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Utility to help you manage VPK packages on your Windows PC

  1. GaryOPA
    VPKTool 1.6 - (c)2016 - c0d3m4st4


    - On your Windows PC: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (if you use Windows XP, sorry, you are out of luck and you will need to upgrade or use other alternatives, as i'm not going to use 3rd party compression libraries).
    - On your PSVita: VitaShell 0.95 or higher.

    +Bug reports:

    English: Feel free to contact me on twitter @c0d3m4st4
    Spanish: You can drop me a message at elotrolado.net (http://www.elotrolado.net/viewtopic.php?p=1742077835)


    Main panel (split options)

    Simply drag and drop your .vpk file. The application will generate 2 files and 1 directory:

    [TITLE_ID]_install.vpk file for minimal installation
    [TITLE_ID].txt with vpk info
    [TITLE_ID]_ftp directory (unzipped in case of x86)

    The original vpk file is ALWAYS preserved. If you want to delet it you will have to do it manually after checking everything is correct.

    You can also mark the eboot.bon in the newly created vpk file as safe.

    If you check the "ZIP FTP files for archiving" a file named [TITLE_ID]_ftp.zip will be created.

    You can also repack the chosen .vpk file (and mark as safe), with the chosen compression level. This might be useful for upcoming Vitamin release; you can choose a faster dumping speed with less compression and then repack on computer which should be faster.

    The compression level dropdown let you choose compression level for all compresion operations.

    You can delete the manual from the [TITLE_ID]_install.vpk file to save soem space on memory card. Manual is removed only from this file. Don't forget original .vpk file remains untouched.

    Settings panel

    Here you can set your PSVita FTP server details and paths for your PSVita and local games folder.

    You can also choose your preferred upload mode: auto or manual. In "auto" mode, all games found on the "Local splitted games folder" field will be listed, and you can install them with one click. In "manual" mode, you can select a vpk file to upload, or a game data folder to upload (game data folders MUST be named [TITLE_ID]_ftp exacly as the one created after you split the vpk with this tool).

    For "auto" mode all 2 files and 1 folder created by the splitting tool MUST be present, that is [TITLE_ID]_install.vpk and [TITLE_ID].txt files, and [TITLE_ID]_ftp directory.

    The "Delay" field is mainly for listing the installed games on your PSVita, if you get any error, try increasing it a bit. It should not affect upload operations, but if your WiFi is too slow and get any upload errors, you can increase this a bit too.

    "Game rip data folder" field let's you browse for a folder to save your rip files to.

    FTP options panel

    - Manual upload mode

    Click "Upload vpk file" button to choose the vpk file to upload to your PSVita. It will autoinstall after upload (you must be using VitaShell 0.95 or higher).

    Then click the "Upload game data folder" to choose the [TITLE_ID]_ftp directory. It MUST be named like that, exactly as it is created after using the splitting options.

    - Auto upload mode

    Just choose the game to upload from the drop down list and click "Install". It will upload and install everything automatically.

    - Apply RIP data

    Let you choose to rip the game on upload with the rip data file found on the folder containing the rip data files, or not to rip the game. Original files in the game data folder ([TTLE_ID]_ftp) remains untouched. Everything is done on the fly.

    Game ripping panel

    You can select the [TITLE_ID]_ftp (game data folder) you want to remove/replace files.

    In the first treeview (0 byte dummy) you can select the files you want replaced with a 0 byte dummy file (usually useful for other languages stuff).

    In the second treeview (files to replace with another file) you can select the files you want replaced with a file from the same game you will select in the field below (Replace with). Useful for games that crash when you replace something with a 0 byte dummy (like the videos in Sonic All Stars RAcing... in this case you can replace all movies with the logos movie, which is the smaller one).

    The there are a couple check boxes only visible if the game contains mp4 or at9 files. If you check them, all the files of that type will be replaced with a 1 second dummy mp4/at9 file. And i mean ALL mp4/at9 files will be replaced.

    All games tested for now works fine with above operations (of course you need to use your brain to decide what to replace.. if you replace critical game files with a dummy, game will crash for sure).

    You can also save and load the rip data files, and share them so other can apply them. No illegal stuff here, just files with a list of operations to do, so safe to share.



    - Added very basic game ripping functionality to save space on memory card (ripping is done on the fly on upload... i hate game rips and don't want to see them spread. If you want to share your rips you will need to download from your PSVita and repack manually. Just added this so you can save space on memory card while keeping the full dumps.

    - VPK Renaming to proper names

    - Modified the logo :p

    - Small fixes here and there

    - Now accepting donations :p If you like this tool, are happy with it and feel like donating, i'll be happy to use the raised cash to buy a second memory card just in case mine gets corrupt, which seems to be happening quite often... Sony's quality control...).


    - Added manual option to upload game data folder.
    - Added auto upload mode.

    v1.4 (beta)

    - Changed the way some things are done to avoid errors with big files (now all file sizes and manually edited vpks to add modules to make some games work should not error).

    - Added preliminary FTP support and FTP promoting (you can now list all games/homebrew in the ux0:/app folder. The "installed" column will indicate if the game is fully installed (Yes - means something else is there apart from the eboot.bin and sce_sys directory -i'm actually checking for sce_module since all games i've checked do have modueles // No / HB means the games is not fully installed -you didn't transfer the extracted data folder yet, or it is homebrew -since homebrew has no sce_modules directory).

    For FTP promoting you need VitaShell 0.95 or higher. After promoting has finished, you need to transfer the [TITLE_ID]_ftp folder manually. This will be finished in next version.. this is just a beta one for testing FTP funcionality.

    - Added a "Settings option" where you can manually edit the PSVita FTP server parameters, and a delay option (mainly used to avoid errors when listing FTP contents... The delay is in milliseconds (1 second = 1000 milliseconds). Values too low, will generate listing errors. You can play around with it until no error, depends on WiFi speeds a lot.


    - Another small bug fix release for wrong repacks! Since i do not extract the whole thing when possible my app relies on correct ZIP structures, but seems everyone add the modules in different ways. This should hopefully fix all repacks now. Thinking of adding an option to add modules to the vpk from my app.


    - Fixed bug affecting malformed .vpk files
    - Added compression option


    - x86 support back
    - Added extra check to avoid unnecessary operations
    - "Mark as safe only" option
    - More error control to fix stupid crashes


    - Improved stability... hey.. if Sony does it, i can do it too! :p
    - Fixed crash with huge vpk files (out of memory)
    - Added unzip option so it will the compress the files to FTP for you
    - Fixed small bugs here and there... never release anything at 5:00 A.M.


    - Initial release


    Shout-outs to Team Freek & HENkaku for doing what no one else could. Good job guys!

    And to those who critizice other people work... Fuck you! You know who you are...