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Microsoft's Xbox Consoles

And it's getting a makeover.

Say goodbye to the Xbox Preview Program and hello to the Xbox Insider Hub, the new name for Microsoft's beta testing service.

Weee.. Everyone can now be on cutting edge of technology and enjoy a totally buggy, error-prone, crashing-dashboard and all for FREE and no signup or special rights needed anymore, just follow the linked instructions below and start calling yourself an 'Xbot Insider'.

Why, hired staff at Microsoft to fix problems, when their paying monthly customers are willing to do the job totally for FREE. :)

You can’t get them in real life, so why not online?

Back in August, Microsoft Australia unveiled the Xbox Onesie, loungewear optimized for playing the console. It was a big hit but, outside of Australia and a giveaway run by Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, no one really knows where or how to get one.

Alot of the Xbox world was upset when Microsoft announced the Onesie was only available in Aussie-land, and then even in Australia gamers quickly got upset after finding out that it was 'no longer available', 'sold-out', sadly it was 'limited production run', but no more do we have to worry as every single Xbox'er can now his or her very own Onesie, but well there is small catch-22 in regard to it! :)

“Caution Wet Floor” sign in Modern Warfare Remastered via DaJeroen.

Despite being the platonic ideal of a big budget, blockbuster video games, the Call of Duty series has had its fair share of glitches, and the first Modern Warfare was no exception. Many of them included ways to escape multiplayer maps entirely, falling out of the levels into strange and bizarre mirror universes bereft of textures and other people.

Some of the old glitches in the original Modern Warfare we very fun, and became 'cult favorites' as they never got patched out, so when news hit that it was being 'remastered' there was fear the 'glitches' in the original would be gone forever, well it almost occurred, except now there is little 'caution' signs where there is 'problem', so those not familiar with the 'holes' in maps will not be caught up in them, and those that make sure of the 'glitches' will still be...
Wedbush analyst Pachter discusses the price point for Microsoft’s next big console.

A lucrative Xbox Scorpio price tag will be vital for the console’s success, and Microsoft would commit suicide if its pricing exceeds $399. At least that’s what Wedbush analyst, Michael Pachter, recently told GamingBolt when talking about the Scorpio’s pricing ahead of Sony’s PS4 Pro release next week.

So here we go again, Pachter is back with another one of his famous analyst viewpoints on the gaming industry, and this one is in regard to the world's most powerful console launch coming up next year during Holiday 2017, the XboX Scorpio and Microsoft has already stated its will be 'premium product' and priced to match that market, but Pachter says if its above $399 it will be GAME OVER for Microsoft, because by then the new PlayStation 4 Pro Console that is launching in few days at $399 will be...
Sony wants Exclusive-DLC, we (Microsoft) want Elite Controller and Xbox One S, better bang for your and our dollars!

At PAX Australia 2016, Xbox Live chief Larry Hryb comments on PS4’s exclusive DLC deals, saying that Microsoft wants to spend money on what ‘best for the community.’

An Xbot cornered Major Nelson at the recent Aussie PAX and he was asked the tough question, why does Ponies get all the 'good stuff' and Larry replied that his boss Microsoft would rather invest in things like the Elite controller and Xbox One S, instead of what Sony has been doing in spending tons of cash on buying exclusive DLC rights to games, as the new hardware is better bang for your dollars.

Bold New Call of Duty Redefines Franchise with Classic War Story
One of the Most Anticipated Titles of the Year Delivers Gripping Story Campaign, Robust Multiplayer Experience and ‘80s Themed Zombies Co-Op Mode “Zombies in Spaceland”

Legacy and Digital Deluxe Editions Include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, Offering the Ultimate Gaming Package
Launch of Activision’s Infinite Warfare Kicks-Off New Season of Call of Duty World League
All-New Call of Duty PlayStation®VR Experience, Jackal Assault, Available for Free Download on PlayStation®Store

IT IS HERE! - Scream at the top of your lungs, RACE down to your Video Gaming Store and fight the holiday crowds and RIP down that LAST COPY of the store shelf, before its too late, as the next best-selling game in history has finally appeared and its CALL OF DUTY: INFINITE WARFARE, and with all the hype and millions of millions...
Sorry, no love for Burned Discs on original XB1 console (yet), but Movie Pirates rejoiced as backup Blu-Ray's work now!

