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N2 Elite Android App 2.2.0

Android App for usage with Amiibo's and the N2 Elite Devices

  1. N2 Elite Android App Updated To v2.2.0

    Aug. 18, 2019 --> Small Update To Support Latest Amiibo's
  2. N2 Elite Android App Updated to v2.1.3 (fixed)

    Changelog: v2.1.3: (Dec. 14th, 2018)
    • Stability update
    • Added Splatoon Wave 5 and Super Smash Bros Wave 11 amiibos
    Enjoy! :)
  3. N2 Elite Android App Updated to v2.1.2

    23/08 – Bug fix and update on server issues

    Today we release a quick update to prevent a bug that can cause some crashes on some phones.

    In relation to that, the crashes are due to an issue we have with our main server that prevents the display of images and name for new Amiibos you collected. It also causes problem with cheats and randomization.

    We are aware of these issues, we are working on it and they will be fixed soon. Thank you for your patience and your loyalty!
  4. N2 Elite Android App Updated to v2.1.1

    21/06 – Small update for minor bug fix.

    For those of you who already downloaded or update that now features cheats, we just released another small update, to fix some minor issues, and one in particular on Android when we were bringing back the app from the background.
  5. N2 Elite Android App Updated to v2.1.0

    June 19th - Great news for all N2 users today: It is the official launch day for our new 'cheats' system!

    Now your N2 Elite tag is not only the only Amiibos manager, allowing you to store up to 200 characters, but it is also the best cheats device for Amiibos on all supported consoles. You'll get the best of N2 Elite that you already enjoy and also now a FREE cheat manager, more powerful than devices such as PowerSaves Plus ($45).

    Yes, you heard it right, this update is FREE....
  6. N2 Elite Android App Updated to v2.0.11

    29/03 – New update and New stocks!

    We are back with a new update to add the latest Amiibos released AND some good news for all people who were waiting for their N2 Elite pending order.

    Thanks to our dear customers, we ran out of stocks faster than expected and this is why some of you are waiting on your order. We are finally shipping today new stocks to all our distributor. Quality is higher than ever and you will be ready for all future updates, like any previous N2 Elite,...
  7. N2 Elite Android App Updated to v2.0.7

    31/07/2017 – Android manager and USB R/W manager update

    Here is a new update for Android manager which now comes in version 2.0.7:
    • Updated libraries.
    • Choosing paths outside of /sdcard possible now.
    • Setting button is now always visible.
    • Added pikmin amiibo.
    Click HERE for the USB R/W Manager v2.01 update!
  8. N2 Elite Android App v2.0.6 With Latest Splatoon Amiibos

    • Latest Splatoon Amiibos, including Splatoon 2 for Switch
    • Latest Smash Bros. Wave
    • And Much More!
  9. N2 Elite (formerly Amiiqo) Android App Updated to v2.0.5

    Android App 2.0.5 with latest Zelda Amiibos.

    Today just a quick update to add the latest Zelda Amiibos.
  10. N2 Elite Android App

    • Added Alm and Celica amiibos.
    • Fixed some crashes.
    We are now working on some major update, next news will be a good surprise for all of you N2 users!