, epic cop pursuits and jaw dropping set pieces. It’s blockbuster gameplay never before seen from the series, fueled by a gripping story of betrayal and revenge. With Need for Speed Payback, it’s no longer just about being the first to cross the finish line or racing to prove to be the best, it’s about building the perfect ride, getting behind the wheel and playing out an action driving fantasy.

Iron Galaxy and Maximum Games Announce Extinction for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC

Oh snap! I've been preparing this for months now, and I'm super stoked to be able to finally talk about Extinction.
Legend calls them the Ravenii, encroaching armies of bloodthirsty monsters that once threatened to destroy humankind. Now, the threat has returned. Iron Galaxy and Maximum Games are proud to announce their thrilling, fast-paced action game – Extinction.
The Powerpuff Girls and Beetlejuice Announced for September Release

Teen Titans Go! Packs Access Exclusive, Bonus Animated Episode
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced five highly collectable, new expansion packs for LEGO Dimensions, the LEGO toy and videogame hybrid, will be available on September 12, 2017. Team and Fun Packs based on Cartoon Network’s animated series, Teen Titans Go! and The Powerpuff Girls, plus a Beetlejuice Fun Pack, will broaden the selection of the world’s most popular entertainment brands available for the game, allowing players to customize their experience by mixing and matching favorite characters and universes with full compatibility.

Players that purchase either Teen Titans Go! expansion pack can access an exclusive, original animated episode to discover how the vibrant team of teenage Super Heroes stumbled upon the LEGO Dimensions...
Launch Date Update for PS4 and Xbox One

Creep yourself out with Perception’s newest trailer, fresh from The Deep End Games and publisher Feardemic.
The latest peek inside Echo Bluff unveils the forgone victims of the estate’s storied past. The narrative horror-adventure released on the PC yesterday, while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have been briefly delayed to June, with specific launch dates to be announced.
Fixes and Features based on Player Feedback

Howdy! Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is getting an update, which is supposed to improve on the overall experience of the game.
So, if you've been waiting on a good patch, now might be a good time to revisit the game.
Lock's Quest launches today for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One!

THQ Nordic is proud to announce that Lock's Quest is finally out today for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 consoles!
In this remastered version of the critically acclaimed 2008 Nintendo DS-Game, you play as Lock, a boy who stumbles upon an invasion of his Village, which triggers a wider war between Kingdom Force and a revived Clockwork Army, led by the nefarious Lord Agony.
See below for first details and screens!

Southern San Andreas' illegal weapons trafficking industry rises to the surface in Gunrunning, a massive new update coming this June to GTA Online.
While sharply dressed CEOs trade Special Cargo from lavish air conditioned suites, and leather-clad Bikers own the roadways moving illicit consumer goods; new opportunities are opening in a highly lucrative and equally malicious network hidden underground ripe for takeover by the VIPs, CEOs, and Biker bosses of Los Santos and Blaine County.