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Popular Virtual Betting Sport and Bonuses

Virtual Sports betting is a modern type of wagering, and by providing engaging markets and fast results, attracts the attention to many punters. If you take a more in-depth look at the details of this sport, you will find that all Virtual Sports are only sports games simulation, which result is determined by an algorithm or software. The major advantages of the Virtual Sports are that they are played 24/7 and a bet can be placed from any device which makes it very attractive to the bettors. Virtual Sports are particularly appealing in the hours when there are no normal sports being played. Furthermore, Virtual games are lasting between 90 seconds and 3 minutes, which you can watch in high-quality video streaming, with commentary, and statistics. These are just a few reasons why Virtual Sports betting is gaining more popularity nowadays and becomes the preferred choice of betting for many people.

Furthermore, most of the bookmakers keep up with the market demand by offering a significant number of types and betting opportunities for their customers, who want to place a Virtual Sports bets. They are using the approach to regularly provide bonuses, promotions, and different engagement products, with which they enhance the punters' entertainment. The Virtual Sports industry is growing at around 8% year-by-year, that's why the bookmakers are attempting to develop more engaging features such as the ability to place in-play bets, 3D stadium graphics, commentary, statistics, and others.

We know how annoying it is to search on the internet for bookmaker bonuses and offers that really give you a good start for your betting activities. If you have difficulties to find which the most trustworthy Virtual Sports betting bonuses are, you can take a look at Bettingmetrics.com which combines bookmaker bonuses, free bets and all other special promotions in one place. They have gathered in a comprehensive list all useful, beneficial, and popular betting offers. Keep in mind that the list is composed of bookmakers that are regulated, licensed, and reliable for Virtual Sports betting. Furthermore, Bettingmetrics’ team checked all of the bookmaker’s websites, making sure that it is easy to open an account with them, they are Virtual Sports' friendly bookies, and they offer plenty of bonuses for virtuals.

Below we would like to mention some of the most popular sports for betting and their market that you can find while you are looking for Virtual Sports' opportunities.


Virtual football - As you can guess, same as real football, virtual football is the most popular virtual betting sport. The major bookmakers provide different football leagues and tournaments such as the World Cup, Domestic cup, League mode, Champions Cup, and many more. In addition, all main real football betting markets are available for virtual football (1x2, over/under, handicaps, correct score, goalscorer, etc.). The biggest bookmakers are willing to provide between over 50 virtual football events in every hour, which make them sure that they satisfy all punters' needs. If you are about to start betting on virtual football, you can find many different bookmakers' welcome offers. Through the offers, you can boost your initial betting bank, and you can place more wagers with bookmakers' funds. Furthermore, you can find bonuses for existing customers that might make your betting more enjoyable.

Virtual Horse Racing - Horse racings are becoming one of the punters' favourite sports for virtual betting. The bettors are able to enjoy many virtual horse races for which applies the same betting rules as the real horse racing betting. Most of the bookmakers offer a significant number of markets for that sport such as Win, Each Way, Tricast, Forecast, and others. The most popular types of virtual horse racing are Flats, Jumps, and Sprints. If you want to place bets on virtual horse racings and you want to check out some bookmakers' bonuses and offers, you will be pleasantly surprised as the bookies provide a good number of virtual horse racing promotions. Just keep an eye on the special offers pages, and do it regularly, to make sure that you are not missing any value offers.

Virtual Greyhounds - Virtual Greyhound races are providing another option for the fans of Virtual Betting. Built on the traditional greyhounds betting rules, most of the bookmakers offer close to the reality virtual greyhound’s environment. You can enjoy the high-quality atmosphere and watch the races, while you are placing your bets in the best bookmakers.

Virtual Tennis - Many punters are looking for virtual tennis betting opportunities, and there are many places where they can find that type of virtual betting. Most of the bookmakers are providing virtual tennis markets for betting such as Match winner, Correct Score, and Total points (from 4 to 12). In any bookmaker, the length of the tennis match is limited to only one game.

There are available many other popular virtual sports such as Basketball, Ice hockey, Cricket, Formula 1, and others. The betting market is fulfilled with Virtual sports opportunities for every taste so just check your bookie whether it support virtuals. If it doesn't, you can easily find a top bookmaker that provide Virtual Sports in all of its variants. If you want to enhance your virtual betting knowledge, we advise you to read more before you start with that type of betting. On the internet, you can find a big number of easy explanations of how to practice it and how to make it more enjoyable.

However, if you decide to start with virtual betting, you have to know when to stay away from it. Don't forget that Virtual Betting could become addictive, and you have to avoid any gambling habits. If you feel like you are not in control of your betting, we advise you to stop immediately and search for help.

Apr 9, 2020
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