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra confirmed earlier today that today’s update to the Blu-ray Player app on Xbox One will bring added functionality for BD-R and BD-RE disks to the new Xbox One S console.

So your 86-year-old Grandmother, slips to you in a brown paper bag, the latest Superman vs. Batman movie burned onto a Recordable Blu-Ray disc, you then race over to your Xbox One console, slip it in and bang nothing happens, well not any more if your Granddad wasted his beer money on your spoiled ass and bought you a new Xbox One S console, because guess what it has been updated by a software app today to be able to handle BD-R and BD-RE discs without anymore...
This is one of the better offers we have ever seen on the Xbox One S

It's now November, which means the Black Friday shopping bonanza is just a few weeks away. As is the case seemingly every year, retailer's ads either leak or are posted early.

This begins now with Dell's Black Friday ad, which emerged online this week and was posted at Bfads.net.

"I don't know what the next console is past Scorpio."

Microsoft's new Xbox device, Project Scorpio, comes out in 2017, just fours years after the Xbox One came out in 2013. That's a relatively short window of time when compared to historical trends.

When Microsoft shocked the world at E3 by announcing an whole Xbox, called 'Project Scorpio', everyone was worried we would be in the new battle of buying another Xbox every couple of years, but that does not seem to be the case, as you can see from Spencer's recent interview below, but it also sadly opens up new questions, as he really does not know what his M$ company's plans are in the future after Scorpio's release, so hopefully its not a total upset in like 4 years and we are all buying Xbox Two that not like Xbox One.

MS confirms what we assumed to be the case.

Xbox Scorpio, the all singing, all dancing 6TF mega super Xbox console coming holiday 2017, will not only offer 4K gaming (that's the promise), but will also be support the Xbox One's Xbox 360 backwards compatibility feature.

With a new Xbox One just around the corner, and the Xbox 360 listed to be soon R.I.P. people were very worried that now that library of X360 games is expanding on the Xbox One, that Microsoft might just wipe it out on their newer Xbox One (Scorpio) console when it arrives next year, but now we know the truth that Microsoft (for now) is still planning on supporting on expanding the X360 library.

The first SSD Drive Add-On for the Xbox One Console, coming officially from Seagate for gamers to enjoy more speed!

Seagate is launching a new 512-gigabyte SDD drive for the Xbox One game console. The company’s emphasis will be on fast booting and loading.

Forgot those slow-moving, power-eating, spinning-disks of the past, because now Seagate has come up with a nice affordable SSD drive option for your Xbox One console, with 512 Gigabytes of space, enough for at least 14 full game installs, and with the better speeds that SSD offers, you will notice much faster loading times for games like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of Wars 4, etc.

"Thus far, Skyrim Special Edition looks pretty solid."

Digital Foundry vs Skyrim Special Edition, as they do in-depth console frame-rates analyzed, plus that a full look at all the new remaster'ed key visual upgrades. Check out the details and videos below, to see how it works on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

So finally Skyrim Remaster Edition is out for our beloved next-generation gaming consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and we had many bad news regarding the tiny modding that is allowed on PS4 vs. XB1, but what about the 'game' itself, how does it compare, which console is the king of remasters when it comes to Skyrim, and as you can see from full report below, basically its the same on both running at 1080p/30fps, well at least we not getting the low 24fps cinematic experience that previous 'remaster' games offer us.

And The Game's Director Is A Fan Of The Nintendo Switch

While Kingsglaive was received rather negatively by critics, some of the team behind it has worked on a new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV and the results are epic.

We still sadly have another whole month of waiting before we can enjoy the next FF game on our PS4 and XB1 consoles, but lucky we have more teaser trailers to droll over, and see below for even more amazing news, that we just might see an FF on the Switch soon! :)

Macho Dragon's creator on the PS4: "I'd barely calling it modding."

