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2 Nonworking cards

Discussion in 'Official 'Stargate 3DS' Support Forum' started by Erik, Aug 15, 2018.

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    Erik Loyal Member

    Aug 15, 2018
    I now have 2 Stargate3ds cards that do not work. First card broke on 3rd day. 2nd card just now broke after 4 months.
    I have 4gb Kingston and 8gb Sandisk and 32gb Sandisk. The cards/roms works on sky3ds+ assuming the save file was removed.
    1st card flashes violet or red or green on first insertion. Then becomes unresponsive. Rarely it will be Green then Red for 5 seconds then entire 3ds freezes
    2nd card remains solid violet for 4sec then off and unresponsive. Alex Rider Stormbreaker THQ only works if Both buttons are pressed while inserting card. If selected 3DS will display "An error has occurred Hold Power to turn off etc...."
    Sometimes DS mode displays "loading..." on upper left corner but does not load. and violet light remains on.

    Reminder - everything worked a week ago. DS games and 3ds games
    I do have programming experience. The Card does have a MicroUSB port on the back. Is there any way to flash the card to factory?
    These are very expensive cards to just break like this.
    New3ds Galaxy
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    Teunke7 Loyal Member

    Aug 29, 2018
    Stargate3ds doesn't respond me on my red light issue/problem...

    Did they mail you back?
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    komatsu Loyal Member

    Jul 30, 2018
    this basically happened to me. my card was working the first month I had it and no matter what I do the card stays red and crashes on loading a 3ds file as well as says no card inserted when I try and go into ds mode. This card has been tested with known working 3ds files and known working sd cards and for some reason everything is red light now and crashes. Is there any way I can try flashing back to factory. I have tried formatting sd card over again as well as putting new standard files on it with no 3ds files and ds mode still says no card inserted when I click alex rider. the card is completely non working right now for no apparent reason.

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