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PSVITA Mai Dump Tool (English) 233.2z2

Allows you to make full backups of your retail games on your PlayStation Vita v3.60 handheld

  1. GaryOPA
    Tool Release Notes: Made In China! ! ! !
    ------------------------ Version v233.2z2: ------------
    • Support to dump DLC and loading DLC(use DLC should change launch game mode to 5)
    • DLC install directory:ux0:addcont_mai,same framework like ux0:addcont
    • Support games with .self files(like Uncharted etc)
    • Support games with .suprx files(like EXVS etc)
    • Support games mixed with .self and .suprx files(like GOD EATER? FFX etc and it will cost more time and space if it has more suprx files )
    • Support part U3D games(like xonic etc,cant load DLC)
    • Support games with Odd Code segment(not sure translation)
    • Some games will request DRM,if cant run,try to change luanch game mode to 5(like not sure English game name etc)
    • The tool for study and research use please delete download within 24 not for commercial use
    If any question is brought to bear commercial use!
    First release in BaiduTieba psvita,plz remember that reprint with source

Recent Reviews

  1. tpepsiman
    Version: 233.2z2
    My son loves it, Keep em coming.