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PSVITA Official Vitamin Dumping App 2.0

Vitamin App for PSVita to Dump PSN Games

  1. Changelog v2.0

    Changelog v2.0

    • Increased compatibility dramatically.
    • Added support for additional content (DLC) at 'ux0:addcont_plain'.
    • Added possibility to choose compression level.
    • Added trial -> full patch (You can for example download Minecraft demo, dump it, and run it as full game).
  2. Official Vitamin Game Dumping App

    Changelog v1.1

    • Added support for cartridges dumping which have grw0:.
    • Added files restoration in case your dump failed (fixes 0x80010011 error and Morphine name in LA. You need to launch Vitamin in order to restore the files).
  3. Official Vitamin Dumping App

    Updated to v1.0 from the earlier Omega build.

    This is OFFICIAL release direct from the TheOfficialFlow site.

    Download includes the plugin release also.