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Styx: Shards of Darkness is Cyanide Studio’s upcoming stealth adventure game arriving March 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Styx sure knows how to crash a party, that's all I can say. Watch him use all manner of stealth techniques and make off with the grand prize in today's trailer.
Today, watch Styx subvert Elven defenses in a stealthy attack that sees him using throwing daggers, knives, traps, and even chandeliers to distract and kill his enemies and steal the coveted Quartz, a source of magical power.
This week in GTA Online, Rockstar introduces the Progen Itali GTB Custom, now available from Benny's Original Motor Works.

Fast, highly maneuverable and endlessly customizable, the Progen Itali GTB Custom is a Benny’s Motor Works vehicle, with options to modify everything from engine performance to the finest interior details.
For Executives with access to the new garages featured in the Import/Export update, the Custom Auto Shop add-on allows for full Benny’s upgrades and customization without leaving the building.
Microsoft has cancelled the dragon-battling game 'Scalebound'

Earlier today, rumors swirled that the action-RPG Scalebound was in jeopardy. Microsoft has since announced that the project has indeed been canceled.
Yet another promised exclusive game for consoles has bitten the dust, with whatever stage the game was in now after almost a decade in development filed away into some lost world of forgotten IPs in some dusty old Area 51 warehouse of failed gaming projects! :)
One of the biggest selling points for the Xbox One these days is the addition of backwards compatibility for certain Xbox 360 titles, which has added much to the console’s games lineup.

Originally these were dropped occasionally in larger groups, but Microsoft changed that up last year by putting them out whenever they were ready, typically every Tuesday and Thursday.
Every week, loyal Xbox One owners were treated to new Xbox 360 games being added to their library of 'backwards compatible titles', but for the last few weeks there was nothing, and the Internet as usual went a big crazy with rumors like its 'all over', Microsoft has stopped supporting us, etc. - But likely Microsoft has decided to reply to these 'naysayers' and good news is that more BC titles are coming soon!
So many controller options, so little time

A client update for Steam is now in beta, adding native support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, alongside other, generic gamepads. Players will be able to map features to these using the Steam Controller Configurator, giving them more input on how they play their PC games.
For those that love playing on their Master PC Gaming Rig instead but also own an Xbox One and love its controller, will now by happy!
Haaaaappy New Year, everyone.

This new Conan Exiles video is all about building, and I have to say, the game just keeps looking better and better. I'm not biased at all, either!
But don't take my word for it. Watch the video below, check out the infographic, and watch today's live stream.
You can’t buy these three licensed Activision games digitally anymore.

The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and TMNT Mutants in Manhattan have vanished from digital storefronts such as Steam as well as the Xbox, Nintendo eShop, and PlayStation stores.
The one problem with 'digital games', is that when 'licensing rights expire', the games disappear, unlike physical ones that still can be found online for sale via eBay or used video gaming stores.
The company also teases that 2017 will be "special" thanks to Project Scorpio and more.

As the New Year kicks off, Microsoft today published a blog post that covers some notable Xbox statistics and achievements from the past year and teases what's to come in 2017.
Earlier today, we published the bragging statement from Sony, which was basically how many more millions and millions of people have switched over to playing on PS4 console this holiday season, and now its Microsoft turn for bragging rights and as usual they are talking about how wonderful their Xbox Live Network is, and how its going to get even better, without ever mentioning No. of Consoles sold! :)
Sony Loses Yet Another Exclusive Game For Their PlayStation 4 Console!

Intriguing action/adventure/puzzle game Rime, which was first unveiled as a PS4 exclusive at Gamescom 2013 before going radio silent about a year later, has been re-revealed as a multiplatform game due out in May 2017.
It's been a while since we heard anything about Rime, but sadly it both good news and bad news, the Good is that those waiting for it will not have to wait much longer as its coming on in May 2017, but the bad news is its no longer an PlayStation 4 console exclusive.
Get ready to save the world of video games; Rise & Shine is available for preorder on Xbox One now!

Rise & Shine, from Adult Swim Games and Super Mega team, is available for preorder on Xbox One starting today! Be prepared to rise to the challenge January 13 on Xbox One and PC.
Watch the Preorder Trailer on YouTube which is attached below, in the meantime read this summary on what the game is all about:
So will you be ready on Jan. 13th to bring the fight to the Nexgen invaders, take down their giant killer robots, and save the world?
"Paying marketing funds so another console's base can't play a piece of content doesn't feel like growth."

Xbox executive Phil Spencer has spoken out to clarify some comments he made earlier about how the video game industry can grow in the future.
Last year, Spencer made some comments about how Sony is laying out big bucks to secure 'exclusive' content for things like Call of Duty, whereas Microsoft is not doing that, they rather spend their money in doing other things for their gaming consoles, but now Spencer has decided to revisit those comments and try to clarify what he was trying to say about Xbox's marketing plans and future aims, etc.
Capcom Developers been able to get RE7 to run at Full Steady 1080p/60fps on both Console platforms!

The release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard next month will bring something we’ve not seen in AAA game titles in this generation: Visual parity for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, at a 1080p and 60 FPS.
When it comes to video gaming graphics, the PS4 been winning over the XB1 in many cases, with more titles being released with 1080p/60fps output then compare to the XB1 platform, but somehow Capcom been able to get RE7 to perform the same on both boxes.
Similar to previous couple of years, Online Holiday Networking with your Video Gaming Console, might NOT be possible!

If anyone in your house plans to do some online multiplayer gaming during the holidays, here's a heads-up. Hackers have issued a threat to knock both Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network offline.
Well as usual, the legit gamers wishing to play will be battling it out with those nasty hackers that wish to make gaming over the holidays an horrible experience for some reason that does nothing but hurt the innocent gamer at home, with the big corporations not caring at all that their networks go down almost like clockwork every year, which is easy to do since they already at the max. limits with all that at-home on holiday gamers trying to enjoy their xmas break with a few relaxing hours playing GTA or CoD or FFIV, etc.
Los Santos Snowfall, New Comet Retro Custom, Juggernaut Mode and more

As everyone gears up for the holiday break, snowfall is hitting San Andreas today – and it looks like lasting throughout the weekend and into Monday. In addition Juggernaut, a new Adversary Mode is now live, pitting armor-clad behemoths and their teams against each other in an all-out brawl for dominance.
And look for the Comet Retro Custom upgrade compliments of Benny's Original Motor Works, along with more big bonuses and gifts to all, including Double GTA$ & RP opportunities, plus discounts, weapons, outfits and more.
In Vampyr's Darkness Within Trailer

Dontnod Entertainment's new action RPG Vampyr today unveils a new cinematic trailer depicting the legends and tales of its mysterious protagonist, Dr Jonathan Reid.
Set in 1918 London during a deadly bout of the Spanish Flu that left London's alleys and promenades wailing in agony, Dr Reid awakes having arrived home from serving in the Great War with a deathly new ailment: vampirism. A doctor, Reid considers his affliction another disease. As he tries to understand and live with it, he also desperately attempts to continue his life as a doctor, helping those stricken with flu.