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PSVITA VitaShell 1.4

VitaShell is a file manager and FTP server for the PS Vita

  1. GaryOPA
    What is VitaShell?

    VitaShell is a file manager and FTP server for the PS Vita (and now a music player too!), which can be used as a replacement for molecularShell in HENkaku. the molecularShell distributed with HENkaku is actually a fork of VitaShell. VitaShell won the Revitalize competition last year.

    Changelog VitaShell 1.0
    • Added audio player with .MP3 and .OGG support (Press /\ to turn off the display while listening to music. Graphics by Valle).
    • Added changelog to the VitaShell bubble (press /\ or hold the bubble of VitaShell in the livearea).
    • Added ability to resume to the directory you’ve last visted before exiting VitaShell).
    • Leaving to livearea or suspending the device does now no longer corrupt an IO process anymore (while copying things you can leave now VitaShell and resume).
    • Improved text editor and added search feature to context menu (press /).
    • Fixed bug where copying to different partitions didn’t work.
    Changelog VitaShell 1.1
    • Added cover.jpg and folder.jpg as alternative cover image.
    • Fixed ID3 tag parsing.
    • Play and pause icons where swapped, fixed.
    • FTP does now show ‘Please wait…’ until it has been connected to Wi-Fi.