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7 Best Online Casino Strategies That Work Like Magic

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Sep 8, 2019.

By GaryOPA on Sep 8, 2019 at 3:08 PM
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    The practice of gambling is mostly centred on the provision of entertainment with the accompaniment of winnings. The element of chance is constant in all the games that are offered in gaming sites, which means winnings can hardly be predicted. This lack of forecast acts as one of the most exciting factors about casino games. The use of skills to win is minimal, and in some games, they cannot be applied at all. Even so, it does not mean that some practices cannot be used to ensure that chances of winning that come by are exploited to the fullest. Below we delve into seven strategies that can be used in casinos to maximise on the experience.


    1. Claim Bonuses

    Bonuses and promotions have grown to garner as much importance in online casinos as games have. Incentives are used as a way to get gamblers to not only look at the services but also indulge in them using real money. The offers are usually restricted to gamers using actual cash to play, and they vary from one gaming establishment to the other. The casino promotions are also activated in varying ways, such as those in Spinit, which are accessed using Spinit Casino bonus code. Even with the difference in what they offer and how they can be triggered, most of them fall in common categories, including:
    • No deposit bonuses
      These offers are named after the fact that they do not need gamblers to cash in to be activated. In most cases, they are given to new players immediately they create a real money account to provide them with a taste of the services they can look forward to enjoying on the site. Most signup offers are granted as small amounts of cash, free spins, or free chips. The claiming of these offers is especially advisable since it can be used to start a bankroll without players making deposits of their own.
    • Welcome packages
      Welcome offers are also reserved for new gamers, and they are granted once a real money commitment is made. Most of these packages include match promotions that reward a percentage of the amount deposited into players’ accounts. It is sometimes accompanied by free spins, and it can span over more than just the first deposit and go as far as the tenth.
    • Reload offers
      Casinos also focus on keeping the attention of returning clients, and they do so by giving reload offers. These bonuses also come in the form of match promotions, but they can also be moulded as cashback.
    • Loyalty points
      Loyalty points are usually awarded the more gamblers spend money in games. Each casino has a specified exchange rate, which is mostly one point for every ten pounds. These points can then be changed into real money that can then be used to gamble or withdrawn depending on whether or not wagering requirements are bound to the bonus. These complimentary points can also be used as a way to gain a better position on VIP tier systems where players enjoy better incentives the higher they climb.
    2. Choose Reputable Gambling Sites

    The impressive nature of a casino’s bonuses and games will crumble to nothing if one falls victim to a rogue gaming site. Therefore, the essential strategy to apply when gambling online is to ensure that games are sourced from a casino that proves itself reliable in the provision of real money services. The best ways to tell the reputation of a gaming site is by looking at its license provider. These institutions are put in place as a way to regulate the nature of business conduction by gaming sites to ensure that they are fair and secure for gamblers to explore.

    The UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, and Malta Gaming Authority are some of the institutions that are excelling on this front. Any casinos that hold the permits from these bodies are required to be open to public audits and ensure that they have a party to answer to once things go south with their clients. Seals of approval from independent sites such as eCOGRA, TST, Thawte, and iTech Labs also serve as a big plus. Gamers can also sift through players’ reviews to see what to expect of a site from those that have already tried the gambling den’s services.

    3. Avoid Slot Games


    Slot machines are the most common of all games in gambling destinations. However, the sets are some of the worst negative expectation games, which means that they present gamblers with smaller chances of winning than most others. The winning odds for slots are ranked between 35 and 46%, which is much lower than that of games like blackjack and video poker. This element is encouraged by the fact that barely any strategy can be applied to influence the odds in one’s favour with the most that can be done in most sets being to increase the number of bet lines that are used. Additionally, the number of combinations that can be formed stand in the hundreds, which makes it impossible to state definite odds on the chances of winning. Instead, players are advised to choose games like video poker, blackjack, and roulette, where various strategies can be applied and the odds are well-defined.

    4. Apply Gameplay Strategies

    Some casino games accommodate the use of strategies to collect winnings, even though none of them can guarantee profits. Roulette is among the sets that habituate to such, one of the most common is the Martingale Strategy. The Martingale Strategy is one of progression, which demands that gamblers double their bets when they meet a loss and circle back to the original stake once a win is landed. The stakes can only be placed on even money bets, which leaves players with slightly below a fifty-fifty chance of winning. The gameplay approach allows players to win back their losses while collecting profits. However, one could end up losing a lot if they reach the maximum wagering limit, and they have yet to land a win.

    5. Have a Budget


    Real money gameplay should never be approached without a set amount of cash that is meant for gameplay. Punters should keep in mind that the games listed in online casinos tend to be played at a fast pace, which translates to the rate of spending. Therefore, even if one is placing small stakes, chances are that the amount will be significant in the long run. The gambling budget should be what one is willing to lose comfortably.

    6. Shop Around

    The online gaming scene is riddled with thousands of game options. Therefore, players should inspect a good number of them before settling on one to spend real money in. Gamblers should consider their needs, the games’ entertainment value, and the paytable. This exploration can be done using the free game versions.

    7. Save Winnings

    Considering the fact that gaming sites have the upper hand in games, it is best for a gambler to save winnings and quit playing while they are ahead. Alternatively, one can collect their profits and tread on with their original stake.

    Final Remarks

    These strategies have proven to work wonders in improving the experience of gameplay, but they cannot be used to tell the payouts that will be collected. Gamblers can try some of the approaches, such as that of strategies before using real money to play.


Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Sep 8, 2019.

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