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GTA Casino Beats Vegas | Free Online Casino Games | Cyber Cash

3 reasons why Hollywood celebrities choose GTA Online, the most supreme online casino. Play free casino games & unleash your wildest fantasies.

Can GTA Online Casino beat Las Vegas?

Exciting news for all gamers and casino players today - The Grand Theft Auto Online Casino, the luxurious Diamond Casino and Resort in Los Santos, is now open! Following a complete overhaul, the Casino is now a unique place where players can live the dream of having everything their heart desires under one roof. Most importantly, it is all offered absolutely free of charge, with 100% NO risks involved.

“How is it possible?” you’d naturally ask. Tune in and we will tell you more about this Grand Establishment in a moment.

Free casino games for pure entertainment

Since the initial launch of the GTA Online casino back in 2013, the addition of the Diamond Casino and Resort has taken player experience to a completely new level. This glorious establishment offers players the opportunity to experience the thrills of 21st century luxury lifestyle at no cost, whatsoever!

Play free online casino games, drive powerful supercars, chat up a beautiful stranger at the Solitaire casino bar, buy a magnificent master penthouse suite with fantastic views of the city, go on a mission with your mates and be treated like a VIP at this superior membership-only online casino. Rockstar games came up with an innovative solution to surprise and please casino lovers and video gamers. This unique experience has been created for pure entertainment, and it will not suck you dry.

Free casino means virtual cash but totally real fun!

The GTA Casino floor offers players all traditional casino games, such as roulette, blackjack, 3-card poker, and of course, 3-reel classic slot machines as well as modern video slots. Yes, all the free online casino games you normally find in traditional online casinos are available here!

If you are into sports betting, bet on your favourite horse and immerse yourself in a heart-pumping horse race to watch a show of skill, stamina and strength.

All GTA games are played against the house, not other players, and bets are made in virtual currency - GTA dollars. Winnings are also materialised in virtual cash and added to a player’s online account.

Make GTA$ and level up your game

While keeping its players entertained, the experience at the GTA Casino is designed to provide access to unlocking all game features through a system of rewards. Here is how you can make virtual money throughout your gameplay:

  • - 1,000 free chips are offered each in-game day
  • - Win from a selection of prizes with one free daily spin of the Lucky Wheel
  • - Winnings from casino games and horse betting
  • - Winnings from accomplished missions

Want to level up quickly? It’s possible too! Virtual cash can be purchased using real money. These funds will give you a much-needed boost to upgrade your gaming experience. Keep in mind, however, that your virtual cash cannot be exchanged into real cash and it will be available to you virtually for as long as the game is offered by Rockstar.

A bit of grey when it comes to legal matters

Because of the grey area that resulted from the possibility of buying GTA dollars for real cash, various regulating bodies are debating whether it should or shouldn’t be classified as real gambling. In some countries, the GTA Online Casino is completely banned or partly blocked, so it’s best to check what’s available in your area.

Enjoy this utterly immersive casino gaming experience on your PC, Xbox, or PS4 and live your wildest fantasies!

Aug 14, 2019
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