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N2 Elite Android App 2.2.0

Android App for usage with Amiibo's and the N2 Elite Devices

  1. N2 Elite Android App Updated to v2.0.11

    29/03 – New update and New stocks!

    We are back with a new update to add the latest Amiibos released AND some good news for all people who were waiting for their N2 Elite pending order.

    Thanks to our dear customers, we ran out of stocks faster than expected and this is why some of you are waiting on your order. We are finally shipping today new stocks to all our distributor. Quality is higher than ever and you will be ready for all future updates, like any previous N2 Elite, including some exciting new features.

    2018 we are going to bring to N2 Elite:
    • Full support for all Lego Dimensions games
    • The best cheat engine for Amiibos and Lego figures!
    • Continuous support with updates when the game makers update
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