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Stargate Easy CFW Install 1.1

Simple to Install, Simple to Use, Adds Tons of Features!

  1. GaryOPA
    Today, we are happy to release an easy mode for CFW (custom firmware) install for Stargate 3DS.

    With this update, you can, with the usual Stargate's ease of use, add a fully compatible Luma install and enjoy all the features. Cheats for Luma is also available for users who needs this feature.

    This CFW is fully approved by Stargate team, tested to work in perfect harmony with Stargate firmware, so you will enjoy the best of Stargate and also all the functions from Luma CFW. For people who want a minimal CFW, we also include the excellent Rei-Six CFW, also fully Stargate compatible.

    An advanced mode with tons of features will be release next for the most experienced users. Coming soon! With some more surprises and updates under way, we are working hard to bring you more and more and make the most advanced 3DS/DSi solution even better!

    We want to thank Team Luma, Aurora Wright and TuxSH who are behind the excellent Luma CFW which required a lot of work to reach this quality level. We also would like to thank Team Rei-Six (Crimson Maple and Reisyukaku), great work there. And finally d0k3 for his brilliant GodMode9 multi-purpose hack tool (which was used in the creation of our script runners).

    Thanks & greetings!

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