With the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition comes mods support on consoles, and many players have wondered if we'll ever see the Macho Man dragon mod make its way to Xbox One.

More bad news for PS4 Skyrim mods, but good news for those looking forward to enjoy'ing Macho Man Dragon Mods on their Xbox.

Current Rumors call for an March 2017 announcement by Microsoft, declaring the Xbox 360 DEAD!

It has been about three years since Microsoft launched their new Xbox One console and this spells the end for the old Xbox 360 console.

So when is Microsoft going to nail the coffin shut on their second Xbox (the 360), even tho Microsoft promised support for the Xbox 360 would last much longer after their Xbox One launch, then it did between the original Xbox and 360, now that the Xbox One has a very large 'backwards' library of 360 games to enjoy, and their Scorpio upgrade is coming out in late 2017, rumors are starting that in early 2017 around the time Nintendo Switch launches, we will be getting the news that the Xbox 360 has been declared DEAD.

Free-to-play MMO reaches new heights on consoles

Star Trek Online's console version launched in September and it's been a big hit, apparently. Developer Cryptic Studios has announced that the game has reached 1.1 million players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Normally, Free-To-Play Massive-Multiplayer-Online games don't do very well on 'consoles', they are popular among PC Gamers, but when ported over to 'consoles' they just don't get the online figures of people playing, but that does not seem to be case for 'Star Trek Online', it has become one of very first Free-to-play MMO games to reach over 1 million players online enjoy'ing the game everyday.

New Sanctus Motorcycle, Lost vs Damned Adversary Mode, T-Shirt Unlocks, & More

Beginning today players can enjoy Halloween festivities in GTA Online with the new Lost Vs Damned Adversary Mode, the LCC Sanctus Motorcycle, plus enjoy plenty of other thrilling bonuses and treats. Full details on Halloween bonuses, items, and more are below.

So its that time of year again, time to put on a mask and scare the world, and since 'clowns' are getting rounded up in real-life due to all the sightings and problems, we are thankful at least we can still have some scary fun by crashing the parties that are forming online in our virtual GTA world, and to help ring in the special witching hours, the developers have throw in a bunch of new modes & items.

XB1's library of games is increasing as yet another PS4 exclusive moves over to the other 'console' for all to enjoy!

Abzu, a gorgeously atmospheric oceanic adventure game that was originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive, is coming to Xbox One.

Publisher 505 Games made the announcement, noting that the game will hit retail stores for Xbox One in January 2017.

Currently, Abzu is available digitally for PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC. Xbox One gamers will be able to get their...
Real-Life Hacktivists from San Francisco and DefCon, helped to design the new missions in the Watch_Dogs sequel.

Thomas Geffroyd spent about 20 years preparing to be the hacker advisor inside Ubisoft for the Watch_Dogs 2 game. Well, not really. But that’s how long he has been close to the hacker community, which provides the central characters and backdrop for the sequel about hacking smart cities.

The first Watch_Dogs was set in Chicago and it was very popular game, and also unique in its gameplay on how it used 'hacking' to control the missions and gameplay, and its sequel will of course be similar, just set in San Francisco where alot of the original hacktivists started, and as such Ubisoft recruited some long-time ones to help design their new game and make the missions better.

August acquisition of the game-streaming site Beam now built directly into Windows.

Microsoft's Windows Creator Update event included a brief segment about the company's game-specific updates. That Wednesday segment kicked off with an announcement that Windows will now come with live, online game-streaming capabilities built in.

Microsoft earlier this year bought a small start-up company called Beam, and today they announced that starting early next year, their Windows 10 devices and of course Xbox One, will be breaking away from using Twitch in regard to 'Game-Streaming' and will be updated to have the 'Beam-Platform' integrated into Windows 10 and of course Xbox One consoles to handle all those 'streaming' needs of broadcasting your 'gameplay' or 'watching' it with your online buddies via their Xbox Live service.